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Just some random youtube commenters salty against you. by the way you have a youtube channel that has great content but has more dislikes and salty comments.

I have no idea what you are talking about. His the content creator of your alliance. His doing a great job but many of those watching are too dumb to at least learn from it.

Depends if you count died as 2 syllables or not I guess.

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Oh Zaenis channel he’s not like all gankers , remember you have lots off gankers under one flag don’t label them all with the same brush, like any group . You will soon see which ones are the ass hats

Ffs that’s it for poetry from me​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Hmmm. Interesting. If you jump out on a gate you have 1 minute to observe your surroundings cloak using a tactical overview. additional ways to at least add the percentage of survivability.

You make it sound like the gate-cloak after jumping is something new.

Isn’t it 30 seconds, though?

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60 seconds gate cloak.
30 seconds invul when undocking from a station

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Right. Thanks!

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Just being wary and trying to understand how can I survive gate camps or at least get some kills before I go down. Aiko’s group sometimes camp on gates in the system I’m at. They successfully Gank battleship and a cruiser in stargate just 1 jump from my home station.

Okay. Here’s something:

Your odds of survival are higher when you warp off the gate immediately.

Watching around only serves the campers,
because they’re used to keeping concentration up for that minute until you decloak.

As prey you gain nothing from being aware of your immediate surroundings.
If you just want to survive, then all that matters is that there’s campers.

Situational awareness only helps if you get bumped …
… and, by chance, get bumped in a way that allows you to align to a celestial …
… but knowing where celestials are before getting bumped is useless.

This one happened to me, once, in an iteron. Once. Never again.

The earlier you warp, the higher your chance they’re not fully ready.
The more time they get, the lower the chance you’ll make it through.


I should post more succintly I guess. My point in relation to your post was that both deccers as dec-avoiders utilize a form of bureaucracy instead of skill to achieve their aims, i.e. filling in a form with the authorities to open up or deny the right of hostilities against unprepared targets.

Their corps don’t resemble a brand or group, they resemble a legal entity of sorts, with matters of legality and low tax being the only reason for their existence.

“Powerhouses” full of paper tigers, the lot of them.

Because thsts literally the only way CCP has made conflict legal, sadly

Im just saying its ironic that an organisation that gathers members by advertising wardec immunity on one hand also goes ganking happily on the other.

Bit of a double standard.

While Sol’s is very good general advice, I will expand a little. Since Princess Aiko is camping gates in highsec, the calculus is a little different. If she and her crew attack you, CONCORD will be along shortly to dispatch justice. That means there is no point trying to “get some kills” as that will happen no matter what at the hand of CONCORD. Sure, you could fit your ship to be a fast locker and shoot the attackers, but it won’t make any difference to the outcome of that criminal action - you will or won’t die, and the criminals will all die for sure.

That leaves you two choices, not mutually exclusive, to survive the gate camp and thus achieve you objective of surviving - evasion or tank, although I would say each strategy benefits a certain type of ship. Evasion makes more sense when you are in a small, fast ship while moar tank makes sense in a big ship.

Evasion would mean fitting your ship for the fastest align time possible, ideally sub-2 second align time will make you almost uncatchable in highsec. But even not making the 2s threshold is still worth it as it will require specialized ships and fast reactions to catch a few second align time ship with a small sig radius.

Tank would just be fitting every bit of tank modules you can on your ship - buffer/resist tank not active reppers. On a big ship, that probably make you too costly to suicide gank or a tougher target than the gate camp can handle.

For flavour, you can also sprinkle some warp core stabs on your travel fit if you have fitting room. This especially makes sense for big ships with extra low slots.

For both of these, you can then use a mobile depot to refit your ship when you arrive at your mission or other destination. If you are aware and prepared, the only place you really are vulnerable in highsec is when you are aligning after breaking gate cloak, so your travel fit will go a long way to keeping you safe. Everywhere else you can see your potential attackers coming on dscan/local/overview so if you are aligned to a warp destination, you can just warp away.

There are more topics here (instadocks, smartbomb avoidance, etc) but this should let you avoid most highsec gate camps. However, if you really have something you don’t want to lose, it is worth scouting as well both by checking and looking yourself. Dock up and jump into the system in just your capsule to make sure no one is on a gate. Your capsule can instawarp. These is very tedious, but for one or two gates it might makes sense if you can’t ask a friend to check for you and you have something really valuable in your ship.

If you do want to shoot the criminals, you can, but you probably would want to tailor a fit to do so. It’s usually better to specialize your fitting in Eve, so fit for your mission or for being a vigilante hunting criminals, not both.


Good point.

That’s so true ,when we try and pull cats out of gank fleets it’s the ones that wait we get , we have spent time preparing, as Aiko knows to well, I have pulled a princess twice :slight_smile:

Did you already tried torpedo delivery to them?

Everybody just calm down. I am not camping gates in Highsec, or anywhere. I am not setting up a little tent, roasting marshmallows, or waiting for you to finally jump into my gate. I have negative ten security status, so I literally cannot camp a gate in Highsec, because the faction police will shoot me. I really think some of you have no idea what I’m even doing, and I’d like to explain it to you, but why would I help antigankers?


Are my conclusions wrong? This BS was successfully gank at a stargate in Aidart. Stargate going to stacmon. or it’s not really a gatecamp but a strategy you don’t want to share to us as you said. :slight_smile: