Corp/Alliance wide NES discounts when whales use plex

Benefiting off the backs of whales is a staple of many free to play games.
Here is a system that will encourage the recruitment and retention of big spenders into Eve player alliances for greater collective real money buying power.

-Whenever a wallet warrior in your corp or alliance uses plex to pay full price or CCP’s discounted price on a New Eden Store item, the value of that exact item is lowered by 1 plex for each individual player in the corp/alliance.
-Purchasing a discounted item resets any ‘whale’ or ‘ccp sale’ earned discount back to full price, per individual player.
-Items may list for 0 plex (free*), however if players don’t log-in frequently to take immediate advantage of redeeming items they may lose additional earned points from subsequent corp/alliance wide plex purchases.
-Paying on ‘non-CCP’ discounted prices does not apply 1 plex drop. No double dipping.

-Alpha accounts are only eligible to receive player purchase discounts on plex based subscriptions. Omega accounts qualify for discounted earnings on all items in the New Eden Store.

355 players in an alliance pay full 500 plex for a subscription. Other members of alliance see option to buy that months plex subscription for 145 plex (500-355). If a player decides to pay at this discounted price, their personal next month cost would be normal full 500 plex (before any new purchase point discounts started applying). A player may also choose to let it ride all the way down to zero plex before popping the bubble.

No space welfare.

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