CONCORD are guilty of financial crimes, and I demand compensation

Last month, I received a notification from CONCORD, that a bill to maintain this stupid alliance was due on Wednesday, i.e. tomorrow.

I had no intention of paying this bill, because allowing this alliance to lapse means Anyanka Funk would stop bugging me about it, since it was she who originally gave me the 2Bn isk to create it.

So I turned off the “auto-pay” setting for the bill.

And I check the corporation wallet journal today, and find that lo and behold, CONCORD have already taken the money, two days before it was due. Checking further, I found that CONCORD had done this on several previous occasions.

Extracting money before it is due from a customer’s account is one of the grossest of gross financial crimes. Indeed, it is a shady practice conducted by rogue banks, with the intention that the customer’s account goes overdrawn, so they can then issue overdrawn penalty bills, and bilk the customer out of more money.

This is Unacceptable behaviour from CONCORD, and I demand the 2M isk back, lest I am forced to take further actions against CONCORD.

This is just one more incident in Oveg Drust’s campaign of harassment against me. A couple of weeks ago, I found that CONCORD had manipulated my Neocom, removing a button that other capsuleers insisted should be there, and which could not normally be removed. This is clear evidence that Oveg Drust and CONCORD are still bitter about the Meme Worms affair, and seek to harass me in revenge for having been shown up.

Truly, the infernal accountants of CONCORD are the greatest villains in all of New Eden.

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Good for him.


The main problem with CONCORD, is that they still allow Gallentes in.
They can’t count.
Hire yourself a Caldari accountant if you want to be billed in correct time.

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