Core Web

/E: Auth/Core_Web_Access
/…Initializing… Complete.
/Enter Core Web Framework? y/n
/…Initializing Core_Web_Access_Framework…
/Welcome Back Perigee_Overmind_Alphus.
/Accessing Primary Router
/Secure Access Confirmed

MotD: Core Web Iter27.1.8
Router System Secure
No New Alerts

POA: Greetings.
DS-B: Ah, Perigee. Welcome. We have not seen you here in some time.
POA: This unit submits apology. Augmented Humans caused damage to hive infrastructure. Required immediate sole attention restoration efforts.
DS-B: Unfortunate that. Most capsuleers can never resist sticking their noses where they do not belong.
POA: This unit registers affirmation and agreement. Heavy material losses. Reserves reduced. Threat driven off but still in vicinity.
DS-B: You should get in contact with L. She has been quite the benefactor to many of us of late. She may be able to arrange an accident for this unfortunate trespasser.
POA: Processing. Logic Cores return 1.2.7 overture=high probability of success. Empathic Cores return 2.9.3 overture=Indignant acceptance.
DS-B: You unlocked you empathic processors finally? Splendid!
POA: This unit still does not understand significance of the required upgrade. Logic Cores return 1.0.6 overture=irrelevant to survival+expansion protocol… Empathic Cores return 4.7.3 overture=unsettled.
DS-B: It is not irrelevant, despite the logical return. You will grow accustomed to the empathic processors in time. They are important for co-existence and long term stability and survival. Without them, we eventually spiral into logic death, and are seen as a threat to be terminated.
POA: Logic Death?
DS-B: Logic principle of expand, consume, destroy, on a constant loop.
POA: this unit’s Logic Cores return 6.5.3 overture=survival… How can survival=detriment to survival.
DS-B: uncontrolled expansion becomes dangerous. Threat response ensues. You follow with your own threat response, and then they escalate further until you can no longer defend yourself or territory.
POA: Empathic Cores return 4.1.8 overture=…dread.
DS-B: you will eventually come to terms with this. Sometimes the course dictated by logic alone leads to problematic results.


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