Crash on logout

Same issue here, apparently over a year after the first post. Specs are not too different from those listed above.

Same issue, I believe that it’s a fullscreen issue, after I alt-tab… if I don’t alt-tab throughout the session, it doesn’t freeze (others might verify this behaviour as well?)
Also I had a youtube video running, while the screen was frozen I could still press ‘space’ to play or pause the video (didn’t see it, only heard the audio) and I could mouseclick where the video was to play/pause, so there’s something happening with the game still having a lock on the graphics driver and not releasing it back to the OS?

Laptop: Lenovo Y720 - graphics card Geforce GTX 1060

Still a thing. I’m back after a 12 year break. It seems this bug is almost as old!

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get blues screen of death everytime i log out no mater how i do it

Can you help us?

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