CSM 13 - WH/J space Issues/Suggestions/Ideas

I remember much more WH dwellers and visitors prior to alpha changes.
Since then, WH space became desert.

I think, something has to be done to attract more people into WH space., one way or another.
Special WH structures, unique to WH actions or resources, anything, which is NOT possible in K-space.
Basically, this has to fix the lack of PvP content in low level WH

WH Space where a desert befor…

If i had a Chance to catch a Raven, try it… why not.

Null is just super attractive for income, wh has lost its risk/reward factor.


We all have ideas and suggestions how to Change W-Space…

I think W-Space is to “old”… the pilots have much more Options to do other stuff.
I can remember, Long time ago…AD march 2009 … WH Space was coming with Apocrypha … now W-Space is 9 Years old … It is easyer to make ISK in NS … and like in NS … there a many System with no Aktivity in it.

Now we have so many Option to do something in EVE, Faction Warefare, FOBs, DEDs, Filaments Sites, New Data / Relic Sites, Incursions, Moon Mining, PI etc etc etc …
EVE NS /HS /LS Changend… and W-Space newer changes so much or get somthing realy new for a "wooow, thats cools stuff… " effect.

If the new Filaments could only used in W-Space, the would be a Push forrward for w-space aktivtiy.
And fore the Lore … Drifter / Sleeper Warfare made more sense in W-Space …

but this is only my Point of View.

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Isn’t it the reason to resurrect it?

Hey Brisc
This thread unfortunately shows why we did not get someone with wh experience on the CSM this year (we can’t agree on much and the issues are very nuanced and often finely balanced).

If I’m honest my biggest wish from the CSM re W-Space this year is that nothing changes except perhaps a Nerf to Faxes. I heard an interesting idea in Talking in Stations last week - suggesting perhaps a WH effect that nerfs faxes present in all W-space. Perhaps lore wise something in Anokis affects the Triage module and nerfs it reducing the tank of Faxes as well as their rep amount (I would suggest reducing their tank is more important than how much they remote rep but both could do with some reduction)

There are a number of other issues (eg Alliance Bookmarks & increasing the number of corp BM’s) but none as important as this and TBH I am not sure that I would want CSM members with no experience living and fighting in WH to influence any change much at all as the meta is very different from K-space, (I know I have chars flying with you in INIT. as well as a few years in W-space in TDSIN for a few years now) W- space with WH lifespans, mass limits, no local, its own Turbo NPC’s, Wh-effects etc is often quite specific and nuanced. It would be very easy to change things for the worse without meaning to. Hence I am wary and think with the exception of Faxes I would like to see the CSM and CCP leaving W-space alone. Its sad to say that, but it is a reflection on our own failure to get our act together regarding the recent election, and the fact that CCP itself does not seem to understand much about how W-space actually works and unfortunately as far as I can see no one on the CSM does either. (no offense meant).

For me no change is better than misunderstood and well meaning but game breaking change.

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Fair enough. I’m going to work hard on the FAX issue, not just in J-space but everywhere.

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Faxes are the only way for smaller WH- Corps to defend them self. And yes we lost Faxes against bigger Corps in cool fights.

Nerfing Faxes brings not realy People back in the W-Space.
The Glory Days of Talocan United and TLC will not really return.
And now there are only a Handfull of Big Players in the W-Space.

I’ve had an idea for a few years now, and while I don’t think this will actually do anything or go anywhere, here’s my current solution for content, and bringing players back to wormhole space for all classes.

IHUBS. more or less. Hear me out - we’ll be referring to them as “hubs” from now on.

Citadel Service Module - Hub.
Hub - Combat - This service Module increases the spawn rate of combat anomalies in a system, this is active for a certain time (4 hour duration, costs fuel, or whatever makes the most sense) This module comes with a penalty (read below)
Hub - Industry - (*4 hour duration,requires fuel) This service module increases the spawn rate of both Ore Anomalies and Gas based cosmic signatures in a system. This module might come with the same penalty as combat (read below)
Hub - Exploration - This service module increases the spawn rate of Data/Relic Anomalies, as well as wormholes to wards their maximum allowed in a single system.

These modules do not just ADD additional sites, they replace ones after they’re completed, as to not be exploited for the penalty system below.

So that’s great and all, but it doesn’t provide content for wormhole pvp groups. Groups wishing to farm holes will just attempt to crit their holes and safely farm to their hearts content, and we can’t have that, so -

Both the combat and industry hub upgrades, while active have a penalty, which is mass locking the inbound side of their holes (the k162 side) - what this means is that the wormholes leading into these systems have some notation on them

For example now you see a k162 [MASS LOCKED] - you know there’s a group of pilots inside, and they have an active pve service module running. The corporation running sites will have to be prepared to defend/scout themselves. The pilots coming into the system will not affect the mass of the wormhole they are jumping into, just when jumping out of the wormhole that is mass locked. Mass locking only applies to the inbound (k162 side) of the systems static wormholes only. Kspace connections to hisec cannot be mass locked.

Basically what this does is, let the corporations already doing pve, pve, and do more of it, pilots will be out in their systems more, corporations wishing to pvp, will have more access to an even larger chain, and when coming across systems with pilots engaging in pve, there should be more cause for more pilots to be out in jspace, and therefore more content in general, both with pilots wanting to join jspace, and pvp pilots killing those other pilots, when able.

I just want more people, less dead systems, I want pilots to have a really good reason to be out of their citadels aside from checking PI.

MASS locking on industry upgrade is a maybe, the exploration is a no, doesn’t make sense.

Reddit link for some additional info/comments/people who haven’t read this post

Youtube link for a short explanation of this, doesn’t include everything

So what prevents a group on their other side of a hole , mass locking theirs and swarming in with a ungodly amount of mass from ships , wouldn’t this just speed up the eviction process?


mass lock only applies to the inbound side of a static wormhole, you can’t just send in whatever you want whenever you want, although a group of pilots could potentially find a hole that is mass locked, and send in whatever they wanted for the duration of the module cycle.

I understand it could potentially be used for rapid seeding, but it’d be a right time right place, and you can’t bring those ships back to home. Evictions in non-kspace connected holes take days still, which allows corporations to maintain and regain hole control. It’s true this might make a seed much faster, but the duration the module/mass lock is controlled by the host system, not the potentially evicting one.

I edited my original post to reflect some additional changes, most notably - sites don’t just keep adding, otherwise corps would just run the module for a short duration to get as many as they wanted then stop the penalty and run their sites as normal with critted holes, as well as disabling the mass lock effect on kspace connections to hisec. exploited by both sides.

Lowsec and Nullsec would provide content more than they would harm anything.

I’m aware that there’s the potential that refinery moon drilling might become obsolete if the industry hub is active, not sure what to do about that just yet.

You’re not understanding the problem.

An attacker can still use this module, they just wait until they’re connected to the target hole they want to fight in and then activate it, giving them unlimited mass. It doesn’t matter how long that lasts, that’s insanely powerful for both evictions and normal brawls.

Just a second i’m making a video for you, it explains what your concerns are, and they’re not an issue with this system.

Just Keep it simple, ladies and gantlemans…… second static for every Wormhole Class ??

I think the same way like the other. This new Service Module will brake down the machanik in W-Space.

I really aplogize for the god awful formatting and use of mspaint

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I like this one!

I support all of your points except the last one. Raising the effort bar for evictions has allowed more small corps to settle low class space. This means more people in space to shoot. Exooki’s crunched the numbers for his podcast.

There are MORE people blowing up in wh space than the same time a year ago, especially in low class holes :).

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How exactly is this going to beneficial? You want to keep all our content in one hole? All anoms data/relic whatever spawns in our home hole, how is this good for content? This is goon grade autism, please leave WHs alone, its working perfectly fine as it is, besides faxes.