Connection Lost Frustration

Yes please as i ready to break my keyboard lol

I have same problem… 5-6 times a day or even more. If I’m play in two windows, one can get connection lost, but second is ok. Teamspeak, youtube and other stuff work fine in this moment, so it’s 100% eve problem(amazon, i don’t care). Connection lost make me sad.
Sorry for my english.

Well tried VPN still get same problem. :frowning:
Re installed eve still get same problem :frowning:
Formatted HD and fresh install still same problem :frowning:
Net doesnt drop at all only eve goes bye bye. :frowning:
Feeling pissed off atm :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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Sorry to hear that it wasn’t helpful for you. I get disconnected 2-3 times an hour without VPN. With it I’ve gone 4 hours without one. :frowning:

Had the same problem until i deleted the last windows 10 update
No dc anymore

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Mac user here, I’ve only seen this problem in the last week or two. Now, I’m afraid to do anything that puts me in dangerous space. No equipment / OS / or port changes lately.

Im having same problem and its annoying, theres nothing wrong with my connection. CCP is a problem and im about to quit.
Fix your damn game CCP, people dont play broken games in 2019, theres plenty of options out there.

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I have never seen any game without connection problems and i never had any connection issues in EvE - nothing to fix for me, if something is broken then is broken for everyone.

In 2019 you should be a bit more capable to check your Hardware and Software - being aggressive and rude doesn’t help much…

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have the same today, nearly 1 time in a hour.

Yesterday was all fine, today unplayable.

BTW my Corpmate get it also today, the same like me.

FIX IT, pls

Getting this as well. Jumped from Jita to Arnon (around 15 jumps) and got disconnected with this message 3 times. When playing last week, I didn’t have any issues. So it’s quite random.

Tried to do the network diagnostics in the eve launcher, but doesn’t seem to have any issues there.

Any other way, we can try to diagnose our setups to make sure it is not on our end?

Same issue, massive packet loss periods it seems like… Very random.
tried the network diagnostics tool and see requests timing out.

During the issue, I have no other connectivity issues (watching streams, discord, teamspeak…)

I am also having this issue, so I had AT&T come out and replace the modem and all connections, but still Eve Online drops about every hour, all other programs working fine with internet access. Frustrated also.

I had the same issue, I discovered that my antivirus (Kaspersky) has the problem, disabiliting it doen’t resolve, I need to exit the program, after playing I just reexecute it.

Sup guys.
I have the same issue. Got 3 disconnections with the same message for the last 2 hours. I wont enter WH space with such an issue, its a suicide. This is my main income source, so I am really frustrated.
Please fix it.
Thank you in advance.

I am also having the same problem as well. US for me. Xfinity. Ran a program to ping every 30 seconds, went over 600 tries, no problems. Got ingame, DC without 20 minutes. Only seems to happen in Eve, in fact, just got DC (second time in two hours).

What VPN is best?

Why they did that? Sounds pointless to me…

I have same problem - lots of disconnctions! and no - it’s not becausee of my ISP - all other services work perfect. WTF???

Posting in solidarity and hope of a fix - experiencing the same issue! Most frustrating.

Constant loss of connection here, getting really frustrating. Not my end…

same here now.