Code. most excellent capsuleers?

Regarding the new Vexor Navy Issue skins… I think the “most excellent capsuleers” is not referring to your pilots in any way, shape or form.

The truth be known that it seems that your Alliance members too are very very bad at what they do and lately it doesn’t even look like anyone is trying. Are you too afraid to undock? Are you hiding in stations somewhere?

I read the report on ship losses and those destruction numbers look to be in major decline.
Even your very own fans are bumping that old contest of yours in hopes to see your ship destruction numbers pick up!

Maybe it is time to undock a fleet of Vexor Navy Issues and start becoming excellent capsuleers instead of the current carebear hiding tactics of late.

Best wishes…


Silly pilot

Vexors are terribad ganking ships

Just look at them



I know you are… but what am I?

A packer of ice?


I’m supposed to be ashamed because my fans want more content?


Plus we like bumping so much we do it to the threads too


The people from CODE. are clearly the most excellent capsuleers if not even the most excellent people there are in RL. Citizens all around New Order territory (formerly highsec) sing songs about their heroic deeds.


What did you lose?


It is not about that, it is about supporting the complete opposite in game. It is about stirring the pot.

Exposing weakness and probing questions like; "most excellent capsuleers? Poking the big dog with a long stick.

Unless you are a courier bot… :joy:

And that Headhunter skin is perfect!

I just noticed that inside the skull is another skull!


It is always about that. All miners only start wailing after losing a ship because they had no permit, always. What did you lose?


It was a warm evening on the Jan 19th where Jimmy was ganked outside Frostpacker 9 after reading the report that Frostpacker 6 was under attack soon after Code. declared war vs Frostpacker.

Not according to that KM

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Trash talk is more effective when you can point at something tangible. Not only is the CODE. Alliance still exploding north of a trillion ISK per month, they even are a sov-holding alliance now:

And if you are too timid to venture into nullsec to attack their outpost there, well you can always go shoot their flagship structures proudly reigning over their home territory of highsec in Niarja or Uedama. It really seems a stretch to claim they are hiding somewhere.

I think these folks truly are most excellent capsuleers, led by the most excellent one the game has ever seen - James 315. No one cares more for the game, nor has had a greater singular impact than the Father of Highsec.

So praise James, the most excellent of capsuleers!


I approve of this message or sandwich.

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Does said sandwich have bacon?

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That’s how I know its a sandwich.

Praise James my eyes are open!

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Well Jimmy’s Reaper was destroyed by a single code. pilot though in my terms **Jimmy got ganked outside!*"

Oh and the 22nd of Jan, not the 19th when the War had started.

If you were at war, its not a gank.


The stench of Code. o7 support in this thread is too overpowering.

Someone needs to bottle it and start selling it in Oasa!