Cross Over Event Discussion

So i’m not sure where this goes, just some fiction/cross over between the Triglavians & say Crysis’s Ceph.
Now lets say the Ceph…in a fully war state and not like we see in Crysis games, But having a direct wormhole to their home system. How do you think it would go? I mean in Crysis even one hive ship was able to give humanity a hassle and one ship is enough to take over a planet, now an entire invasion force?
I would love to say the Seraphim from Supreme Commander, but we haven’t seen their navy yet, only their ground & air units and not space based

CNC 3’s Scrin would be a major threat, i mean the Planatary Assault Carriers is essentially space ships like Star Wars’s Star Destroyers with the ability to launch planet side, they would be a major threat assauming they are well defended and even just one ship with its shield is a major threat that needs quite the firepower to drop, its parasite crafts absolutely wrecks units, Sure its unfair to combine an RTS faction but it should do well.

And then we have the biggest threat of them all…Warhammer’s Tyranids. Honestly i think they would be a major threat that might even make the Triglavians team up with the four factions to defeat them, Even worse is if they have an portal open to their home world.

Whats everyone’s opinions? any faction you would have cross over if they ever did, naturally they never will and that’s fine

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