Council Of The Nine: Emissary To Mars

We are the C9, representives of the 9 galaxies in this quadrant.

We observe and research how various civilizations coexist and annihilate each other. It is unfortunate that annihilation and extermination exist and it is up to us to prevent such catastrophes.

One method is the use of ‘Emissaries’ to report on the goings on as they say. Sometimes, altho infrequently, we violate the Prime Directive to promote good will, exploration, and discovery.

We have received a strange signal emanating from the Sol System in the Milky Way Galaxy. The signal sends a brief message every so often in an old code we have in our databanks that was easy to translate. Some of the transmission sent seemed to be deliberately jammed or interfered with.

One of our emissaries, Nibiru here, has been tasked with learning more about the nature of the signal. So far we have not seen any connections to the Eve Universe, however, we are suspecting a Jove influence either from the past or future timeline.

It is up to Nibiru to explore any possible connections. The following communique is revealed:

C9: Are you ready to begin studies of the Jove Connection to Sol System?

Nibiru: I am not qualified but am honored to take on this request. How may I be of assistance?

C9: Someone in your ranks must take on this mission; someone who has knowledge of the Sol System as well as some contact with Jovian Technology.

Nibiru: We do have one who might take on this mission. We are also in contact with certain ‘races’ who have allowed us entry into the Milky Way Wormhole. Contact is sketchy at best, but relays of the Sol System Signals are apparently coming through there. Our commander in Jita has informed me of a site where the signals are being relayed out of a clandestine Jovian WH system:

Sol System Signals

So far only direct translations are displayed on the site as you can see. Attempts to send signals back to the source have been made. For now we are clalling them FRB’s.

C9: That is good. We will monitor the site as we can. Please keep us informed. There is to be no contact with the source; Receive Only.

Nibiru: Understood. Out. (gads we already have one species attempting contact from the Kerbol System, and another new race attempting to contact them too ! This is going to get out of hand real quick. My commander, Commander Hawkeyez as we shall call him, is Darien en Chasteaux and he will be assigned this mission: to locate and discover the significance of the Sol System Signals. His callsign will be “CH4”. He is the commander of our unit. My callsign will be “N”.

N to CH4: Copy …

N: New Mission: Explore Sol System Signals. Contact J1 for new relations. Explain Explore Only. No Transmission. Reception Only. Relay Transmissions To Site?

CH4: Site acquired. Message received. Station setup to commence; may take several weeks. Relay to J1 acceptable my comms. Departing to meet J1. (if Nibiru only knew I was already in the Sol System I would be in sooo much trouble …) Is it possible for you to setup the relay link?

N: Possible. Good Luck. Out.

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