Cost of living >30% more in 2 years? Give us T3 moon goo!


(Fish Hunter) #21

Did you say what T3 goo is or what its used for and what it would replace, i don’t see it.

(ISK Lord) #22

The simple fact is that wormholers are worse off now than they were 2 years ago. Wormhole space has always been the most dangerous space in eve. The local channel does not reveal players in your system and PvPers roll into your system every day (FACT). We don’t mind that though - it’s what makes wormholes fun!

We want HIGH RISK and HIGH ISK !

We obviously already have T3 goo in the form of sleeper salvage, gas, and artifacts from data/relic sites. These are the components used to make T3 strategic cruisers. These materials are unique to wormhole space.

I’d like to see more T3 ships in eve. These could be anything from mining ships and haulers to frigs right up to capital ships. The unique properties of T3s in each class would of course be their ability to swap out sub systems and remove rigs without destroying them, and for them to have ‘some’ strong capabilities. This higher demand for T3 ships means we also need more T3 goo. Where better to mine that goo than in wormhole space? Where’s the obvious place to finds this goo? Moons!

Sleepers have been building their ships for years. We blow up buckets of them daily. Where do they find the materials to build them? How do they mine those materials? Surely they have T3 mining vessels, T3 haulers, and how about all those T3 hulls they alone can build? What if we could get our hands on those materials and start designing our own ships? So loads of juicy stuff here for CCP to run with… and potentially lots of new fun ships, challenges for industry, the economists and traders, PvPers have a wealth of new potential doctrine changes, etc…

In my experience mining is a horribly dull. Sitting in one place zapping forever while staring at the ceiling doesn’t do it for most players. So I’d recommend CCP instead turn moon mining into a proper PvE/Mining combo. In terms of the story line, you could say we’re stealing the resources of the sleepers and they are fighting back.

I’d love to see collaborative moon mining by wormhole players where some guys are sucking the goo and others are desperately fighting off increasingly tough sleeper gangs to protect their mining fleets. Perhaps at times the sleeper escalations are just so numerous that you just have to extract altogether. The less predictable the sites the better! Perhaps at times only cap ships will do to fight off the hoards that spawn when we try to get our greedy hands on the rarest goo?

In this way we remove passive and boring ISK-making, and replace it with something challenging and fun, and also rewarding. There is also more content from PvPers who want to jump on mining crews and their defense fleets.

Doesn’t all this sound like serious fun?

So there is a fantastic opportunity for CCP to bring a whole raft of exciting game play here. We’d see more players in wormholes which = more subs. CCP increase their bottom line and everyone’s a winner.

It 'aint rocket science! Or is it? :wink:

Give us the RISK and give us the ISK!

(umnikar) #23

but…the risk is gone long ago. You got sov and all that null alike gameplay introduced to the unknown/dangerous space. It’s pathetic to see the “no local risk” argument in the first sentences of a post besides comparisons to null splattered all over the threads - which make me stop reading any more of this nonsense.
Once wh space was defined by being different from the rest of eve…

(umnikar) #24

My suggestion would be to ban citadels and fix the POS code - then enjoy seeing the cancer get lost.
Next remove all the POCOS and make it more risky to pi-bot.

(ISK Lord) #25

So rather than improve game play in wormholes, you’d make it so nobody can live there?


(umnikar) #26

No, just make interesting again, and yes for some it would be an improvement not supporting the big blue in wormholes.
For the majority of the suggestions I read here over the years I could just say:
Go to null, there you have organized fleets and fights etc…

(ISK Lord) #27


You really show how little you know of wormhole space.

Wormhole groups are generally very organised and the quality of team play and PvP is extremely good. We schedule ops just like you have in nullsec. The only difference is that players here don’t have to grind sov or farm endlessly to fuel never ending and pointless wars where the only players who get rich are those at the top. We also get to taste nullsec by attacking carebears or anyone who will fight rather than hiding all the time when someone comes into local.

Anyway, this thread is not about nullsec versus wormholes… just wormholes. So I suggest you find another topic where you can speak from an informed perspective.

My concern and the entire point of this thread is focused upon the well-being of wormholers and the wormhole portion of players in this game… not nullsec.

(Ima Wreckyou) #28

Except you don’t have to pay for POS fuel anymore?

(JuuR Zibaoo) #29

how about CCP let you play for free with all omega benefits and everytime you shoot a rat you get 1 billion for it and have a free super each month … maybe then you dont ask for more but i guess you would not be happy with that anyways so …

think on that: you know a part of the game … maybe you know a few parts and you tryed a lot of thing but you dont know the banalce of the whole game i guess or are you working for CCP? guess not and so you never have all data and you never know everything … for me it doesnt matter what you do in J space … i am not there … so be happy with doing 1 escalation more per month and buy plex … you know plexprice is player driven and if they start to ask for 5 millions per plex its ok if there are people pay that …

this is just another “plex is so expensive” thread … different words but same meaning

sorry but i dont understand you guys … you pay nothing for the game but play for isk and buy plex ingame … thats free for full service you anderstand that? thats like free beer for a month in a bar just for being there and do a little help 1 evenning …


(ISK Lord) #30

Utter rubbish… most players in w-space pay for their accounts through subs. I have no idea where this crazy idea that wormholers have ISK coming out of their ears comes from. We have to work hard for it and grind just like nullsecers do. The only difference is, we tend to have more fun with it as PvP in wormholes is way better…

Seriously, I have many accounts and I pay for them all. The ISK I make in game pays for ships to go blow other players up with - the fun bit of the game.

My worry is that if players spend too much time grinding and not enough having fun, then they stop logging on. Most people have jobs and another job in eve, grinding ISK is not fun! So the ISK making needs to be in balance.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #31

@ISK_Lord … like i said another “plex is so expensive” thread

you said “My worry is that if players spend too much time grinding and not enough having fun, then they stop logging on. Most people have jobs and another job in eve, grinding ISK is not fun! So the ISK making needs to be in balance.” so you are the guy how is worried for all the others or what is it? if plex are expensive it is what it is … ccp sell plex for $ € … whatever … ccp doesnt sell plex for isk … players sell plex for isk and so ccp cant do anything about the iskprice for plex … in the moment ccp limits the price for 500plex on maybe 1 billion the market is dead … i can sell a plex fir 1 isk or 1 billion isk … i choose what i want for the plex … you choose if you pay what i ask for … ccp is out of this … nothing to do with that … for ccp a plex is 20$ …


(ISK Lord) #32

Actually I don’t buy PLEX. Most players I’ve known in game don’t buy PLEX to fund their actual game time. Perhaps to top up on toys now and then but generally players don’t go down this route. They prefer to earn their stuff in game.

PvP wormholers mostly grind ISK to buy PvP ships to have fun with - many of which they lose. Make that ISK too hard to grind and people don’t make the effort… they leave w-space… and you get a downward spiral.

So there is a crunch point where CCP are cutting off their nose to spite their face. The ISK must flow more freely if they want players to sub.

I have no problem with CCP wanting to make money. I want them to be as profitable as they can be and so should everyone else. They make our wonderful game.

However they need to appreciate that there is only so much milk in the cow. Only way to make more milk is to make the cow bigger i.e. more players subbing. Making it harder to make ISK can lead to fewer players - you suck the tits off the cow. The cow moos wildly and runs off to play WoW.

The balance needs to be there. It’s not just about PLEX prices.

(Anderson Geten) #33

That’s what they are doing with alpha account aint it ?
more pvp account to fight, freely.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #34

sorry so i got you wrong … my bad

prices go up all the time that true … but you cant just get more bounty/loot/whatever from each site to get more isk in the end … that would lead into more expensive stuff … if you have more isk you spend more on stuff … i would ask for more isk on the market then when i sell stuff

not easy at all


(umnikar) #35

@ISK Lord

I already was bittervet when you enterd wormholes in 2013…and your kb is a joke, you don’t leave your fuelless cancer structure without being supported by at least 5 other pilots -> GOTO NULL, there you have it, that’s your playstyle, that’s what you’re asking for.
You are right, it’s about wormholes, not nullsec. That’s the point - then stop asking for nullsec content/gameplay introduced here.

Once it was very challanging playing the wormhole, you know. ;D
But then the meta players took over…

(Bodega Cat) #36

This is precisely why. Living out of POS was much more limiting, making fewer people committed to doing it long term. Nanoribbons used to be worth 4-5 million each. Salvage values have plummeted due to increased traffic of homesteaders, thus the isk earned has decreased.

Chase people out of wormholes for good, and advocate for people living out of hobo containers again and I promise you will get your isk back.

(ISK Lord) #37

umnakar you have only managed 430 kills in 5 years and 5 months. That’s what 6 kills per month? Mmmm great stat’s mate. I’m doing 100+ on my toons… and yeah our group do fly in gangs - we play socially so that means flying with other RL players. Perhaps make some friends?

Actually I’ve led wormhole groups since 2011, and frankly I’m still not a bittervet. I’m just interested in improving the wormhole experience

Also not sure if you knew, but T3 goo is unique to w-space and always has been. Nullsec have T2 and w-space have T3… I’m not asking for T2. I just think T3 goo should be found in moons. The sleepers get it from somewhere after all!

(umnikar) #38

Oh boy…think I’m not going any further here, because it’s too retarded.

(Agondray) #39

your doing it wrong if you cant do that in a few hours of kill sleepers WHICH provide your t3 parts.

(Dani Murano) #40

And this is different to high, low and null sec in what way?
The same inflation count for all other parts of the game as well.
If i would like to play with plex, i need to do 65% more missions now (when running high sec missions).
When i want to play with plex as a miner, i need to mine 65% more now.

This is not a W-Space only problem.