CSM 13 - WH/J space Issues/Suggestions/Ideas


(Isabella Loja) #61

To make J-Space more interesting to new players there should be a clear sign of risk vs. reward.
If you live in 0.0 you could do more money than someone in a C3, and it’s a lot safer.
In my opinion you should boost the ammount of blue loot per site, not the value (I will explain why), so J-Space could be more rewarding.

Why more blue loot instead of higher value?
The ammount of blue loot is easier to balance, because you can balance a single site, or a single wh-class without touching the others. A C2 for example has nearly the same risk as a C3, but a C3 site will give you ~43 million ISK and a C2 site, wich takes nearly the same time, will only give you ~18 million ISK.
Sure, C3 sites are harder than C2 sites, but in 0.0 space you can do more money and it’s safer than in J-Space. In my opinion the values of sites should look a little bit like this:
C1: ~15 mio per site, ~22.5 mio for combat data/relic
C2; ~30 mio per site, ~45 mio for combat data/relic
C3: ~60 mio per site, ~90 mio for combat data/relic
C4: ~110 mio per site, ~160 mio for combat data/relic
C5: ~230 mio per site, ~290 mio for combat data/relic
C6: ~370 mio per site, ~460 mio for combat data/relic

And if we are talking about data and relic sites, most of them are crap in C1 - C3, the ones in LS will give you better loot, perhaps look at this too.

Oh and don’t forgett, as far as I know J-Space is the only space where you can’t get any deadspace or officer loot…

(Kira Hhallas) #62

The values are not so high.
C1 : 10~
C2: 20~
C3: 45~ (With salvage)

I see much more problems came to us.
With the new Triglavian Ships, T3Cs more or less outdated.
Or i am the only one who thinks about this …

(Isabella Loja) #63

Thats even less than it is now, and the risk in J-Space is higher than most of the rest of eve. A C3 is less safe than 0.0 and is more dangerous. Nobody would go into wh space to take a look if you make less isk than 0.0 with even more risk. If you wanna attract new player to worholes, you only have 2 options. First is to make it safer (wich would be very difficult) or more rewarding…

(Kira Hhallas) #64

For Exemple…
in NS: Sites respawning in your System, so you can farm.
In W-Space, sites are gone and you have to wait.
Make W-Space safer is the wrong way… if you control the Hole it is safe … the Poeple in there know how to role holes and control the system.

I can’t tell how to made this interessting for new Players in W-Space…
give all WH System two statics Wormholes ? So they can farm other Wormholes ?
Change Spawn mechnics for Green Sites ?
Make the NS more unsafer or Change the sites Spawn machanics there.

It’s hard to say what will bring interessting resaults …

(system) #65

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