Connection Lost Frustration

Since the beginning of the week, I have to deal with repetitive disconnect also… It is very frustrating and I get tired of this.

“Connection to server was lost.” To be continue…

I have this issue as well. Whats weird is I left nullsec where I took part in battles of over 1000+ people, never had any disconnects. Now moving back to highsec, enjoying abyssal sites and trying to make eve youtube videos I just cant commit. I disconnect every 10-20 minutes, especially in T4’s. Support ticket took 2 weeks to tell me a generic response.

We shouldn’t have to pay another $10-15 a month to use a VPN. I’ll probably be unsubbing after this.

using xfinity comcast

LOL and it’s CCP’s issue. I haven’t had a DC in awhile, but the only DC’s I’ve had are due to comcrap.

Me too. Too annoying to become a OMEGA user.

Anyone have a solution for this? Been playing this game off and on for 17 years. This is the first time I can remember when I’m afraid to undock in a nice ship. Doesn’t seem to matter if I’m running 1 client or 3. I get about 30 minutes of uninterrupted play then the dc’s start. Once they start they can happen anytime from 60 seconds of game play to 15 minutes. CCP doesn’t seem to have any answers.

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A VPN will 100% solve this issue. But then you will be playing eve with some noticable lag and of course be paying for a VPN and an eve subscription. It is ■■■■■■■■ but it is a fix.

I am also having this exact same issue; client is very laggy and loses connection all the time

Eve is the only application that has connection trouble; it must be something with EVE.

UPDATE: Had some improvement after clearing cache; Escape Menu/Reset Setting Tab/ Clear All Cache Files… might just be coincidence but worth a shot

OMG, I am having the same issues. On the same windows 10 computer, No other games, streaming, or other program has the disconnect issue when eve disconnects.

I have 2 computers running eve side by side, different time, different account, one on ethernet and the other on wifi. Both would disconnect at the same time!

So this happen on:

  • different accounts,
  • different computers,
  • different type of connections,
    only EVE would disconnect at the same time!

Eve, please help fix the disconnect issue. … It would disconnect several times a day, seems random. Can’t really finish a mission without DC, very annoying… . Only happen recently ( started early this year!)

** So this is clearly is not one off issue. Now, so many people have the same issues… someone, CCP, help resolve the issue or we can’t really continue to enjoy eve. I have multiple omega accounts and really frustrating to keep paying for a game I can’t really play.

Is there any other fix to this other than using VPN?
I have been having trouble with the game, with max 5 minutes game time before I lost connection.
I have reinstalled the game twice already, but the problem still occurs.

Just finished off another game and thought I’d do some Eve stuff again. 5 DC on startup in a row. Mmmm, looks like I’ll have to try another game.

Ha, just found my post from having this trouble two years ago. Connection Failed issue on startup

Same. I love EVE, I was playing it just up until a few weeks ago. But getting disconnected every 5-10 minutes made me just let the sub run out. Contacted CCP and said its on my end, contacted ISP and they said its on CCP’s end. Lose Lose.

Tried logging in today and got disconnected within 2 minutes docked in station. No idea what to do.

+1 just started in the last 3 weeks for me but seems to be getting worse. I have been disconnected twice in the last 15 minutes.

sadly there’s also a whole lotta internet in between your ISP and CCP as well.

Hi All

I appear to have solved this on my computer.

I started getting this problem when I got my new Alienware computer 2 years ago. Here is my initial post about the issue. Connection Failed issue on startup

I have also had very infrequent blue screens on this computer. I’m in Lockdown today and the blue screen happened, so after some research I updated the Killer Command Center. This controls my WiFi access and is meant to prioritise the WiFi Traffic from my computer.

Anyhow, I don’t know yet if updating Killer it will fix my blue screens, but I have now logged in twice to Eve and it has worked both times fine. Which compares to the 30 times previously when it has failed. So perhaps this can help you.

This has been happening to me to over the last month and is still happening. Seems more likely to DC the hour or two before DT.

Can confirm web browsing / streaming are working at the time it happens.

Im playing two accounts on one PC. I had disconnections today and yesterday, one per day. Both accounts were disconnected simulataniously. Internet is ok I checked each time.
I’ve imeaditaly reconnected without an issue, which tells me that it was not an issue where server does not know if client is disconnected or just does not sending data etc.
So it was definetly disconnetion from server side and client was informed. could you please investigate?

So this problem just started for me. I have 7 accounts and it happens on all of them within 1 minute of logging in to Tranquility. If I log into Singularity, I stay logged in for hours. If I log in through my VPN (Nord VPN) I stay logged in for hours on Tranquility. I loaded another computer up with Eve and it does the same thing, connection lost within 1 minute of logging in. I have done all the suggested things, restart computer, modem and router, run Ethernet connection tools looking for problems and I get no indications. Everything else works just fine, all other games, streaming audio and video. If a low number of dropped packet causes the connection to close, that is an issue. The Internet is not made to offer continuous connectivity. Some error protection must exist in the conversation between client and server.

Unfortunately, I now have the exact same very frustrating issue that other pilots are describing.

When trying to play on Tranquility, I’m receiving the exact same described error message(s) and I always get quickly disconnected shortly after my ship appears in the station where I’m docked. I sometimes get disconnected within mere seconds of appearing in my docked ship but usually the disconnection happens within a minute or two. A few times I have actually been able to play the game for perhaps 3 or 4 minutes or so before being booted off. Sometimes the game doesn’t actually start since I’m disconnected within seconds after the character selection screen appears and I select the character that I want to play. I have literally kept logging on over and over again probably over 50 times in the last 22 hours in order to perhaps help force a resolution of this issue and also to be able to, with sheer persistence, slowly do a few buying/selling types of things that I really need to get done without further delay in the game. Once I have safely sold the things that I need to sell and done a few other small things in the game that I really should do, I anticipate that I probably shouldn’t bother to play this game any more until this problem is fixed. Unfortunately, I recently resubscribed as an Omega for a full year in advance so if this problem is never fixed for me I will lose a very substantial amount of money that I have already paid to play a game that is now completely unplayable for me.

The problem first started about 8pm Mountain Standard Time, USA, yesterday on the 21st of January 2021, which is currently about 23 hours ago. Other websites and other games that I play on the internet seem to work fine and my internet connection seems normal in every way. However, I’m not an expert in diagnosing or fixing internet connectivity issues.

The next step that I definitely need to do is contact Eve Customer Support since it appears that this is probably not a huge issue suddenly affecting many thousands of players. When the hard working people at Eve eventually become aware that this is a real situation affecting real customers and real people, I’m sure that they will try to issue a fix. Until then, life in the Eve Universe will have to go on without me (which will be very hard to bear but I’ll surely survive)


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