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TLDR for the people that don’t read

1. Little Things Initiative

2. Improve overall health of the game through Quality of life improvements in all sec statuses

3. Community Support

Persistence and Depth of knowledge. Welcome to my 5th CSM Campaign Every Year It gets better and better, I gain more experience and more depth of knowledge in other areas of Eve.

What do I bring to the table you might ask. I’m a long-term industrialist the numbers, and data type. I build various larger ships with my corporation including Capitals, Supercapitals, and Titans. I formerly ran a moon empire (all sub r32) So in terms of someone that understands the market and industrial Quality of Life issues specific to moon management, PI, and general industry. However, I am formerly a Fleet commander (slowly bringing it back) Between a former association with Spectre Fleet as an FC and multiple skirmish commander type roles in various groups I am a seasoned combat pilot also able to speak to many of the issues we run into now.

I am a huge proponent of public eve communities and finding new ways to support and spread their availability to the masses. I am a former Spectre Fleet FC and formerly ran the Spectre Fleet Alliance Tournament Team. Additionally, I am an active (though novice skill level) participant within Dev Fleet focusing mainly on industrial tools.

The Big Three
Little things
Simply put what are the little things that drive people nuts to let’s get them fixed, or at least bring them forward as problems to be looked at. This is easy because it’s not my idea, previous CSM’s have done this and I think it’s time QoL bring it back for some quick QoL fixes.

Gamewide All Sec Health…and NPE
Those that know me well know I’ve lived in high sec for a long time and only recently moved to null and set up shop with the Bastion, Prior to this I set up in Amarr Space and tried my hand at building LINKK, a new player friendly high sec industrial alliance. things went… as expected. High sec is impossible to actually grow a group of any size without dying to some of the most frequently discussed broken mechanics in EVE the War Dec system. I’m passionate about High sec and new player development so I won’t say its the silver bullet but creating a system for both sides to be happy and logging in to actually play means more people might actually keep playing eve long term. There are other issues with high sec that need to be addressed as well but the War Dec mechanics are something I’m particularly well versed in.

Developing high sec directly supports all other security status areas in eve. Focusing on player retention, and removing or changing pain points like War Dec mechanics in high sec are key to this. Just as changing nullification/jump fatigue in low and null.

Community support
This comes in a variety of ways Id like to see supporting major player events such as the Alliance Tournament and other community events. I like many others am concerned with the layoffs of the Community management Devs This topic naturally might spring criticism when it comes to my membership within the Imperium I can assure you as always I will listen to what is best for the game as a whole taking input from anyone who is willing to reach out to me and those who I trust to reach out to as well. Below is a list of endorsements I gained outside of being in the Imperium prior to my time in the Bastion. I hope you take their words for it over a meta-gamed impression of me as a person.

About Commander Aze
IRL Job: Incident Workforce Management Specialist, Federal Incident Management Cadre. Long story short I work in disasters managing staffs from dozens of different agencies, states government, city governments and nonprofits coordinating common operational goals and objectives. Effectively I am the guy that gets the call in the middle of the night when something terrible happens and I work tirelessly to start fixing it. For example I managed a staff in the thousands in response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria last fall. I feel this experience directly translates to an ability to coordinate and communicate complex issues to CCP from groups around the Eve Universe.

In Game Responsibilities and Playstyle
Member Corporation of The Bastion Alliance
Sub–Zero CEO
Supercapital Production and Industrial and Financial Mogul
Small Gang and Theta Squad (Delve Defence Fleet)

Former Associations and Experience
Alliance Executor for Lin Kuei (LINKK)
Spectre Fleet Fleet Commander,
Captain of the Spectre Fleet Alliance Tournament Team,
Highsec Alliance Executor
C2 Wormhole Resident
Drifter Incursion FC for ‘What Drifters?’
Null Sec Industrial Corp CEO
Incursion FC
Former Catastrophic Uprising (CUP) FC / LC
Former ECIO FC/ LC
Former Battlement Coalition FC/ LC
Serenity Initiative FC/ LC
The Ditanian Fleet FC (Vanguards)

More About Me

How To Contact
Tweetfleet Slack
Discord (Statecraft/Bastion/TiS/INN/Spectre-fleet/scc-lounge/MindClash)
Goonfleet Mumble
Imperium Jabber
Twitter @CommanderAze
Ingame and Forums

Media Links (Previous Campaigns) Eve Prosper Ashterothi Eve Prosper CSMXII

former Writer and Current Copy Editor for Imperium News Network

Positive Community Mentions
“I think he’s getting the hang of running… He is actually improving” @Noizygamr

“He does seem to know his stuff and is extremely active running his csm campaign” LockeFox Eve Prosper Host

“I put him in my Yeah. He is getting better running which in turn means he is listening to the advice and listening is an Excellent skill.” & “Commnade aze and I cross paths often enough in working with alphas and he is good in communication skills.” Mike Asariah

“The only real bear in here is Aze and he’s not a retard” Vimsy Vortis (War Deck Project)

“He is very persistent, wouldn’t mind him on CSM” Fuzzy Steve

“4. Commander Aze: Aze has fantastic passion and attention to detail. I’ve never seen a single candidate grow so much from one year to the next as he has since run unsuccessfully last year. This year he’s ready.” Alekseyev Karrde Declarations of War Podcast

“I didn’t know he was running, Best of Luck” Laztel
“as alliances official spectre fleet FC I would like to recommend that if you have spare vote give it to commander aze he is spectre fleets, official candidate.” Hutter (Eve Skunk email to Alliance Legio De Mortem)

“Jin Taan, Roedyn and Commander Aze, these are our top 3” MindClash Podcast

“Good Luck on your Campaign” Ashterothi

“A great guy with a vision for the future, and someone I could trust with anything in game pr out.” Orion Sa-Solo

“Hope he does well” Manny Bothans Podside Podcast

“I’ll be voting for you Commander” Tengu Grib

Videos from Alliance tournament (Because Real Men Hull Tank)

Videos From FCing Spectre Fleet

CSM Campaign Threads CSM9 Campaign CSMX Campaign CSMXI Campaign CSMXII Campaign

Want to hear my case?



Great ideas from an all-around good guy!
Gets my votes.

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Has my vote! Tons of experience with the campaign process and has done an absolute ton of work on outreach for under represented folks in the game.

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Check out last night’s Mindclash podcast to see some new coverage of recent events!

Some resent topics of discussion Blops rebalance (please ccp) and afk cloaking… we should have a slow but fun way of tracking cloaked ships. Where active campers are safe and ago campers can get dumpsters for not paying attention.

Yet another thing I’d be happy to bring to ccp.

This appears to be a well coordinated and planned out campaign thread complete with multiple resources, references and methods of contact. I know next to nothing about you but if your organizational skills in this thread are any indication, your better than the trenders who run for funzies.

You are a Goon now, right?

I am in the Bastion alliance (within the imperium) as of May or so of last year, despite my move to null high sec is still a passion of mine and I will as always take the views of any and all players to CCP. My constituents are anyone who plays eve. You’ll notice I am campaigning despite having a massive block to potentially back me.

I do understand politically speaking some people may not vote for me due to where I live in eve, I simply hope that my reputation for being fair, understanding, and supportive to any and all players continues to show through.

If you would like i can discuss why I chose to move to delve versus other offers my former high sec alliance had.

I’d hope my 5th campaign for CSM has some semblance of organization :slight_smile:

How well versed would you say you are with lowsec, or Factional Warfare lowsec specifically?

You got my vote aze. Has good ideas and cares about more than just one region of the game. Moving to imperium didn’t change that.

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Faction warfare isn’t in a healthy state mainly to do with citadel mechanics from what I can tell, I haven’t done faction warfare since my early days of eve.

Here is what I can say, I ran fleets in Low and faction warfare space with Spectre for a long time. So I know the struggles at least from a window looking in. I wont pretend to be an expert but I can say if you have a valid idea or pitch to CCP on the Topic I will strive to be the candidate that will listen, regardless of affiliation of corps or militias.

I have friends that I can reach out to act as expert advice on the topic, and I’m also open to talking to the community via person to person I frequent TiS discord and INN discord as well as a few podcasts as seen above, additionally townhall type events specific to underrepresented playstyles and sec status areas as I feel CCP tends to ignore the impacts or at least not have someone viewing it from the perspective of those playstyles.

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That awkward moment when it seems like the elections going to be moved way off… probably for the best.

Just finished a full review of the minutes. Im pretty happy with Sort and Aryth asking the questions everyone wants answers to. We need to take time to iterate or fix things before we make new things. Jump fatigue and nullification are two big things to address. Among many others. We need a new crucible.

How do you feel about the sate of mining? Although we have been given some new mining content with the new refineries and active moon mining, I feel there are other problems that still need to be addressed.

Mining is really bad if you are a solo-boxing (not multi-boxing and using alts to boost yourself and add more miners to your fleet). This is unfair to small mining corps of real players, since mining ops need to be organized, and usually happen at most once a week. A fleet of real players mine the same amount as a multi-boxing fleet of the same size, thus minimizing the incentive for real miners to work together. This could be considered equivalent of someone being able to multi an incursion. If this was the case, no one would fleet up to do them, since they could do them solo, multiboxed.

On top of that, in the recent blogpost about botting, it appears most banned botters appear to be botters.

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So a couple things. I was running a small high sec group for years. We mined the ■■■■ out of amarr space. And you are right a multiboxer Makes the same as a small fleet Of individuals of the same size and composition. However they are also putting the same risk on the field and same equipment on the field. This can be tricky to give bonuses to a group of individuals over a group of alts as mechanically they are the same. Now I sympathise with the issue but I’m also guilty of the opposite with my 3 mains I run 3 rorqs but also go out mining with my Corpmates and we bring a small fleet out. Given our 7 guys launch 15 rorqs. The scales a little messed up. But it’s the same as one guy controlling 15 rorqs. All the accounts are paid in plex and should be treated equally.

Now for botting. Ban them all. Mining is the number one bot out there because it is predictable and easy to code. Ratting is a lot more operations and changes so costs more to dev a bot. That’s why they are skewed the way they are. Regardless ban them all. I’m pro keeping the ban in key broadcasting in programs like inboxes.

Incursions. I’ve multiboxed four toons in a incursion and made bank doing it. But it’s a ridiculous amount of work. Imaging doing every part of the fleet yourself. It’s not easy. And you get burnt out fast doing it. The worry hear is isboxer keybroadcasting. Of which I do not support and should stay banned.

Effectively as long as it’s one click per account per action and you have to click all the things multiboxing is effectively having more people… in a split personality kind of way.

Now the root question. The state of mining. High sec mining sucks. Low sec sucks. Null holy cap there gold in the fields. It’s a little too easy to make money in rorqs but at some point the issue of cost benefit becomes a consent. I don’t think we have hit that line but I worry about adjusting the dial again.


Thanks for your response!

I hope that answers the question but as with everything I’m open to other ideas or points of view.

Mind clash podcast media event check them out on Spotify. Will post this week’s 3hour long coverage of the CSM minutes once it is available. Great show and I’ll always recommend listening in.

Also major bonus mike asariah was on this week’s so it’s a real treat!

Media Event Appearance Notice

Newest Mindclash Podcast covering CSM