Criminals and gank failures

I live here, so amusing, how many threads do you see me posting in? Gix for example is in almost every thread, perhaps you should ask him about that?

And there can only be one Dum Dum, his peers called him that.

Hi Dracvlad, I find this interesting, so…
As I understand it, Forums such as ours grew out of the old Bulletin Boards of ages past. Most of the folks who used them then still retained habits honed in our colleges, meaning that you tended to get rounded comments and submissions, even in flame-wars.

Fast forward. Current practice seems to have been heavily influenced by the advent of texting, in which the back and forth is snappier but presentation of the content is less polished.

Anyone attempting (as here) to post more than a couple of paragraphs (paragraphs!) is likely to have their work described as a ‘wall of text’.

I read books. They are walls and indeed mountains of text. No problem.

I rarely have to edit my posts, because (spoiler!) I spend time writing and proof-reading them for spelling, grammar, punctuation and general sense. I often ‘miss the boat’ in responding to a post because of that. Even then, errors do slip through teh net!

On topic, It’s a good thing CONCORD behaviour is predictable!

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And there is an example of a mistake I make quite often and will always correct.

Quite right.

In terms of proof reading I tend to be playing at the same time, so for example I have two of my lower level characters chewing away at a BS belt rat for the SP. So I sometimes omit things I want to say but want to save it and add to it. Like now for example.

I also have to proof read multiple times as I speed read, which means I miss errors.

I actually do understand that with the notifications you can get it is a bit annoying and drags people back in. This is never my intent, but if this annoys them they can always modify things, for example they can block me, or they can turn off notifications. They have the power.

Have you modified your settings yet or are you going to continue to whine about it?

EDIT. Edited a mis-type then, so sorry…

Nope, that’s not what a wall of text is. A wall of text is a lengthy block of text without using paragraphs or spacing, and, in many cases, not even punctuation to separate sentences.

For example if you took your post and you put all your text together in one paragraph, remove some full stops here and there and replace them with commas, etc., you’d have created a wall of text.

It is true some people will see a lengthy post and claim “wall of text”, but if the post is properly formatted and coherent it is really not a wall of text.

No, I get that, Optimus. But I have noted that description being advanced for any post which appears to the reader to be long-winded (i.e., it appears to them to be a wall, a barrier).

You are right, though, to point up the lack of precision in the description.

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I know.

He reads your posts.

It’s slips out here and there in how he responds to other peoples posts. The choice of words, the slights, etc.

You can believe that if it makes you feel better. :stuck_out_tongue: Have a tomato :tomato:

I type forums posts the same way I PvP: ham-fisted, from the hip, with no thought as to what I am diving into, nor the consequences!

Yes, but what kind of ghost is he? So far in my investigation I have narrowed down the ghost room, but only gotten Freezing Temperatures and EMF 5 evidences. This narrows him down to a Shade, a Jinn, or an Oni. I haven’t seen D.O.T.S. yet, and we haven’t seen direct activity around players, though he could just be shy about giving up D.O.T.S.

So far there is no Ghost Writing, nor have I been hunted to get any fingerprints. I could turn on the breaker and if he becomes active, then we likely have a Jinn. Ultimately a Shade would make sense as they are more shy around multiple players, and we haven’t seen him posting in this crowded thread yet…

As the title of this thread is Criminals and gank failures, I feel that I can detail various survival techniques that work for me. Gankers keep getting the threads where I post this closed, but it is good information and will help people defeat the gankers.

Let’s start off with hauling:

You have to understand how the gankers operate first and foremost. The most important is to understand intel and location.

Gankers look for location first and foremost, so the undock of Jita 4-4, the warp in points from a gate to that station and the in gates to that system. As Jita has an 0.9 security level CONCORD response is quick:

CONCORD reaction time
1.0 = ~ 2 Sec.
0.9 = ~ 5,6 Sec.
0.8 = ~ 9,2 Sec.
0.7 = ~ 12,8 Sec.
0.6 = ~ 16,4 Sec.
0.5 = ~ 20 Sec.

These are the figures for a system without a CONCORD spawn.

So the preferred tool there are Alpha strike ships which would be single volley high damage which is why you will see Tornado’s and Thrashers in the main. To deal with them you need a tank to take the alpha strike, but you can also remove the risk by having instra undocks, a book mark in line with the exit of the station which you can warp to without a delay. To create this just get a fast ship and burn out with MWD on as long as you can, the further way the better.

When you have done this test it with empty ships.

Another important thing is go to Jita and observe the positioning of the gankers. Then look for a bookmark away from them, remember they focus on the warp-ins from the gates. The important aspect is that you often arrive on the outer ring of the docking points and you can have several seconds delay before you ship docks. This means that they can lock you, scan and fire. If you have a zero docking bookmark away from them and inside of the docking ring you can set destination as the station and click auto-pilot when you are in warp to it.

Outside of that we have pipes, and in those pipes system with low security are best, especially those which people have to pass through. Uedama and Odin/Ohide are the most important currently.

What they do is have ships positioned on gates along the pipes scanning ships that pass through, they are looking at your tank and your cargo. An example is Uedama where the gankers would be on the Hatakani gate in Sivala or on the other side somewhere along the pipe from Jita, most notably the route in from Urlen,

Once they have a target they will setup combat probes on the gate, they will position a suicide tackle on the gate at zero. This will normally have several points on it and setup to negate the fit of the ship they want to attack. Many will just use a one size fits all, like the tackle Gnosis.

They will point the prey then warp in the catalysts, some of which will have scrams, using the combat probes to get on top of the prey.

How to get around this?

First of all learn how to MWD cloak and do it so they cannot scan you. Many DST pilots don’t bother until they get to the risky systems but they have already allowed key intel to get out. If you do it routinely then you reduce your risk of being targeted as they do not know your fit and cargo. Do this when empty so if they go for pot luck they lose out too.

A trick I use is take stuff to a station just before the system where they gank, drop it off there and then do small trips through in a BR which they cannot catch, then continue on the other side of the chokepoint. Because they watch gates and rely on your warping into that system without a care in the world means that even if you dock up in the system before and go make a cup of tea they will miss you. Though bear in mind this only applies to gankers that have negative security status which prevents them from lurking, but we are talking about the massed ganker fleets at the moment.

So what to do if you jump in and get pointed and you do not have a cloak and cannot do the MWD trick and they have counted your warp core stabs. first of all align, do not try to warp if you get pointed then apply whatever propulsion module you have and overheat it. The fleet is close by and is ready to warp in but every second counts in moving you further away and reducing their optimal, remember a catalysts has 2.5 km optimal and goes out of fall off at around 4.5 km.

The further away from their landing point you are the more you mitigate their DPS and these gankers are just locking and firing though some apply warp scrams.

The game is about percentages and everything counts. Look around you, if you see Ospreys hanging at the gate and starting to lock you, do not shoot the gankers, doing so would give you a limited aggression timer and the AG logi cannot rep you. The same goes for people who apply their bastion, apply Bastion only if you have a decent tank and a fit that can also hold.

If you analyse Uedama you will see so many Marauders getting ganked and most are in their mission fit not a travel fit. These people will often just apply Bastion and die because their tank is not enough. If they had a travel fit with a heavy buffer, perhaps doing the cloak mwd trick or did not apply the bastion and instead align, and if pointed apply the overheated MWD and the MJD, they would have likely survived.

Alpha gankers are often weak in that have to target people who have no tank and fit for max cargo, so splitting the cargo up into small loads and taking that through the chokepoints with a heavily tanked ship is key. One way is to have a new fit ready in the system before dock up, change fit remove cargo and jump through, so you survive and give those kill rights to Anti-Gankers specifically certain players and corps, Githany Red is a good one to start with. Neugeniko is another that specialises on alpha gankers in Jita.

Avoiding being ganked is very possible, but you have to use your brain, though gankers will often sprout meaningless rubbish about being aligned in a belt and not the ones that really matter.

But if you do not want to lose, think intel, think location and think what can you do if they actually try to go for you, think tank, think MWD cloak, think using propulsion.

And a final thought, if you play with friends, why not bring a Celestis that can remove the tackle ships lock range so you can warp out before the gank fleet arrives. A single ship can negate them at that weak point on their operation. But tags make it easier for them because a tagged ganker tackle can only be negated after they go criminal, but -10’s can be negated as soon as they land.

I hope that this helps.

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“but I do know a bit as I’ve done a ton of it during my EVE life.”

Odd, you average about 1 pvp experience every 8 months. That’s not ‘a ton of pvp’

You are a liar.

How would it be logical when those kills have never been included in any stats calculations?

It’s always been that way:

I’ve explained this prior but I’m sure it was hand-waved… There are absolutely reasons for not logging into zkillboard to have kills and losses automatically pulled and posted.

  • I want to keep my current activity somewhat of a mystery until I’m done for the day. This is an obvious counter to loot thieves or even someone interested in engineering counters based off my fit.

  • I manually upload my kills because they typically come in singles. I’m not going to manually upload 21+ losses everyday when I’m done ganking.

Drac, the only statistics I care about are ISK killed and the amount of ISK in my wallet or loot in my hangar. Just takes a simple glance at my killboard to determine if I’m a shitter or if I know what I’m doing enough to be efficient.

This is amusing because does that mean the efficiency % or the number of actual losses? The screen shot you just linked begs to have a better definition as it is not especially clear.

My assumption was always that it was not included in the efficiency %, but I am most certainly no expert in the mechanics of killboards and their arcane ranking systems, and nor do I want to be.

In my experience people tend to do things for reasons.

Good reasons of course.

Just adding that.

Fair enough.

Reasons listed above, bud.

Both. It’s always been that way.

Tis true. Although I’m thinking possession, considering how much Drac thinks of him :smiley:

ROFL. You’ve already been educated about zkills my man :smiley: I like how you’re obsessed with me now tho :smiley: Its cute. Its like I blapped you without ever firing a shot :smiley:

They don’t PvP, they don’t understand why :smiley:

Are you 100% certain that the number of losses detailed there do not include the ones lost to NPC’s?