CSM 13 - High Sec Issues/Suggestions/Ideas


(anas moraished) #564

And yeah Eve should give attention to ppl about the info in these links:

(Maekchu) #565

It sounds a lot like you want the safety of highsec, but the rewards of null.

Maybe consider moving to null, if you want higher rewards.

(Max Deveron) #566

this is so wrong i do not know where to begin…but the end result is this:
Lv4 missions, if you know what you are doing…salvage and loot everything…

Then Mission Bounties+Mission Reward+Loot+Salvage+LP Conversion = at minimum 180 million and upwards of 300 million ISK per hour in High Sec.

(Buoytender Bob) #567

Your numbers for income from HS are woefully under what can be achieved; perhaps you have yet to max out? I commonly earn 16+M on salvage alone on many missions. Throw in actual loot,bounties, and LP isk worth and you are far, far above 15M/hour. It is true that exploration in HS is hit or miss, but I’ve had over 200+M drop from certain exploration sites. Now that IS rare, but it happens and I easily average more than 15M/hour doing exploration along certain system chains I’ve discovered. All of these figures are easily accomplished once you learn where and what activities are the best in HS to do. NS would consider any HS activity mostly a waste of time and, based on their numbers, rightly so.
However, the main thing I’m looking to discover or obtain is FUN. When EVE starts feeling like a job, that is when I start looking either at different activities or regions (or,bluntly, other games). If CCP wants to focus on improving aspects of HS, then adding variation and newness to a stale experience would be worth far more than juicing up the payout for any activity. Numerous, and I do many numerous, ideas have already been presented that should be within the dev resources of CCP that would revitalize HS and not destroy EVE’s economy. Not all us are min/maxing isk searchers; many are looking for much more in the terms of gameplay options.

(Yiole Gionglao) #568

The average for Level 4, all accounted, used to be around 50 to 60 million per hour without blitzing. There’s severla missions worth more than 15 million each, and they certainly don’t take an hour to complete.

The problem with missions it’s not reward. It’s the fact that they never are expanded and standings serve no purpose at all so there’s no other reward than try a different ship or weapon system against the same familiar faces.

Many voices asked in vain for years that highsec had its own end game content based on PvE, but CCP couldn’t be arsed to even keep the content they had fresh so players stayed subscribbed. Now it’s too late, highsec population has gone down by 40% or more and keeps dwindling so it’s just a matter of time until new players meet a series of ghost towns in highsec while they’re starting and quit with the very sensible guess that EVE is a dying game.

(anas moraished) #569

I will provide access to @Brisc_Rubal if he want for L4 mission so he do it solo and check it him self.

(Amica Bellus) #570

I know, that it is worthless to kill me because of this crap-bounty. My char seems to be young but my main is from 2008!
I am not “scared” to undock. I know EXACTLY the bounty mechanic. The point is, that I do not WANT (!!!) any bounty from others, because this bounty tool is just a grieving sh!t.

Write something in a official help channel. Some id!ot will give you a bounty. Not because I did something to him. Just because he is bored, finds it funny to spend crap-bounties or this guy is just dumb!
Beside… have a look at the help channels. Barely somene REALLY provide help there. Why? Say something, get bounty, THANKS!
I get bounty? You dont get any help from me! Just as simple, but perhaps not user friendly. Hm… its CCP’s fault!

And it is my opinion, that this is harassment! I dont want it, but I have to deal with it. I did nothing wrong, did not attacked someone! It must be so, that it is NOT possible to spend bounty on chars with a positive security rating, as it was before this sh!t with the bounty-system!
Or at least get rid of bounty by paying the same bounty sum to CONCORD. Dont want to lose ships or get killmails to get rid of bounties!