Criminals and gank failures

Papa Dracvlad’s hand is gentle but stern, and his publicly-announced forum-blocking punishments are harsh, but also just and fair. Like the man who gets whipped in the public square for stealing figs from bazaar stalls, forum posters receive Dracvlad’s discipline not for the sake of vengeance, but as necessary corporal guidance toward overcoming their baser instincts, and becoming respectable and contributing members of society. He isn’t doing this to satisfy his own ego, but to enlighten and deliver us savages to salvation. He is the selfless hero—a stout warrior standing firm against the destructive forces of chaos and entropy—that we never knew we needed.


Is that true he’s Dom , are you sure I remember Dom being more brutal with his interactions.

I know both of them, and that’s not Dom.

One day I hope to meet this Dom dude. He must have been something to get to you in this way.

Also I reply because I know you didn’t really block me fam. You slip up now and then and mention things you wouldn’t know if you had me blocked :smiley: Its cute.

I read that in Korg’s voice.

He doesn’t have me blocked. He slips up now and then. It def is amusing :smiley:

I read this in Gary Oldman’s voice.

LOL I’m not Dom. I don’t even know who that dude is.

They won’t believe you LOL.


Pretty much certain of that.

Same style, same type of bait posts, same mis-quoting, same type of arrogant sneering. Was showing the same use of emo’s but adjusted it when pointed out. There are a few other things that he has done too which are the same method as Dom, also his position on things are exactly the same. I had Dom follow me around for ages on the forums until he managed to get himself banned by CCP Falcon, I know his posting style.

Dom liked to strut around the forums with his self declared position as the boss of the forums, putting the carebears in their place on the PvP nature of Eve, and he did so with aggression and contempt, when you look at Gix’s posts you will see that he has exactly the same position and approach as Dom. It is the forum strutting where he jumps on people with a different view which he can attack that is most telling, which defines him and identifies him.

Here is an example of someone picking up on this, Dom was also massively ignorant of most of the game too. But it is the strutting around acting like the boss of the forums is exactly what Dom was doing, 100%. He cannot help himself…

But it is more than that, same game play as well, Dom was a failed war deccer and low interest ganker who turned himself into a fairly low effort hunter, Gix seems to have the same approach as a low effort hunter.

Finally his TZ matches in terms of game kills and in terms of activity on the forums. Exactly the same TZ.

And this post is 100% spot on in terms of this topic as he is the essence of a gank failure, both in game and on the forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL ok bud. I do hope to meet this Dom dude one day. He sounds amazing :smiley:

Mental self-image:


You are trying too hard again.

I always wonder why you post on an alt?

What’s funny is I never said I was the boss of forums, or that I knew everything about EVE :smiley:

I routinely die and admit to dying all the time. I’m not afraid of dying bruv, its EVE :smiley:

I never even claimed to be the best at PvP, but I do know a bit as I’ve done a ton of it during my EVE life.

What is a “low effort hunter”? And since you use that term, what defines a “high effort hunter”? I realize you’ve never hunted any players so I don’t think you know the effort that goes into it :smiley:

Also if he’s in the same TZ as me, well, it just means he lives somewhere near the west coast of the US :smiley:

What’s funny to me is this dude obv didn’t fail at EVE. He has wormed his way so deep into your psyche you see his ghost in everyone else.

I gotta say, I’m sad this dude doesn’t play anymore. I dunno even know if he and I would agree on anything, but I’m betting we agree that you’re a Quafewaffle :smiley:

@Destiny_Corrupted , oh no he has figured me out! :smiley:

So far I’ve been accused of being your alt, Aiko’s alt, this Dom’s dude alt, and several other people, including devs and ISDs.

Man. I wish I was these peeps alts. At least I’d have more ISK :smiley:




And here we have another ganking failure. The punishment of CONCORD invalidates everything else, is that is what you are in fact saying?

EDIT: Just had a look at your killboard, I have noticed a trend with gankers and it seems to be rather apparent with you too. They want to hide the CONCORD losses so that their efficiency appears so much greater, no wonder you have a thing about CONCORD. Did you enjoy this edit, do you gnash your teeth at the thought of people editing what they type in Word too?

PS Dum Dum had a thing about the edit system too…

With all the advantages gankers have in Highsec, I’m surprised freighters don’t autopilot through lowsec (it’s a shorter path).

Watch out, another 50 edits incoming.

Who’s going to get reported, and who will be getting a one-way ticket to Permanent Blockville? Tune in to watch the unfounded accusations fly and find out on the next episode of…Early Onset Dementia!

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Post with your main.

See, called it. And you don’t type your stuff in word. If you did, you wouldn’t have 15 spelling mistakes in every sentence.
One more thing, CONCORD does not decrease your efficiency on zkill.

You define success in the forums when someone edits a post, how quaint. Spelling mistakes, mis-types and adjusting the structure of the sentence to be more clear. And adding stuff to existing posts to reduce clutter, after all the website tells you off if you reply to the same person more than three times.

Dum Dum had an issue with this too, would rant about it often, make a big thing about it too, Gix did it too several times, you are making me suspicious…

I suspect that you are most mortified by the pop ups that happens with me editing a reply to you, there are ways to block this, you can also chose to ignore me and block me, kindly block me and all will be good.

As for CONCORD on Zkill, it was the only logical reason for people to do this in my opinion, so makes even less sense then…

No, there is no such thing as success on the forums, that’s why you live here.

Maybe you are just a Dum Dum.