CSM 16 - All You Need to Know

Well, I voted and after picking my first 4 candidates I seriously considered just submitting that as my vote. Then I decided to fill in the remaining 6 slots with names that I recognized.

Its not a conspiracy theory just because one has an opinion that differ’s from the Great Brisc Rubal.

How telling that because someone has an opinion on this program that differs from yours that it must be a conspiracy and not just a differing of opinion. Thank you for making a point - i don’t think you really have as much to offer to new and different conversation. Such a conspiracy.

Good luck with your pretend election.

All I need to know is thar Rixx Javix is stunning and will be the only vote I care to cast.

Any idiot that has attempted at running for CSM, just to do away with it, never makes it on the official ballot.

You didn’t offer an opinion. You claimed that all of the CSM members have “ulterior motives.”

That’s not true.

It’s just the same tired old conspiracy theory we hear every year “these guys are all running for dank leaks.” It’s not true, but nothing anybody who has actually served says matters to you guys - you refuse to accept that your views are wrong.


Everyone knows that the current CSM/CCP system is less than ideal, especially since it appears that CCP tends to present half developed mechanics and game direction to the CSM and appear to be resistant to changing direction. That being said, past minutes and reports from Dirk, Jin’taan, Brisc and others seem to indicate specific items that were either improved, suggested, or actively squashed by the CSM to the benefit of the entire game and the players. Although it may vary in its effect on different player sections, the CSM is doing its best in trying to improve EVE despite the apparent best efforts of CCP to fight them tooth and nail.

I just wish that more of the CSM would spend the time and effort that Brisc and Mike do at least engaging with the whole community at different times. Snarky or not, those two at least represent an important part of the CSM; a rwo way conduit for communication with CCP. Now, if CCP would effectively communicate back with us…


No you ranting loon - you are putting words in my mouth and I’m holding you to account.

From conspiracy theories to name calling. Not a good look, dude.

The birds work for the bourgeoisie.

All I needed to know about the CSM election is that I can’t vote in it anymore.

CCP made its choices, and by now, all of my friends have headed for the exits…

That is probably the smart thing to do.