Star Citizen's $27,000 Monicle


Prehap’s CCP’s Monicle was a tad under priced after all?

As Star Citizen adds a $27,000 Player’s Pack.

BBC News - Star Citizen video game launches $27,000 players’ pack

Star Citizen will go down in gaming history as the most expensive, crowd funded, beta vapor ware ever created…but not released.


“If you spend 1kUSD you will have the unique opportunity to spend 27,000USD! Enjoy!!”

You don’t need to play eve to recognize this scam.


When we’re at it anyone wanna buy a real-life floating Chris Robs statue for only $50,000 USD? :wink:

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Now I feel poor again :confused:

Wow! only 27k dollars!?



You can still sell your monocle.

Guys, we all know that AAA game development takes decades… GTA V began production in 1928, inspired by prohibition.

When SC finally releases, we’ll all be wiping our asses with 1080Ti’s.

Has Chris Roberts confirmed yet if the 5TB SSD will be included in the price of the base-game?? or do we have to provide that ourselves??

You will have to provide that yourself Rocket, that and the HAL 9000 required to run it.

Oh you are so misinformed. A 5 TB storage is only enough for the documentation of the game (readme, EULA, game manual, spreadsheets and so on and that is just .00001% of the game files) NOT the actual game itself. :wink:

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The actual game is so large that the version you download has already become obsolete when you receive the last packets, so you must start downloading again.

This 27k package might produce the things we see in EVE today: Blinged fits lost in stupid ways payd for with PLEX. People might have the cash but not enough understanding of game mechanics. This could lead to some salty stories. If this game comes out during my lifetime I will be looking forward to this.

Also might be a good idea of any supporter of Star Citizen to add account details to the testament.

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