CSM 13 - WH/J space Issues/Suggestions/Ideas


(Tenzen Yakusji) #41

Lol you do not need combat probes to kill something sitting 600/700 from a normal anom:joy: It takes a bit of warping but it is an easy catch

(Robnik Charante) #42

No offense to my corpmate but Mafone’s comments are not particularly helpful, and it’s a little concerning to me that he’s the only one you’ve responded to given that he basically just told you “thanks for the offer, but no thanks”. No two people have ever agreed on everything when it comes to game mechanics and changes. Ever. Not once in the history of the game. That’s okay. It’s also okay with me that this year’s CSM doesn’t really understand wormhole space. Whatever, your job isn’t to fix the game - that’s CCP’s job. What we need from you is:

  • To figure out what the biggest issues are (and frankly, there isn’t a whole lot of disagreement - overpowered FAX, dumb C5 PVE meta, bugs, overpowered PVP Lokis relative to all other T3s, and timezone tanking structures are universally held as massive problems affecting the health of w-space - the solutions are harder to agree on). There are some minor nits that other people have that might be worth addressing, but they’re not the issues killing w-space.
  • Propose working groups filled with experienced w-space players and CCP devs who understand the w-space ecosystem to develop concrete changes that will fix all of these various issues.

We can’t expect you to fix the problems, and that’s not your job anyway. I’d like you to help facilitate getting the right people in a room together to develop the fixes.

(Brisc Rubal) #43

This is exactly what I need to be able to take to CCP, and I appreciate you putting it down in this format. Makes it easy to get to them.

And don’t worry - I read everything and take down stuff I think is helpful, even if I don’t respond or like every post. I responded to that one simply because of the FAX thing, which has been on my mind.

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #44

I think it would be nice if the art/visual team reworked wh effects/systems.

A noticeable example is black holes, as of now they just look like a red cloud with a black wobbly circle in the center that pulses red sometimes. Changing them so that it’s apparent that it’s a blackhole system would be nice. A good example would be something similar to this

Adding a different sound theme would be nice as well.

Also on a side note, making WH systems act like the binary and trinary systems that they are would be nice. IE change the orbit of moons/planets, and allow us to warp to the secondary/third star (with the exception of Black holes.)

(Gustav Mannfred) #45
  • Add a 2nd static to the other W-space classes for C1, C3 and C5 wormholes.
  • Rework the C4 sites, as the rats are like 200km away from warpin
  • Add the wormhole effects to the effect bar, so that new players know what is happening
  • Allow Marauders to refit in bastion in wormhole space
  • Increase reward of Upgraded Avengers drastically
  • Remove the abillity to build ships in wormhole systems where they cannot enter themselves(like capitals in C1-C4 wormholes etc)

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #46

#1, no. what’s wrong want easy kills, work for it.
#2, yes, c4 do need a rework
#3, sounds good.
#4, ummm why??
#5 I take it that’s a escalation. So no comment as I know nothing much about it.
#6, hahahahaha how about no, Rorquals are caps and with moon goo being active you kinda need them. Also if a small group is fond of using caps maybe you should bait for dank frags. Plus it gives a smaller group the ability to defend against slightly larger entities.

(Ikudza Saraki) #47

Decloaking clouds on anomalies in wormholes!

Make ratting more safer by adding some dirt into the anomalies, so that people know that at cirtain point the hunter will be decloaked, if come too close to it.

This “safety” feeling should attract people into wormholes to rat again.

Sure, hunting becomes a bit more challenging, but… more content is more content…

What do you think?

(Wander Prian) #48

PVE in W-space is already very safe if you do the prepwork. We don’t need to increase it anymore.

(Jeko Dwardeen) #49

what kind o rework C4 needs?

(Gustav Mannfred) #50

the rats do spawn like 200km + away, which is far out of targeting range or gun range of most ships

(teddy Gbyc) #51

@Brisc_Rubal Thanks for putting a Thread up , in the absence of a wormholer CSM this is a nice gesture.

One of the Best things that CCP could focus on to improve wormhole space in general is to attempt to improve the server stability inside of wormholes.

Another thing that they could do would to attempt to reach out and make it fee like they actually care about Wormhole space. We repeat the same cries for over 3 years and are continuously ignored over and over again. The amount of times we hear that a lot of CCP are wormholers but seem ignorant and apathetic of Wormholers concerns is mind boggling.

The Fact is that CCP doesn’t care about us.

(Exile Stalker) #52

i dont normally post on these but i beleive the main issue with wormholes right now is risk vs reward. jspace is higer risk than any other space and the rewards dont reflect the risk. until wormhole space has a higher return than Null sec it will continue to slowly die.

(Siebmordan Hur) #53

Is it possible to change the way the server maintains J space? It seems that with today’s lower J-space population, many systems are not ‘spun-up’ by the server on a regular basis. It’s not unusual for me to jump into a wh that has 35 + signatures of which 6 are wh’s. Many times half of those de-spawn as I warp to them. Other times I have seen 2 static wh’s de-spawn simultaneously and their replacement static sigs spawn simultaneously. Another result from the server not maintaining an empty wh is that when I jump to one of those desolate systems over half of the wh’s in them are EOL. They are unpredictable and can collapse at the next server refresh. Consequently they dont get jumped. So, those systems do not get loaded by the server…the problem perpetuates itself. One small step towards fixing this would be helpful, like having the server update these systems somehow every 12 hrs. IDK, I’m not a computer guy but its obvious that CCP has WH space on the back burner. WH dwellers are omegas, and there are no bots in wh space. We are all paying subscribers.

(Ikudza Saraki) #54

You’ll be very surprised, but there are…

(Agatko) #55

Really good idea.

I think the default mass is good as it is, but the default time on a wormhole should be longer (72 hours ) and wormhole connections shoulds spawn more often. Now it takes sometimes more then 2 hours to find a nice connection. Then you have to be lucky on the timer remaining and you need to be able to get a fleet setup. This also forces the receiving end of the wormhole to roll it if this is in there interest. Could be hole lot more activity around it.

Also hole control should be extended and easier manageable to make WH space more profitable for the solo or newer players (not talking about C6 dread ratting for 2.5 bill an hour here though).

On lower tiers rats should be easier so it is more entry level for newer players. Lack of local, having to get stuff in and out of the wormhole etc is already a big enough increase in difficulty for a newer player.

(Agatko) #56

A black hole is something different then a wormhole. I like it that you get better and can indetify them by colors etc.

(mimi45) #57
  • increase number of WH systems
  • introduce the possibility of buying an ACL for a particular WH system via microtransaction

( ACL - access control list )

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #58

-1 for acl

No easy space for you. Work for hole control

(darkestkhan Eriker) #59

I have different proposal. Ban anyone who dares to suggest any pure form of pay to win.

in all seriousness, you want pvp free hs and now propose a way to make pvp free wormholes? In EVE online? Are you mad?

(Kira Hhallas) #60

Like i said before…

  • Second Static WH Connections for all W-Space Systems.
  • Rework of the W-Space 100% Sites
  • Automatic despawn for sites after 5- 7 day
  • Drifter Spawns in C3 & C4 ?
  • Doesnt have to do with W-Space, but also nice for the W-Holers… PI - Production in Athanors
  • T3C 's , No more Skill Loss by PVP T3Cs losses ,… etc etc etc…
  • and please Economic Report for the W-SPACE

greatings Kira Hhallas