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Komi deserves the bump :slight_smile:

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I’d have to agree I was enjoying the bounty hunting aspect and it was a nice example of emergent behavior that I think Eve should promote more of. And while I don’t personally really care about the whole Komi good vs. Komi bad argument (I actually like some of her goals, a more vibrant and alive world would be amazing, I just don’t think she’s the best option to pursue those in the CSM) it’s a shame to see what this has become.


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What’s sad is that you believe that to be true.


Basically that chronicle is about a young man signing on as a crew member aboard a Capsuleer ship. The last paragraph of that chronicle:

Four months later, Daren Athaksis was confirmed as one of six-thousand three-hundred and fourteen reported casualties resulting from the destruction of the Apocalypse-class battleship “Dam-Imud.” His post was filled within three days. His family was not notified.

Also according to CCP, Capsuleers can also be killed. In the Epic Arcs, there’s a couple of encounter missions where the enemy has been cut off from accessing their clones. For example in the level 1 SoE Epic Arc, Mission 43 - A Call to Trial - the Agent Briefing states:

I want you to go out there, meet Taphos, and kill him in combat. We’ve shut off access to his clones, so he won’t be coming back.


Yes it is.

EVE Lore FAQ & Lore Resources Megathread here.

Not my fault that they sign up to serve on a Capsuleer’s ship that doesn’t regularly back them up. They signed up for it. Not to mention that they also have their own escape pods that we can’t target at all.

I want to thank all the people that supported me. My family, my friends, my new allies, especially Ushra’Khan, who provide me some shelter right now and were nothing but friendly to me, even forming a fleet to rescue me, when I was in distress.

I will work on my campaign the next weeks and hope my marketing team can finnish a small campaign video.

Fly safe and don’t be afraid of your goals. Face your fear because your goal demands it! That is the Matari warrior spirit!


This was a fun debate! Keep up the good work. :wink:

mad as a box of frogs…

…got my vote :slight_smile:

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I have not felt this motivated to vote for a CSM candidate since my CEO ran for CSM. I’m even willing to contribute to this campaign financially, if required. It would be nice to have someone on the CSM with less blood on their hands than myself.

Miss Valentine,

Would you support the proposals linked below?


Yes I totally agree! It is terrible that CONCORD acts on a scale that values human life the same as a block of hydrogen fuel and this needs to change!
While I see some technical difficulties, I will do my best to raise this before the council.

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Oh? Who was that, @Che_Biko ?

Erik Finnegan, 3rd CSM.

in the books Empyrean Age and Templar One one or the other at least I read them both last year there was mention of crews dying on even navy ships. Not being recloned but straight up dying. That suggests even navy crew can die, even if on a ship flown by a capsuleer who serves a given empire navy (with rank and attached status)


I just wanted to adress something. I was blackmailed to end my life by @Xuxe_Xu. She threatened to Jettison millions of slaves if I would not comply to her and commit suicide by autopiloting to delve.
As a Minmatar Citizen, this weighted heavy on my shoulders and I really thought about ending my campaign and my life. However, this matter is resolved now, thanks to the people and friends that helped me. It was a hoax, a very tasteless one, and I will continue my campaign now. You can read all the details about it here:

As you see, I’m very well qualified to deal with politically complicated situations. That’s an other reason that makes me a good CSM candidate! :wink:

o/ Komi

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“Scum like this slaughter innocents for any “god given reason” that they claim. Should any of our people die and it be said that it was because of Komi Valentine was running for CSM, anyone who believes that you are at fault is deluded and disassociated from reality.”

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I recently did an Interview with one of my hardest critics, who also started the bounty hunt. I think it is a good statement to publish here, however, I want to add this little sentence:

I am very careful with proposals. I don’t want to build my campaign around stuff like that. I think people should feel that I love the universe and that I take my part in it serioulsy as I will take the CSM position serious. :slight_smile:


(Expand) Summary of Archer en Tilavine’s interview of Komi Valentine

Archer: How many other characters are you currently playing with alongside Komi, and what kinds of activities are they doing?

Komi [OOC]: I have my old character on the same account + an alt (2012). At the moment I’m just using my old characters for PI. I want to focus on Komi and drive her story. I have created a second account for RP-Alts, I just use them for RP-reasons and they are alphas.

Komi’s CSM Platform and Positions

Lore/RP Enhancement and Game Immersion

  • Address Lore inconsistencies (eg. regarding Minmatar magic elders)
  • Show and link World News / ISD Articles / Scope Videos in-game
  • Introduce lore guide/library in-game (eg. timeline)
  • Introduce thematic lore elements to FW in-game such as freighters full of slaves warping away
  • Introduce Bloodline/Tribe specific skins in addition to faction SKINs (eg. right now there is only one ship with a Vherokior SKIN even though it is only one of three playable races)
  • Introduce bloodline apparel
  • Push for more faction apparel as well as headwear and tattoos
  • Introduce portal for direct submission of creative content (SKINs, apparel, stories for lore inclusion, etc)
  • Create some civil shuttles (you can’t interact with them, they just warp from gate to station)
  • Show maintenance drones flying around stations
  • Discuss possibly bringing back and expanding the ability to walk in stations
  • Wrecks should not suddenly disappear after salvaging. It’s silly that a battleship instantly disappears after salvaging one “Charred Micro Circuits”
  • Increase input requirements of Upwell structures
  • Split Upwell structures into four functionally identical racial variants each to enhance Lore


  • Dynamically generated mission sites
  • Dynamically generated Exploration sites – static sites don’t feel like “exploration”
  • Adaptive AI (esp. on Rogue Drones)
  • AI that competes for resources the same way players do

Active role in CSM

  • CSM currently acts as an “echo chamber” – focus on countering ideas that negatively affect baseliners
  • There are a lot of ideas raised on the forums and Discords I’m in (TIS, UK, RIP, DammFam, Matari, ARC, etc) that I agree with, and I’ll want to advance those ideas

Archer: You received an endorsement from Ferra Orta, one of the directors of Ushra’Khan. How do you know him? From publicly known information, that is an extremely unlikely endorsement to have! Do you know him out-of-game? Or…?

Komi: Ferra contacted me some months ago, we have done some business. That’s all. [And OOC we share some discords and stuff…]

Archer: A large number of players (RPers and non-RPers) are suggesting you are a hypocrite for leaving CONCORD’s protection in Hisec to get Ushra’Khan’s protection in nullsec, where they are perceived to be vicious and lawless/criminal by many (not me personally). How will you justify these actions RP-wise, especially since there does not appear to be an apparent connection (RP-wise) between Komi and Ushra’Khan/Ferra Orta, or any reason why they should give you amnesty at all. I think it is safe to say that if Ferra wasn’t your friend OOC, they’d have killed you themselves!

Komi: CONCORD simply could not provide protection for me. They would have blown up anybody who engaged me illegally, but they are not responsible for my personal safety. I knew of at least one smartbombing ship that waited for me, so I had to flee in a Probe that wasn’t even fully fitted and I soon found myself stranded deep in nullsec. It just happened that I was close to Ushra’Khan space, so I asked for help and they sent a fleet from Amamake to rescue me. The other RPers calling them criminals don’t seem to understand the concept of Ushra’Khan’s alliance Tag.

If I didn’t ask them for help, or if I hadn’t proven myself before, they might have killed me, but they are honorable and there are things worth more than ISK. I have shown my good will to the Minmatar people.

Archer: What are your thoughts, feelings, or comments on The Hunt up to this point in time?

Komi [OOC]: I think the hunt is an event that really fits into eve. Bounties in Eve are kind of meaningless right now, but since the hunt would end up in a biomassed character that someone really cares about, it would probably give a great feeling of accomplishment to the person that claims it, being the ONE that managed to take the target down. As a target it was giving me a lot of accomplishment, too. Dealing with blackmails, managing to escape a prison. However, I could feel it interrupt my gameplay a little since I was stranded in Nullsec and couldn’t return to my BPC-“business” and production. It was actually a little sad that the bounty didn’t seem to motivate anyone following me into Nullsec. I did not ever think the hunt was unfair or a bad move, but the one thing you could improve is not taking in game events to a personal level. “Egomaniacal RPer” is a personal attack and it really hurt me a little after all the work I had done for my campaign and all the future work I prepared for. So that was kind of a dick move. Whatever, it proves that Eve can be much fun and inspiration ^_^. For sure it has been a good RP opportunity!


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The best choice for the new CSM!