CSM 15 | Vote for Komi!

Oomph. Kiss of death, getting a recommendation from you. Less likely to vote for him now. He better have a real damn nice good platform because otherwise I’m going to have to assume “he represents something Komi likes” and that’s no good :-1:

EVE is about conflict. Players thrive on conflict. CCP/CSM want to promote conflict. They are adjusting PVE to make it more PVP-like and basically serve as PVP training to make it easier for players to get into or defend themselves against PVP. Do you not comprehend this? Of course you don’t… your campaign thread, your other forum posts, and your campaign interview in particular have demonstrated… many things I’m not going to say here so as to not get this post flagged :roll_eyes:

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It’s funny because you don’t even know your own lore. Every ship crew has back up medical clones that are at most 3 months out of sync. We can’t talk about it like it’s a “loss of human lives”. ■■■■■■■ lol.

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I am advocating for Komi’s right to be elegible as a candidate for CSM 15. As long as Komi follows the rules I see no reason otherwise.

People can choose to vote for who they wish, and anyone who feels entitled to decide for them (or me) should get the long end of the artillery barrel.

This witchunt is becoming a lynchmob… :angry:


That’s for empire navies only, Don’t ask me why, but that’s how it is.

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Please post the Official source for this statement. In all my years of being a Capsuleer, I’ve never heard of ship crews having the same luxury.

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  • People who want to play with the tragedy of crew death tend to assume that while national navies can somehow finance it, cost for backing up all crew would be prohibitive for capsuleers.
  • Alternatively, they just ignore the national navy crews have regular backups bit completely - it’s only in Frigates of EVE and it’s not a well-known bit of lore on which a lot of other stuff is dependent on.
  • People who do not want to play with crew death sometimes assume backups for all their crew, because if a national navy can why can’t we. Assuming good escape pods and evacuation measures seem (to me) to be a more common way around it, in accordance to the bit about SoE and crew deaths.

This was all I bothered to look for.


The only relevant bit I can think of that’s not in that recap of mine is that “clones” in EVE are actually not clones, they are biological constructs built from biomass and/or cadavers that only utilize the original DNA to help build them to your likeness.

So basically you might think you’re human, look like a human, feel like a human, but as a capsuleer, are an AI constructed from a mindscan of your previous incarnation inside the brain of a bio-android built from dead people.

Welcome to EVE. It’s a cheerful place.


Is all this lore compiled somewhere? I can never tell which parts are made up and which parts are legit.

(Edit: I don’t mean the stupid lore about the triglavians/drifters/jovians and which race did what stupid thing in parts of space that I will never be allowed to fly in.)

It’s not because :woman_shrugging: :psyccp:.

The Fiction Portal is the best starting point: https://fiction.eveonline.com/ .

There’s a book called EVE Source but it only contains parts and is in places re: recent events outdated. (Still pretty good tho.)

In-world current news can be found at https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/world-news/ (bookmark it - since they took the lore newsroll out of the launcher it’s been notoriously hard to stumble on if you don’t already know it’s there).


WTF? That is real? I always wondered what all those IGS posts were referring to.

But . . . if CCP isn’t going to promote this at all then why do they bother to have news in the first place?

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Try tags such as “technology” on the Fiction portal, or the “scientific articles” category. The site’s a bit of a mess (:psyccp:) but it should give you at least some of what you are looking for.

But we digress. The Eve Lore Discussion part of the forums is good for questions like this :slight_smile:

Komi deserves the bump :slight_smile:

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I’d have to agree I was enjoying the bounty hunting aspect and it was a nice example of emergent behavior that I think Eve should promote more of. And while I don’t personally really care about the whole Komi good vs. Komi bad argument (I actually like some of her goals, a more vibrant and alive world would be amazing, I just don’t think she’s the best option to pursue those in the CSM) it’s a shame to see what this has become.


Ten posts that are off topic or unrelated to CSM Campaigns have been removed.


What’s sad is that you believe that to be true.


Basically that chronicle is about a young man signing on as a crew member aboard a Capsuleer ship. The last paragraph of that chronicle:

Four months later, Daren Athaksis was confirmed as one of six-thousand three-hundred and fourteen reported casualties resulting from the destruction of the Apocalypse-class battleship “Dam-Imud.” His post was filled within three days. His family was not notified.

Also according to CCP, Capsuleers can also be killed. In the Epic Arcs, there’s a couple of encounter missions where the enemy has been cut off from accessing their clones. For example in the level 1 SoE Epic Arc, Mission 43 - A Call to Trial - the Agent Briefing states:

I want you to go out there, meet Taphos, and kill him in combat. We’ve shut off access to his clones, so he won’t be coming back.


Yes it is.

EVE Lore FAQ & Lore Resources Megathread here.

Not my fault that they sign up to serve on a Capsuleer’s ship that doesn’t regularly back them up. They signed up for it. Not to mention that they also have their own escape pods that we can’t target at all.

I want to thank all the people that supported me. My family, my friends, my new allies, especially Ushra’Khan, who provide me some shelter right now and were nothing but friendly to me, even forming a fleet to rescue me, when I was in distress.

I will work on my campaign the next weeks and hope my marketing team can finnish a small campaign video.

Fly safe and don’t be afraid of your goals. Face your fear because your goal demands it! That is the Matari warrior spirit!


This was a fun debate! Keep up the good work. :wink:

mad as a box of frogs…

…got my vote :slight_smile:

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