Compressed asteroids signature

Scannable mining sites for frigates. Much like relic sites for hackers but for miners.


Because of recent triglavian/drifter activity some ore was captured inside of small but strong gravitational anomalies. All affected ore become compressed but is no longer accessible without scanning. Also ships bigger than destroyer cannot enter because of gravitational interference with larger warp-drives.
CONCORD recommends cation while exploring such signatures. Undesired ship loss may happen


ore sites that are

  • scannable signatures
  • restricted to frigates and destroyers (including faction/T2/T3)
  • contain compressed ores instead of common
    → high profit per mining time
  • low amount of ore (~10 min of mining)
  • too rare to have significant impact on industry
  • same ores as in belts/anomalies of system
  • extra sites spawn in exotic metaliminal storm area
    → hopefully this will make it worth chasing
  • may have some environmental dangers
  • sites combined yield should not be more than 10% of all mining per ore (measured after reprocessing)


Estimated profit per site:
WARNING: estimates can be wrong because of anounced mining changes

  • Minimal ISC per site: 0,8kk (only Veldspar)
  • Maximum ISC per site (ignoring Mercoxit): 45kk (only Jaspet)
  • Expected median ISC per site: 8kk (null), 15kk (low), 2kk (high)

Mercoxit have super rich compressed ore so can be added in small amounts to null sites to increase ISC/site

Industry impact estimate

  • sites combined yield should not be more than 10% of all mining per ore (measured after reprocessing)
    → I expect nearly zero impact

With estimated average profit per site we can estimate number of sites per region
From economic report I estimated median mining value for regions to be more than 300b/month ~= 10b/day
This means that 10% of all region ore will be ~1000kk/day or 65 signatures/day for lowsec region. Which is not much. :sadparrot: (

Why this will make EVE better?

  • solo mining can be a thing
  • non-multyboxing upgrade direction for mining players
  • alpha-friendly activity that require visiting non-hisec space in cheap ships

Possible problems

  • unexpected industry impact
  • maybe too complex activity for target auditory

Table with profit estimation for different ore types

2021-11-22: updated because of mining changes announcement

Have you tried gas huffing?

Scannable sites specifically for mining frigates.

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umm these already exist in a way. there are several shattered wh that only things smaller than DD can enter. they are full of ice and ore

Reviving this topic because of announced mining changes

As I understand ninja gas huffing may become history

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