CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)

(Dom Arkaral) #121

Sounds more like you should stop playing

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #122

Damn, you have to be a serious victim to think something like that.

(Xan Staraider) #123

The original leadership of the AG channels went AFK a year or so after creating the channels. They embrace the AFK lifestyle and it shows. If you look at Silent Infinity’s Alliance logo it even says so… which is pretty ironic since they moved to Null… guess they decided High Sec wasn’t worth fighting for.

Now anyone that ‘gets organized’ or ‘does something’ or ‘actually talks to other players’ in that channel becomes the defacto leadership of AG. You are just the latest in a very long line of community organizers.

The funny thing is that the more you do, the closer you get to becoming one of us. There is an old saying that there is a thin line between anti-ganker and ganker.

That line is the Code, and you’re already making the transition.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #124

No, it is just your toxic attitude.

(gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid) #125

Player created content this is what EVE Online should be about!
Good luck to all participants and may we see a better high sec after this

(Sp3NgL3R GipsyDanger) #126

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(Dom Arkaral) #127

Miner, you should calm down and get a mining permit

(Knowledgeminer) #128

Becomes the defacto leadearship of AG for who? It’s only CODE that seems to consider me the leader of anything, not the AG community itself.

Many anti-gankers are unbelievably clueless about what I do and how active I am, to the point that some think all I do is talk at best or that I’m a CODE spy at worst. I cannot be much further away from being their leader than that…

You don’t happen to know who was the one before me, do you? I’d like to know just in case that could help me better understand what you mean, because so far all of this doesn’t make much sense to me, at least not in my particular case.

I wonder what makes you think I’m making any transition. I know a lot more now than when I started, but I’ve always understood what this is all about, unlike other anti-gankers that started doing it because they thought suicide ganking is a broken game mechanic and that gankers are sociopaths, bullies and whatnot for the mere fact of having fun shooting stuff in a spaceship shooting game.

There have been times when I’ve got really fed up with the stupidity and unwillingness to learn of some “fellow” anti-gankers (genuine ones, not trolls, mind you). And I hate it when someone decides to waste his and everybody else’s time in these forums asking CCP for one more nerf to suicide ganking because of course the reason it continues happening has to be that it’s “too easy” or “not balanced”.

But even though those things sometimes make me hesitate, still The Code is not for me, sorry. I like minerbumping, I recommend reading the blog to all EvE players, kudos to James 315 for all the work behind it and the content it creates, but that’s it.

(Dom Arkaral) #129

Why not follow in the path of Jen en Marland?
As far as I’m concerned, ag truly died when she left to do her own thing, and the only ones with “power” are delusional cretins (not pointing my finger at you here, from all the exchanges on the forums you look like a nice lad)

(Knowledgeminer) #130

I don’t understand what you’re suggesting me to do, sorry, much less why might I want to do that, whatever it is, instead of what I do…

(Aiko Danuja) #131

What do you do?

(Knowledgeminer) #132

Who cares? LOL

(Dom Arkaral) #133

I want to know lol
I’m sure we can somehow relate

(Knowledgeminer) #134

I spend most of the time hunting/harassing gankers in Gallente and Minmatar space, mainly the Balle <-> Hek pipe.

I don’t operate in Amarr and Caldari space, I’m KOS there, those empires don’t like me and I don’t have much sympathy for them either, I proudly have terrible standings with them. :grin:

Still wondering why anyone that knew already would ask and anyone that didn’t would care… :smile:

(Lfod Shi) #135

sigh… CODE exists. Deal with it. Adapt or die. HTFU. Etc…

(Aiko Danuja) #136

So, knowledgeminer, if you are "KoS’ as you say in Amarri and Caldari space, wouldn’t you have a more engaging game experience there? You say you don’t have much sympathy for Amarr, so why don’t you come to Uedama, and take out an Ark? That’ll really inspire the good Gallente folk back home, and send the Pretendress Catiz a clear warning.

(Knowledgeminer) #137

Flying what? What I fly is more engaging to me than what I kill with it. That’s one of the reasons why anti-ganking is more appealing to me than ganking.

That said, if that Ark happened to carry slaves that’s actually a proposition I might want to consider… :wink:

(Australian Excellence) #138

Man thats so dumb. Ships are ammo in this game, theyre to be used and blown up.

lol :rofl:

CODE. sits in a pipe and dunks freighters one after the other, sometimes makes isk, has fun blowing ships up.

Antigankers watch CODE. as they whore on concord kills and try to thief.

One group creates content and is relevant and the other thinks they’re relevant as they sit there 15 hours a day doing nothing but fail.

(Knowledgeminer) #139

No, it’s not. It does seem dumb to you and you look at ships as if they were only ammo precisely because you only see the blow up stuff part of the fun, which is what I’m saying is not what I find most fun.

If you liked to do things that required a ship to be capable of doing more than merely shooting, like cov ops cloak, for example, then you would see things differently.

Same if you liked the challenge of being able to stop a gank and save the victim or “steal” the loot if it dies. I understand you may not see the fun in that, but I do.

Not to mention the roleplaying aspect of the game, which you may or may not enjoy, but some people simply enjoy hunting/harassing the “bad” guys, and that’s my case too.

That’s not what I do. I do sometimes fail and may get a CONCORD whoring kill as a result, but that’s unintended and I don’t post it to zKill, nor brag about it nor anything.

BTW, CODE does sometimes whore on CONCORD kills too, with those smartbombing Mallers at the end of a gank, for example.

That I like to do (from the gankers or other thieves). And I find it fun too.

(Australian Excellence) #140

Anything but pvp is for complete losers.

hahahahahha challenge LOL

You idiots literally fail EVERY time because you’re all that bad at the game.

Be honest with yourself. You’ve never stopped a gank, you’re a complete failure like the rest of the toxic ag ‘community’.

Replace sometimes with always

That’s to get the pods and farm bounties. A little different from a group of complete idiots failing all day and then linking their ‘kills’ in ag chats with the top damage from concord :joy:

That’s all ag are at the end of the day. Thieves. And not even good ones, out of the hundreds of billions we kill a month maybe 500mil is taken.

But its okay. You can take our scraps while you sit there watching elite pvpers all day while you yourself fail nonstop daily hahaha :rofl:

Never forget that ‘former’ antiganker #toxicplayers