Connection Lost Frustration

Also, just may I ask which server should I go for?

You should probably use whichever one gives you the least latency/lag.

Why not sharing it with EVERYONE?? O_O Seems like a better idea no?

I’ve been having that issue too recently. Never had before, and it started to happen every few minutes, a few days ago. No matter what I’m doing (missions, travelling, industry…), when the game has a fit, it’s not a mild one. And yet at times, things seem to settle a bit, like no more than a crash per hour.

Also, every time I’ve been kicked by the game while doing stuff out in space, the server would notice as well as my client, and warp my ship away, drones auto-magically back in their bay… a bit stressful but no harm done — I mean, notwithstanding that all those are only pixels. However this evening, after a particularly rough day of disconnectivity, I re-log into the game only to find out that yay, I’m the happy pilot of a capsule instead of my BC… in the middle of a dozen BSs (not the podding kind, no).

So… well, yesterday and today, I’ve tried the diagnostics tools I could think of, and nothing seems particularly amiss with the game. I’ve submitted a ticket, I’ll let you know if something worthwhile comes back my way!

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Hello all Captains

Exactly the same issue, multiple disconnects per sessions.
My internet link has no issue, ALL other online game are working fine.
IT IS EVE that is not working properly.

Please help and fix it !

same here, on two different computers with two different connections

Same issue here too, multiple disconnects. Today 3 disconnects in 10 minutes, had to give up. Know 4 guys in my corpo with the same problem.
Yesterday I formated my computer and re-installed the game and still the same issue.

Fix it please!!

Same issue here too. I often use 3 account and since 2 days, they are randomly (one, two or all of them) disconected every few minutes.
that prevent me to do any kind of high level Pve (WH or abyssal) or any PvP, so basiquely, everything I do in Eve. I think seriously to unsub and wait for a fix.
Please, does someone know if CCP is working about it ?

Came back three days ago, I can’t play because of that issue. Gotta give up.

Hey, we’re possibly making a bit of progress on the issue in the french forums. It France, the issue seems to be especially prevalent to Free/Proxad customers these last few days. It might be related to IP sharing by that ISP or some stuff like that.

Oh, and when I say “we are making progress”: CCP is making some too! They’ve started assembling some pieces of the puzzle, so they might come up soon with more pertinent diagnostic steps for users affected outside of France too :wink:

Same issue here…different hardwares…different connections since last Friday. Ticket in progress.

I use a VPN and it seems that the problem has disappeared with it.

It seems very plausible that the issue originated from the infrastructure at Free/Proxad. It also looks like it might have been solved (or somehow worked around).

What would be interesting, I think, is for pilots having a similar issue (now or in the future) from outside of France and/or subscribed to another ISP, to raise their hands. Because if one network operator can make a change that renders EVE unplayable, let’s face it, another ISP will try a similar change at some point ^^

maybe they only had a firmware issue. or routing issue.

So this problem has just started for me over the last week or so. I can’t really do anything in space because the disconnects happen at random, taking an action or sitting in a safe, in intervals of 5-10 minutes. I did multiple speed tests and I consistently get between 800- 1020mbps with youtube, eve, and other tabs open and running.

Same issue for me since early this summer. Some days are fine some give me several disconnects. Lost a Cap due to one of those, CCP of course denying any wrongdoings (no refund) and since that day I barely undock anything bigger than a cruiser.

Having disconnect problems all weekend now!!! My friends in are dropping connections in the same time. I dont know cause, but now i cannot see chats at all even i am connected and can fly in game. Im starting to suspect its about the game itself.

Just started my Omega subscription and i am seriously thinking i should continue it or not if the game is like this… almost unplayable!

Now i can see also in the game, its losing connection to the chat server all the time CCP PLEASE FIX IT!!!

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Massive dcs for entire day happening…

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Can’t play for more than 5 minutes this morning, being dc everytime.

PS : Lots of trouble to access “” today too

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I have the same problem. The moment I log into game connection timed out…


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