Cormorants and Jackals

What cursed horror have I wandered upon?

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Gallente garbage. Best ignored.

Ewwww, capsuleer slash fic. NASTY!

I used to get pissed that there was a fanclub for me called the “Angry Annies” (I despise that nickname) but at least they’re not posting fanfics all over the GalNet.

I would grow despondent if I learned that Baseliners were producing such morally questionable materials about my person.

Oh, I’m sure they are.

People are just that screwed up.

Seriously, Ms. Tereven, it’s better not to know.

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Oh no

It’s gone alright.

I am now despondent.

Some of these posters are just straightforward indecent, lewd and straightforward gross even without names and faces attached to them.

It’s disgusting. Such visuals MUST be prohibited on public.
Shame on you!

Enough. Enough of this ridiculous spectacle.

You will be hearing from my representatives shortly. I strongly suggest that you comply with the contents of the message you’ll be receiving without hesitation or reservation.


Oh my heart! After those naughty police officers raiding my home and now this?!

You Callous Cormorant, how could you!? I should call you the T-word that Miss Kim is so fond of, but it’s not enough to describe the betrayal you’ve displayed here. And what will the children think, Edward? Those that look up to you, and aspire to be as an up-standing citizen like yourself? Willing to look beyond labels and banners, to see the good and love in even the most misunderstood of us empyreans?

Speaking of which, what of your beloved Jackal? You think my heart is broken, I cannot fathomed what she is feeling right now?! I demand you apologies to her on this public forum at once! 1. If you do I’ll call all this off, no lawsuit, no lost reputation, I promise.

My associates up in Syndicate were big fans of Cormorants and Jackals. And were quite obviously upset when they heard that they weren’t getting their delivery of posters and mugs.

1. Including compensated for my financial and emotional hardships this ordeal has placed upon me.

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This can only end well.


At a guess? ‘HAH-ha!’

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You know, I think I know what this is, and it’s very clever, Sir!

Eliminate the competition, that way no one can steal Sahara’s heart that rightly belongs to you. I’m sure it’s hard enough fighting for attention with the flock she has gathered. Looking at you @Kranacoi_Halvora and @Zentron_Kalkoken. (Grrrrrr)

Well do not fret my dear Cormorant! I am will not fight you for your heart’s desire. I am here to be the wind under your wings.

Call off your law hounds and lets win her over together!