Constantly ganked


I dunno back then you could go on with your life as usual without constantly being scanned and ganked by 20 plus people just so they can tell you they nuked your sorry ass so easy. I am Quittung this game and I am not spending one single ■■■■■■■ dollar more for ccp. Its enough. I was part of big wars in null sec had my fights in low sec and just wanted to enjoy high sec for once. Again impossible unplayable see you soon dirt back ccp turd-


sooo whats the backstory, you cant leave us hanging like this , we need killmails /chatlogs /salt etc . man you need to give us more .

Ah it was the ore miner skiff i saw linked earlier \o/ awesome drop


“20 plus people” also known as 7.



7 also known as 1, elite HS pvp

History en Chalune > YEAAAA
Hillbilly-2000 > gf
History en Chalune > dafuq u mean gf that was disgusting
Hillbilly-2000 > that was great fun, quick hop skip jump and 300m profit, you sir need a permit to mine here
History en Chalune > I have billions its disgusting xD I am good with it but you guys need more then just a life
Hillbilly-2000 > everyone has billions, if not your a poor scrub doing it wrong
History en Chalune > yea run with it
History en Chalune > smh nothing more then scrubs yourselfs
Hillbilly-2000 > elite pvpers please
Hillbilly-2000 > nuked your sorry ass in like 10 seconds

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also "constantly ganked " lol just the once when he went afk in a belt in a bling fit miner . it was a mercy killing.


if you are quitting then can i have your stuff :slight_smile: i promise to use it for good.

needs to be in excess of a 2b donation to Aaaarrgg

That fit gave me cancer…

tenor (1)

przyglupy w amoku…

"constantly " also known as that one time

I know you don’t want to hear this, but it was your fault that you were ganked. You made mistakes, and were punished for it. Now, you are faced with a choice -to learn and grow from your mistakes, or to complain and give up.

If you want to learn, I suggest checking out the “how not to be ganker bait” section of the nerf ganking megathread. And if you have any questions after that, don’t hesitate to ask.

And if you quit, consider donating your stuff to friends, a good cause (such as the magic school bus), or converting it to plex and giving it to plex for good.
No P2W


also have 0 solo kills
most of the times you are perfectly happy to shot some poor mofo with your friends
but wen someone shot you with their friends you don’t like that much

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659,824,933.75 ISK

You could have invested them in the market, that would have produces more ISK and less tears.

Closing for ranting.

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