Connection Lost Frustration

(MaadJ) #21

Yes please as i ready to break my keyboard lol

(Shadow Fera) #23

I have same problem… 5-6 times a day or even more. If I’m play in two windows, one can get connection lost, but second is ok. Teamspeak, youtube and other stuff work fine in this moment, so it’s 100% eve problem(amazon, i don’t care). Connection lost make me sad.
Sorry for my english.

(MaadJ) #24

Well tried VPN still get same problem. :frowning:
Re installed eve still get same problem :frowning:
Formatted HD and fresh install still same problem :frowning:
Net doesnt drop at all only eve goes bye bye. :frowning:
Feeling pissed off atm :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


(Lord Kalus) #25

Sorry to hear that it wasn’t helpful for you. I get disconnected 2-3 times an hour without VPN. With it I’ve gone 4 hours without one. :frowning:

(Explorer Girl) #26

Had the same problem until i deleted the last windows 10 update
No dc anymore

(Grubber Kanenald) #27

Mac user here, I’ve only seen this problem in the last week or two. Now, I’m afraid to do anything that puts me in dangerous space. No equipment / OS / or port changes lately.