Crew, hearts and minds

This is not a new concept, I’m am simply re-presenting it in current context.

Villy stated in an interview (sorry, I don’t have the will to identify which one) that ships crew should do well to have have a discernable effect on performance – in a proposal for balance change.

Reading through

it is clear to me that bounty payouts in isk present a problem that loot drops do not.

Would it be viable to include crew escape pods as an additional item of value to squabble over?

Keeping a top performing crew together would present some some real challenges and I can imagine that CCP would be reluctant to associate ship loss with crew death for a number of reasons.

Capturing a none aligned crew holds role-play value as demonstrated above.

But, capturing an ideologically aligned crew would have value that bounties alone can’t match.

Modifying the allegiance of crew may be something the universities could have a hand in if capusaleers donated well enough. Perhaps this process could be extended to the human flotsam and jetsam I am housing in station at the moment.

This would put the education institutes on the map in competition with Sancha’s profoundly unfair advantage of immediate and irrevocable conversion.

It is an entertaining idea, that may alleviate some problems but I am sure would cause others.

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Not in the same loot box, in multiple separate containers more easily accessible to allies.

Or perhaps in the data-site explosive dispersal mechanic that is knocking around somewhere.

If this is something akin to that Science Team stuff CCP tried to implement some time ago with their system activity price index crap for R&D, manufacturing, etc ,

Then no.

And gawd no to having scatter cans that you need to collect…

Also this thread should be posted in Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums


Useless further bloating a already convoluted af game

Or increased complexity for veterans looking for an edge.
Noobs need not overview.

I didn’t like the scatter cans either in that setting.
but in this sistuation no one is supposed to pokamon them all

I like the idea of them randomly dispersing to station, planet-side battle-zones or PI infrastructure or more meta if not rescued in space.

Talk to Kenneth Feld about Industry Teams, they weren’t all bad, just broken in the extreme.

This game is remarkably simple depending on what you do.

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