Connection Lost Frustration


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still happening. CCP’s approach is, as always, denial. Even when the log shows

|2019-07-02T09:53:19.391Z|default|debug|“An exception has occurred. It has been logged in the log server as exception #2\r”|
[… going to exception #23 ]

Started playing Eve again a week ago… Everything has been fine uptill today after 11 eve time server reset. I get the same connection Lost message as the rest of you guys. I get it after about 1 minute from logging in, have tried to clear cashe and files but to no resove of the issue. Has not been able to play at all today.

Please fix thanks in advance.

I get this problem repeatedly, different computers, different internet providers, I’m hoping CCP will address whatever the issue is.

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Same issue, sometimes online for a couple of minute, sometimes an hour. Surly there is a fix for this???

I also agree old chat should be brought back, Every time I system jump, the game lags as it loads up the local & corp chat.

Started up EVE again after a few years of rest, get’s this disconnect as described above randomly between 10 - 30 min gameplay. It’s kind of enoying for a returning player :confused:.
Is VPN the answer? And why does it work better with a VPN connection? Does not really make sense.

I was running EVE client with logging yesterday, don’t remember exactly, but i think it was the GPS module throwing the disconnect exception. (Will double check later tonight).
Any one see the same error?

VPN can work better because your VPN provider provides more direct networking than the traditional ISP. ISPs try to save money by bundling traffic together, and shipping it all over the place before it reaches its destination. You pay slightly more for VPN service, and your ‘mail’ goes directly to its destination. It’s like the difference between the Post Office and FedEx.

In theory, an ISP could offer to sell you a ‘premium’ internet service package, but that would require them to admit they aren’t already offering you premium service. It’s like expecting Wal-Mart to improve the quality of its deli meat.

Your mileage may vary, but I was having continual disconnects, and tried a VPN as others have suggested- it immediately started working. Turned the VPN off, back to disconnects. Turned the VPN back on, no issues. Turned it off, constant disconnects. Lately it’s been working fine with the VPN off as it usually has in the past, but whenever a cable gets cut in Kalamazoo, or a trawler hits the line off Norfolk, your ISP is gonna dump your EVE traffic in favor of its corporate customers. If you pay a VPN, they’ll treat your EVE traffic like its a priority download of the latest bootleg movie.

The issue with EVE is it is hypersensitive to packet loss - other games can get away with it, but they are running a much smaller server. EVE is sensitive enough that a lot of typical ISPs will struggle to deliver data at an acceptable rate.

Well OK that makes sense. Will try to find a good and reasonable VPN provider, no harm done in trying :slight_smile:

Well, add another player to the list experiencing 3-6 DCs a day. Cost me approx 10 mil ISK yesterday and 15mill ISK the day before. Any suggestions or do I need to just quit the game? Frustrating. But, the game is fun!

Hi restarting player here, i litteraly can not engage in any activity by fear of a disconection issue witch i got already serval time in just 2 hours.

I find it mind bugling that this issue has been going on for this long, i’m going to try the VPN thing if this doesnt work i’m done it’s unplayable in this state.

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Try using a VPN.

…and it is going on even on Singularity. Today is quite impossible to make 3 jump in a row.
Now in Jita on Tranquillity and all goes fine.
I’ll give a try to a Vpn…

Yes, finally gave VPN a try. And guess what… have not been DC:ed sense then (Running 3 days). For me living in Europe i connected my VPN client to Netherlands because on what I could find out is that EVE runs on AWS and they have a big Datacenter in Netherlands. Is there someone who has a better idea on where to connect your VPN client, please tell :slight_smile:

It’s probably best to connect it to whatever you get the best ping on. Let the VPN handle as much of the traffic as possible, as the ISP is your problem and you want to get off the ISP network asap.

Got the exact same problem here. Contacted EVE support yesterday and they had me running this test on my pc. Sent the results back 12 hours ago, but haven’t got any replies yet. Which VPN would you guys recommend me to try?

For what it’s worth, I use Private Internet Access - but your mileage may vary, depending on your location there may be one VPN or another that is better for you. This solution is assuming, of course, that you don’t have other internet problems. It’s worth a try. Most ISPs route your data all over, and that results in packet loss. This is normally fine when browsing the web or even playing video games, as you just get some lag - but EVE has basically zero tolerance for lag. If you lag, you get disconnected. So you need to have minimal packet loss, and VPNs do help with that as the VPN establishes a more direct connection.

Why does EVE have so little tolerance for packet loss? The reason is that calculations are done server side, rather than on your computer. In contrast, games such as PubG employ client side computing, and hackers are thus able to glitch through walls, map hack, and even fly. So EVE requires a better connection, but it also prevents the kind of cheating you see elsewhere.

I’m neither a CCP dev (despite accusations to the contrary!) nor am I a network engineer - I’m a historian IRL, so I could be wrong about my explanation. I’m not sure why EVE doesn’t store your data, position, velocity, etc, and then just update your client when connection is re-established. That’s probably feasible in theory, but may require a lot of extra programming, and my understanding is that much of the EVE code is a ‘black box’ which is not understood by the current developers - hence their inability to add new PvE content.

It would be helpful if CCP would acknowledge this issue and discuss what they think is the cause and the solution, but for some reason they tend to just pretend people aren’t having this problem. My guess is people might be less likely to sign up for a game knowing in advance that they may need a VPN, but regardless it definitely helps in my case and others have reported the same result.

Have you tried turning your router off and on again after 30 seconds?

Back then when we had problems with our routers, we were normally asked to turn them off for at least 15min before turning them on again. It only takes 30 sec now? You can definitely see the advancement of technology over the years.

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actually when I do it is more like try 6-7 times and yeah in the end it takes about 15 minutes to actually get working right again.



Amen, brother. Amen.