Criminals and gank failures



Gonna be hard to fight gunkers, when you aren’t even in Highsec!

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Locator running.

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I can’t win with you

No, you can’t.


So wait. You’re a nullbear but you don’t know what’s going on in null?

Its almost like… you don’t eve play bro?

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This certainly isn’t the case with me and is something I think varies from ganker to ganker.

Actually the last break I took was shorter than other previous breaks. Previous breaks were absolutely because of my frustration at CCP. This Last time it was real life.

I don’t care if anyone opposes me or not. I don’t gank so that I can interact with an anti-ganker. In fact I hardly notice they are there.

Yes resistance. Anti-gankers are nothing more than forum warriors. When all I see are scavengers following me around to loot and salvage my corvettes after pulling concord, I know that I’m the only capable person in system.

I would remind you about this thread when you say you do not care? You cared enough to post about someone who shot a thrasher…

Good to see you are an exception. I am talking about freighter ganks by the way more than anything else, just to be clear…

Good to hear.

I have detailed the reasons why people do not AG, your dig here is not going to drag people in to prove you wrong, it is a waste of words. The majority of Eve players don’t care about your activities. You are ganking in a pipe that I don’t use for example…

Yes. I posted about how at best when all anti-gankers can do is pop a gank ship, a thrasher in that example, that ultimately it is trivial. Look what popping the cheapest of all commonly used gank ships got them… a massive freighter loss.

I would wager that if you checked out the thrasher pilots killboard that since then he’s killed and looted enough to buy 10,000 thrashers.

Could there be a more perfect ship? It’s cheap, it has wicked DPS or Alpha depending on your fit, it’s decently fast, it looks cool as hell, and it is named THRASHER.

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I agree. We call it the “Trasher” in my circle cause it absolutely dumpsters on things!

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Caring enough to post in the forums does not equate to actually caring enough about any particular issue in the game. You, Dracvlad, are a perfect example. You care enough to post endlessly in the forums, for years, but you can’t be cared enough to actually log into the game and do anything.

I personally think Drac enjoys hearing himself. And enjoys being contrary for the sake of being contrary.

Nothing inherently wrong with that. But it does make for amusing banter.

So much so, I read this forum for that very reason. And the dynamic between Drac, Gix and Razor reminds me of an old quarreling married thruple.

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Well that is dumb because I have had Gix (aka Dom Arkaral) blocked for a long time. I think you really wanted to get that out, and it was special and not in a good way.

Link me any banter where I have replied to him for the past two months? You can’t, all you can see is him following behind me like a puppy hoping for attention, ROFL

See, contrary for the sake of being contrary.

You’re cute.

But not in an enduring way.

In a silly incoherent way.

The incoherence is you, banter only exists when you engage with someone. I don’t read his stuff and never reply to that loser, so no banter, it is not exactly rocket science…

You proved me wrong.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Even with Gix blocked, it’s amusing.

Good you learnt something today. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. No I didn’t

I’m unteachable.

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Ah, yes, the good old CONCORD advantage. Forgot about that, when I shoot at a miner suddenly a squad of angry police men (aka Razorback and the other men with white pointy hats) jump out from behind an asteroid and start beating the miners up.

You chose to shoot people in hisec, if you don’t want CONCORD to fire on you head to lowsec, nullsec or WH space.