CSM 15: Alexis Finch - Representing New Players in Nullsec

Who is Alexis Finch?

A nullsec player for many years, I’m someone who is always helping others. Answering questions, teaching new things. The first to X up to jump in a fax or a dread, no matter how long a fleet might be. I’ve played many aspects of EVE, but pvp is where my heart is. I want to make the excitement I have in pvp accessible to all players, without compromising the experience of veteran players.

Your EVE Online Story:
I started playing EVE Online in late 2016. I bounced around highsec, including making my own corporation, which lasted a month, before getting a message from a player by the name of Vexxas Tarokin. He asked me, “What are you doing? And what do you want to do?”. I talked with him for hours, and afterwards, I decided to join him and his corp in null security space. I learned many aspects of the game with that group. Including the importance of treating fellow pilots well, even enemies.

When we lost our space, I left the game for a while to clear my head. When I returned, the corp I was in was no more. So I did the only thing that felt reasonable. I joined a group that focused on building up new players. Brave Collective. I became an FC, and fell in love with the culture there. Since then I’ve grown from a new player with 100 million to my name, to a nullsec player with a titan, who can confidently run fleets of hundreds. But none of that progress made me forget where I came from. I went to nullsec early, and that made all of the difference.

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

I’m an experienced fleet commander, with skill in both subcapital, capital, and supercapital warfare.
One of the few players in legacy who regularly trains capital pilots, with the title, which I find quite amusing, “dreadnought drill sergeant”.
I have a good sense of humor and am easy to work with, but I don’t yield, so any conversation I’m in will have a good atmosphere.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

I believe that the game is in need of change. I don’t know what that change is. But I know that a direction is needed. I am applying so I can offer the courageous new players of nullsec and beyond a voice in the CSM.

What can players expect from you?

In Brave, there is a saying, “Alexis doesn’t sleep, there are too many new players to help for that”. I will give the same commitment I give to brave to every single member of the EVE community. I will be reachable to hear your concerns, and I will raise them as best I can in the CSM body. You can expect me to do everything I can to help bridge the gap between you, the players, and CCP, and to make your concerns known.


ALEXIS! I would be so thrilled if you were a CSM. You have the best attitude, are super approachable, and know some of the wildest little details of the game.

I’ll be cheering for ya!

Do you have a campaign video?

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Surprisingly no :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for asking though. I think that’d be a good touch, but this has been so last minute I never had time to make one. I’ll probably make something in the coming days ^-^

Well if you don’t have time to make a campaign video or you are the type of person who tends to procrastinate you won’t do well on the CSM. It’s like a second job.

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I didn’t want to run this year. I had plans for next year, but this year was too soon I decided. I was convinced recently that it was something that needed to be done. The makeshift nature of this is a result of that. We’ll see something quality out by Thursday ^-^ I’m gonna be honest, I know what to expect. A lot of work. Yukiko Kami, former CSM member, is a friend of mine that I look to often. I know from him exactly what the CSM expects. I am not one who will hesitate when the work starts. I work hard every day, often more than 12 hours a day, for players of my alliance. I’ll work just as hard for all of us in the CSM.
I may not have had the foresight to make the decision to join months in advance, but if nothing else I have the guts, the time, and the stubburn nature to do what is needed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Alexis! New nullsec player here. I don’t think our paths have crossed yet but I’ve only heard good things about you - and am thrilled you decided to run! Great intro and looking forward to hearing more from you over the campaign period!

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Id like to bring up a number of issues I see with this post.

I’m an experienced fleet commander

Alexis was briefly a capital FC in Brave. During my two and a half month stay I saw them lead a grand total of two fleets neither of which were actually stratops. As far as I am aware this was not an anomaly and is instead the norm for Alexis. She was soon after purged from the FC team due to her inactivity and then immediately ran enough fleets to get Skirmish FC tags back because all she cares about is the clout that comes with being an FC rather than actually caring about the alliance or leading fleets. Since she has gotten these tags back she has instantly gone back to not running fleets. To me her CSM campaign is the exact same thing, she doesn’t actually care about EVE or she’d actually play the game https://zkillboard.com/character/97097931/ , if she actually cared about the CSM she would have put more effort into her campaign than fishing for validation in Slack lobby and then immediately rushing a poor attempt at a campaign post filled with flat out lies and somehow void of any actual substance or platform she wants to run on. Much akin to how she is a liability in Brave I believe she would be a liability to the greater EVE community and devalue the important role that the CSM holds

“Alexis doesn’t sleep, there are too many new players to help for that”

Yet another part of this post I take issue with. I have never once heard someone say that in my time in brave. My experience with her is almost entirely to the contrary - almost soley consisting of taking responsibilities which she then fails to complete; such as her commitments as an FC, director of the Blops sig, a campaign director for RCI, and a recruiter. A pattern I believe will be repeated if she is elected to the CSM.

“I will give the same commitment I give to brave to every single member of the EVE community.”

When I was in brave I joined her old corporation, RCI. During my application process I had already been completely vouched in and my ESI had been checked etc. Despite this every time she logged on she failed to click the one button to acually accept me in for almost a week. If this is the commitment she will give to the EVE community then you are all going to be greatly dissapointed.

I have a good sense of humor and am easy to work with

When she jumped corporations within the brave alliance from RCI to Incredible about a dozen people left incredible to join RCI. Take from that what you will.

I believe that the game is in need of change. I don’t know what that change is.

Almost everyone in the game agrees with that. What makes excellent CSM candidates is people who have a direction and a concrete opinion for CCP to bounce ideas from.




Worth noting both of these replies are by salty ex-BRAVE who are mad that they’re not very good at coming back to farm BRAVE, as is the tradition.

You know that stuff is publically viewable, so easy to disprove?

And you’re aware your killboard is also visible to everyone?

What have you been doing since your Marshall got chased out of BRAVE space pretty much single-handedly by me, and getting kicked from 5TEAK, presumably for inactivity?

I think the discussion would be best served by directly addressing the validity of his points rather than the availability of the information, or irrelevant things like his PVP history. I might not agree with all of Aquilia’s points, but they’re respectfully made and deserve to be addressed. Slapfights aren’t really helpful.

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His points are invalid. The stuff he says about folks leaving RCI is easily seen to be false, and she regularly runs Capital Training ops every few weeks. It’s certainly more than Aquilia ever did.

The leash is short on this one

N0rman, is it salty to question why someone who has no vision should be on CSM? I don’t understand what it is with Brave thinking that Ex-Brave shooting them is them being salty. We’re neutral and last time I checked that means I can shoot you. God forbid people shoot each other in a game where that’s a core mechanic lol. Sandrin literally primaries Ex-Brave on principal and we’re cool with that because that’s the game chief.

Is this you “handling it?”

Yeah pretty much, you have an actual response?

Pretty much everything he said is false, except that he was in RCI and Incredible

Her tags being removed for inactivity is a lie?

Nope. But she got them back, and, surprisingly, there’s a lot of other things in BRAVE that go on that don’t involve leading fleets.

But why’d she lose them in the first place?