CONCORD introduces the Dynamic Bounty System

People are happy for the mining/ratting nerfs until they will see the prices skyrocket for the things they typically consume, enjoy your 300M+ T1 battle ships!

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just curious why the “spread out” theory makes any sense to small groups that barely manage to hold 1 system. unless we are all supposed to just give in to the mega alliances, we have to consider that neighboring systems belong to others. so we cant just “move around” and take from out neighbors. oh wait. that is the ESS plan. how silly of me

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Im already looking forward to selling my stockpiles.

Glass half full, bro

What is CCP definition of High level of combat? Seems to me that Ratting has more of an impact then Combat. Should it not go up as fast as it goes down.

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I’m less than impressed.
My alliance is mostly deployed for the war, and only a few remain to protect the home front, yet the multiplier remains low.
I carrier rat, a few others gila rat, and we’ve lost quite a few miners, but I don’t see the multiplier go up to 100%.
I’m seriously considering taking alts out to blow up to see if it helps.
I build the ships I’d be blowing up, so it wouldn’t cost much at all.

You’d need to blow up around 1b isk worth to directly start influencing the modifier up through “PvP”.
You’ll have a better time just limiting the amount of isk farmed (500m/day) and letting it recover naturally.

Well, ■■■■.

Ridiculous mechanics after 6 months.

Allready 5 friends that have stopped the game because of it
We all are bored about it I guess.

When will ccp remove this?

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Realy ? your ratting friends left eve because they get more thanks to the DBS ?

I guess it just doesn’t feel good psychologically, even if on paper you earn more.

Im already looking forward when you dont buy anything for that stock cause nothing will be for sale…

Glass halfull my xxx

(if you are not blind you can see that onli reason jita market does not imploaded already is your and others stockpiles. There is already less produced then exploded making it just a matter of time when everything stops and everybody return to fly frigats that dont kill anything in null and booom no more pvp at all.)

As allways CCP taktic totali bacfire and produce less PVP less conflict less fun and more people quiting the game.

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Is there going to be a Bounty System in High Sec for Ganking?

The Bounty System would increase wirh each gank that takes place. Players attacking gankers would then receive a portion from the bounty system. Any player with h a Sec Status of - 5 or lower, would not be able to collect ISK from the system.

When the last gank had taken place, a timer would start on the Bounty System in the system where ganking is taking place. As the timer expires, the pay out is less and less.

This idea is meant to get more players involved with High Sec PvP through training against High Sec gankers for their enventual transition to low and null, if the player so chooses.

So you wana rat to get better ships and modules, your alliance is highly organised and runs down any gank attempts in your space, you get 50% bounty, because when a neut you have been following on the comm channels eventually jumps to your ratting system, and you just dock/get a pvp ship and then the neut just scrams away.
This is a direct punishment for protection fleets doing pvp on their home turf. Whoever made the calculations for this needs to go back to math class, same as when they introduced the new industry taxes…ship inshurance… I MEAN , you live in nullsec and you get a 50% penalty for playing the game. OK DUDE.

I bet, I BET 1 billion isk, if you blow an abandoned station no one gives a sh1t about cough cough post WWB2 you skyrocket your system bounty multip. Yet another QUALITY change CCP. You know what 80% of people in protected systems with pathetic modifiers do??? They log off. No pvp content for anyone no pve content for anyone.
Punishing well organised groups , is this your idea for a Dynamic breathing world ?


ISK should not come from NullSec. There’s no concurrent sink.

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Why bet when the data exists for you to prove this theory?

Production comes from NullSec, that alone brings most of the ISK in the game. And there is plenty of pve and pvp deaths in nullsec. Shiny targets are constantly being targeted. This dynamic bounty system is absurd, you are being dynamically punished for playing the game as much as you want/can.
Putting diminishing returns on a game where whoever plays more and has more people wins, is something str8 out of Mao’s red book. Do you have dynamic bounty systems in Wormholes and highsec ??? How about a Dynamic diminishing return on doing Abyssals ???
Yeah I thought so. New CCP devs are like a monkey in a rocketship headed towards the sun.


Why did you reopen this dying thread just to be really inaccurate?

I’ll set up some werewolf traps.

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I apologize in advance. I just need a quick yes/no answer. The new DBS/ESS now implemented in high-sec. Is it going to affect all things bounties (mission payouts of any type, rat-bounties in mission pockets, exploration sites & associated rats, etc.)? Thank you kindly.