Conculsion: Eve vs Satr Citizen

So in the last 17 years I have paid 2210 Euro to Eve online. My enjoyment has been incredibly positive.
In the last year I have paid 1730 Euro to Star Citizen. My enjoyment of that has been very positive.

In conclusion: If you want a massively active player base and things to do, your money is MUCH better spent on Eve Online.

If you want a silly little carebear life with zero risks, your money (multiple times Eve Online) is better spent on Star Citizen.

Looking at the posts here - 99% of people who haven’t ventured to 0.0 space will be unhappy here and happier in SC.

TL;DR: Move to 0.0 and stop complaining about stuff and move out of your moms basement!


Can’t play EVE living in a tent under a bridge with no access to your mom’s credit card.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Naw. :laughing:

I would rather be the thron in your side. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Who the â– â– â– â–  are you to tell me what to do?


I spent zero $ on multiple games and I was glad I did. Games are for playing. Play them all. :joystick:


That’s more accurate.

This however does not describe EVE.


How does it feel to be a sucker?

How does it feel to be twice a suckre?

Play Fortnite.

No, my money is much better saved.

I’m part of that 99% and I’m very happy in hisec.

Negative. I cannot comply with that order.

My mom is dead so she definitely doesn’t own a basement… yes, my dad too.

Yet another useless thread to lock :smiley:


It’s all subjective. It means nothing to anyone but yourself.

^^ that ^^


:worried:I think not

How presumptuous of you. What’s your next job, dictator?



I like that gif, nice touch.
What’s the code to post gifs here?

No code. Just the link by itself. Let me guess, you skipped the Discobot introduction? :sweat_smile:


who will take care of moms cats ?



I got a copy of Star Citizen free with a Graphics card purchase.
The GPU was an ATI R9 270, the date was Dec 2014.
The GPU in question was retired in 2018, having never actually played the finished game.

5 years later, the replacement card, a GTX1060 is about to be retired, having never played the finished game.

To think that there are still people out there that have faith in CIG is quite astonishing. I can laugh about it cos I got it for free.

But I feel that some people are so financially commited to SC, that to accept that it’s never going to be completed, would really damage them mentally


Mommy and Daddy are fighting again.

SC will be still in development when EVE will be already long dead.


Players have become too lax in their purchase decisions. There was a time when games came completed, finished. But with large bandwith for download and MMOs needing patches every week we’ve become so used to DLCs and updates that we accepted rushed and botched products as a standard.

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I once again realized, that I am a God in Eve Online

I like how they in SC just share all the 3D models of ships they have, and the vehicles, on the website. You can watch them from all sides.

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I can’t wait to play Star Citizen in 2053

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