Cost of living >30% more in 2 years? Give us T3 moon goo!

The beauty of wormhole space have been that players get to enjoy an exciting balance between:


No local means higher risk so it stands to reason there should be commensurately higher rewards than in k-space.

It is therefore disappointing to me that CCP have increased the ‘cost of living’ in w-space.

Many players will say that they make a lot of ISK in w-space which is is great. Most of us do ok. However, I wonder how many players realise just how much worse off we are now that say 2 years ago?

Here’s an example:

Old C5 escalations (end of 2015) = 700m per site
TODAY new C5 escaltions = 600m per site

2015 1 month game time PLEX Price = 1b (roughly)
TODAY (500) 1 month PLEX Price = 1.65b

Accepting that C5 sites in this example are worth roughly the same, we’re now >30% worse off than 2 years ago. The cost of subbing an account has increased >30%, and income for those who run C5 sites has stayed the same.

Our income has been frozen and everything else has become more expensive.

What does this mean?

We either spend at least 30% more time doing sleeper sites to earn the same relative ISK and die painfully of boredom, or we are much much poorer (more likely!)

OK so we have PI now which I personally think is as dull as dishwater. Yet another grind. We also potentially have moon mining for normal ores in 2018. Not everyone’s idea of a spicy night out on the town. Dull dull dull…

Something needs to give. Or more precisely CCP need to give us something else. ‘Throw us a frickin bone here’ to quote a line from a favorite movie…

What I’d propose:

  • Put T3 goo in wormhole moons (Q1 2018 please CCP!)

T2 goo belongs to low and nullsec, and T3 goo belongs in w-space. That’s pretty logical right?

T3 goo wars would seriously spice up w-space. It would give us something to fight over, and some serious content.


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Thoughts? Your math is wrong. It only take 500 of the new PLEX to pay for a subscription for a month, which is 1.65B ISK.

More generally though? The PLEX price is so high because too much income is flowing into the game. Yes, recent buff have favoured nullsec income generation making it easier for players there to earn a PLEX, which comes at the expense of players in other areas of space like highsec and wormholes, but self-interested begging for the game to be tilted in your own favour never sits well with me. Besides, wormholes probably did, and maybe still do, make too much income for the actual level of risk so asking for something to be restored to levels CCP felt necessary to nerf in the past seems selfish and unlikely to be implemented.

The rational thing to do is tone back nullsec ratting and mining incomes buffing wormhole incomes indirectly, that is in a relative fashion, but CCP seems to lack the cojones to do so. So instead we all get to see an experiment of how massive over-production can affect a virtual economy first hand, and hope that it is resilient enough to avoid a complete collapse that will start the real exodus of players from the game.


Yeah forgot about the 500 PLEX thing (updated)… but you get my point. We’re worse off now than 2 years ago by a significant margin. Our ISK-making has been nerfed.

Rather than breaking nullsec as well, I think w-space needs an ISK-making boost. Moon goo production on a larger scale would fill that void and give us a system-based commodity worth fighting over.

We have T3 ships, but how about CCP slowly trickle in unique T3 modules? These could have either better stats than T2, or some unique properties?

This doesn’t sound like something an ISK Lord would say, tbh.


So you have to run three escalation instead of two to sub for a whole month? Poor little puppy


OK may be CCP should nerf nullsec ISK making? How would you like your anoms to devalue by >30% overnight? Let’s all be poor puppies together?

You could also just pay a subscription cost and then be free to pursue any activity you want to regardless of how much isk you make per tick. With the isk faucets flowing and the gila bots running 23/7, CCP needs to get a handle on the inflation problem before we begin to look like 1920s Germany.


Troll. No real wormholer believes they need more isk oppurtunities.

Yeah I have many paid accounts, and I want CCP to benefit from that so they keep developing my favorite game. However I also know not everyone can afford lots of accounts, and if you’re a PvPer you also need to replace lost ships each month… it can get expensive.

If players are forced to do a longer grind to pay for PvP ships they can stop logging on altogether. The grind can out weight the fun times. That balance has to be there. Fun = more subs…

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the idea of Content over T3 mats ist nice but only for a few weeks or month. Then the next Forum Thread is started that only a very few WH PvP Corps will “own” these holes. If you give every hole the same amount, then no content is created only more ISK and Plex will rise further.

Without taking away ISK from other space you won’t achieve nothing for a longer time. The best way would be to lower the Rats Bounty in general but tehn thousands of Ratter will be very loud.


That’s a good point. The important thing is how CCP would distribute the goo across systems. I’d suggest:

  • All J-systems having a reasonable level of basic goo
  • All classes of hole (C1-C6) having the same chance of good goo (C6 is not better than C1 for example)
  • About half of the system having good levels of goo (valuable)
  • About a quarter having very good goo, with some rarer goo (more valuable)
  • About 10% having excellent or unique goo (most valuable)
  • All systems should have several goo types in enough quantity to make something T3 related

There is also the option that rarer T3 goo comes and goes, and is available in more randomized amounts. This would make it harder for players/groups to ascertain which systems are the absolute best. This would also help keep the mystery alive in wormhole space.

I also think it would be fun if there was some kind of sleeper defenders that could show up when you are mining to make it more fun. Rarer goos might mean tougher and more numerous sleepers to fight off!

AFK-mining is dull, but if you can make it a group activity where some folks mine and other shoot sleepers (and also make good ISK from them) then you have some nice co-operative content ideal for wormhole space.

In addition to the PvE fun we could have, there is also the opportunity for PvPers to get fights. Everyone’s a winner!

you’re the first wormholer i see whining about how he’s not making enough isk, Scrub Lord.


Any wormholers want to see T3 moon goo in wormhole space or am I the only one?

full t2 moon drilling mechanics in J-Space would be schweet!!

With citadels your cost of living has also gone down. And a huge logistical nightmare gone

Or Zimbabwe, I am a trillionaire, I have 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars, can’t even buy a stick of gum with it.

While on paper it seems right but mostly it might be because more people are living in WH’s and like every where in the game farming them out, the introduction of player stations has made it attractive to stay in places like WH that used to be like the open frontier, now, not so much.

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Most wormhole groups use service modules which consume fuel. Furthermore with the new citadel changes it will be necessary to fuel your citadel in order to have a Shield Timer. So yes, some groups may have not been fueling whilst others have, but soon all will have to otherwise they are at great risk.

So to balance this out, so there is a very reasonable case here for wormholes providing some additional income. T3 goo is the obvious resource, not T2.

What could we do with that TIII goo ?

Honestly this is complete bs, you’re moaning about inflation and all that crap but forgetting to mention you can actually make isk faster than any other aspect in the game, and providing you do your due diligance you can make it in complete safety.

How is it every person I know who runs in wormholes literally has more isk than they know what to do with and yet you’re on here moaning?

Doesn’t add up!

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