[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 15 September 2021

PLEASE allow us to revert back to the old character sheet! This one is unusable and poorly designed.


I tested that theory. It’s exactly the same for both alpha and omega clones. The only difference (that I can find) being that now an alpha can stack skills far into the future and far past the five million skill points they get. This could be good in that you can set something up now and decide later that you want to go omega and not have to create a skill queue once that happens. The problem there is a new person might not get past this thing and quit in frustration. I’m not completely new and find it confusing and irritating for all the same reasons that have been hammered on in this thread.
I still hate the whole UI, I would go back to training one or two skills at a time to have the old UI back.
I don’t need any of the things this change brought and while some of it sounds nice on paper I cant even find it and got tired of looking for it while this was still on the test server.
I have a friend who says “I am getting very tired of fighting CCP instead of other players”.
I am starting to see what that means.
I haven’t counted but I think the overwhelming response has been “make this optional please”. I think that would be very wise of CCP at this stage.

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I would recommend filing a support ticket for that.

We did. They (CCP) were given detailed feedback before this was released and they didn’t listen to any of it. This was on the test server for quite a while and they made no use of the testing done there, so no. This change is not “good” its premature and poorly executed at best.

Fun stuff with the NPE:

Is that a bug or a feature?

Your stuff. In a contract. Thank you.

You get nothing from me.

Is it really too much to ask to get some acknowledgement that there is some contention regarding the new skill interface? A ‘we are gathering additional feedback’ or ‘further changes are being considered’ would be an improvement over the current wall of total silence.


But if they do not care for additional (nor cared for prior) feedback and do not consider changes (or only minor tweaks at best) then probably best to just keep silent. :stuck_out_tongue: Just a possibility to consider. :wink:

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To be fair, having seen the vast quantity of rage delivered over free money not so long ago, I don’t blame CCP for battening down the hatches and waiting for the hateboners to go away before responding in detail.

I am, however, entirely confident that the stupid bugs and oversights are being addressed.

Also, great to see that page up / down in training queue still works! I had heard that this and copy/paste of training queue weren’t working. Forgot to test copy/paste, but I have hope…

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I am a fairly new player - when contrasted to the average poster here - I started playing EVE about 5 months ago. Even so, I will not be using this new system for career path, for I’ve already invested SP training in what playstyle I enjoy… and I guarantee no player with a year or more invested in this game is going to use the new system whatsoever… so this can only be FOR the shiny, new, week-old player who discovered EVE this last week or in the future.
So no player used to the old system is going to use this, so we won’t… but what about that new, NEW player?
Because this “click a career path” automatically adds the skills to the learning tree (skill tree), these new players will no understand how to browse the wide assortment of skills and learn them individually on their own… in essence, this new method of automatic skill choice will hamper new players as they move on and decide they want to learn an alternative set of skills and not be locked into one path.
I only see this as hurting new players in the end.
Players used to the old method: won’t use this
Players just now finding the game: will be hindered down the road

THAT is what this new setup is - it is worthless to older players and hampering to new players when they choose to diversify their skills.


the new player move along after they realize to have no clue what they are doing. great job