(Clockwork Robot) #41

No no, you didn’t read.

Heresy. Not conspiracy.

(Galaxy Pig) #42

Now see, what kind of comment is that?

Is it supposed to be funny? To whom, may I ask?

I’ve never understood the kind of trolling where someone just begins to act like a dribbling idiot who understands nothing at all. What’s that all about? What does it gain you? Is it supposed to upset me somehow? Is the idea just to confuse? What does that gain you? Do you just like having the last word even if it’s nonsense? Is it meant to get me to disengage you by being incoherent? Are you just so deeply butthurt that I’m a member of CODE. that you have to try to be snarky even if you can’t think of anything actually snarky to say?

I just have so many questions about people like you, who only seem to live on the internet, as I’ve never met one in real life.

(Clockwork Robot) #43

I cant offer any advice on this, because I don’t think you’re a dribbling idiot. I lack your frame of mind.

Oh GP, that’s just… Nonsense.

Where the hell is this coming from? What does you being in CODE have to do with anything?

That’s silly. Nonsense.

(Galaxy Pig) #44

Ah yes, it’s butthurt, as it so often is.

You should probably get over the fact that CODE. is more relevant and has contributed more to this game than you or any organization of which you’ve been a part.

Hard truths. :avocado:

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Man, you brighten up any day. Never change, GP.

“it’s butthurt”.

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Savage :joy:
But true

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True that. CCP data showed that a PvP experience helps new player retention. And if you hang around in anti ganking channels then late at night even they will admit that the only meaningful content they have is whoring on CODE concord mails.

(safira jomita) #48

Well I know CODE has its hole in new Eden, and such. I would suggest CODE hunt and engages BOTS all around hisec, that would be a truly community service! hell I would even help them! Know the thing " the enemy of my enemy is my friend "? xD

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #49

CODE already does hunt & engage bots all over highsec. You must have missed something, because that has always been the case. More importantly, they also hunt bot-like players all over highsec.

If activity seems to be concentrated in a few areas, that’s just because (logically), you have to go where the players are to accomplish this. The areas of greatest population density offer the most potential content. Also, they are limited by the number of active members they have.

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This article is wrong too. CCP did not “prove” anything, that was something added by the author, who does not understand the basics of logics.

(Daichi Yamato) #54

The bias is strong with this one.

(Anderson Geten) #55

Code monkeys are very interested in affirming that making flowers bloom makes the spring comes. They don’t ever understand how absurd their idea is - but keep affirming it is true.

(Maekchu) #56

The data is a bit old and I’d love to get a follow-up study.

That being said, I believe people quit because they are not getting engaged in PvP and the PvE of eve is extremely boring.

Now I’m not a new player anymore, but I’ve gone casual because real life stuff don’t permit me to commit to longer play sessions for the time being. So I’ve been flying around highsec trying to do some random PvE stuff (finished the SOE epic arc and was planning to try to do the other factions, since I haven’t done any of those ever). At the moment though, I just log into eve to get the login bonus, ship spin a little and then logout regretting I’ve subbed for 3 months and bought the galaxy packs when they were on sale. Honestly, the PvE in this game is what is killing player retention. It is simply not fun to fly around and shoot at red crosses. I’ll give some abyssal space runs a try (since I’ve gotten some through the login bonus), but if that is not a hit, I have to find some PvP activity that I can do in very short play sessions or just quit the game (again).

The only reason why eve is fun to play is because of the PvP and how asset destruction creates true perception of value when losing stuff. Be that through ganking or otherwise. This is what makes people come play the game and what creates feelings that turns into stories. Love them or hate them, CODE has created true feelings in players that is rarely something experienced in other games. It creates an incentive to engage in the game (you’ve been ganked, you want revenge). These are the aspects of eve the developers should focus their attention to. This is what makes eve unique and is not something found in other games.

(safira jomita) #57

Nice didn’t know they hunted bots too. Do they have specific operations to hunt them? Like periodically ones?

(safira jomita) #58

That is your opinion . Not all players think like you

(Dom Arkaral) #59

Where’s your proof then?

Go on, we’re impatiently waiting.

Unless, as usual, you have nothing to back your words :joy::sweat_smile:

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #60

It has been a few years since I was in CODE so my information may be dated, current members can speak for themselves.

When I was involved it wasn’t so much a specific hunting of bots as maintaining control of specific active areas, being aware of everyone in that space, and bringing all CODE violators, literal bots or otherwise, to justice, as time and resources permit.

Obviously, the greater threat and primary focus is bot-like players. The primary reason being that you can just report bots to CCP and they will ban them. But for some reason I do not understand, when you report a player character to CCP for bot-aspirant behavior, they not only don’t ban them, they sometimes send you a nasty email too.

So with bot-aspirancy, the only recourse is a player-generated solution. The best known method to deal with these players is to vigorously engage them in PvP content until they either change their ways or voluntarily ban themselves.