Csm minutes doom & gloom threadnaught


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Oh geeze

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Hm…I wonder if this will generate enough of a response to be worth reposting in a “threadnought”.

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As a player who just returned to the game after a few year break…this thread saddens me.

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What are you quoting from? Any source? Was this really in the released meeting minutes from CSM summit?

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I agree, plus the fact that the OP continues to post these threads when they all could have been easily condensed into one thread.

Also using the term ‘Doom & Gloom’ for this thread title after I used it to describe the OP’s posts in another thread seems rather trollish to me.

And why are all these threads ‘CSM’ tagged ? The OP isn’t a CSM member, just a player posting a bunch of excerpts, probably taken out of context in an attempt to over-sensationalize the issue.

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Final pages of minutes pdf

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Also Reddit Doom&GLOOM thread

Has like 6 csm members in there confirming, well plus Steve(fuzz) being a shill

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Duplicate of another ■■■■-posting thread.

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The Judge confirms that the minutes are incredibly kind, and that they were “hit with the red pen”.

That means they were censored.

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It seems that stuff is happening in the background that we aren’t supposed to know about yet, hence why all the redaction’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if CCP jumps out and goes “surprise! sorry guys for not letting you in on our master plan, its taken longer than expected but now you finally know what we have been doing all this time.”

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I bet its badges for our space barbies to wear.

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I was called a ‘Rookie Help Hero’ the other day by an ISD. I wanted to ask at the time if that title got me a badge or anything …

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For the trivial price of 50 PLEX (or equivalent ISK) I can make you a decoration with that title and award it to you (you have to join my corp for the brief period of awarding it though) so you can wear it with pride on your in-game character profile. :wink:

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You can give medal to yourself, or a title, but you have to be a CEO of corporation in game.

I always wanted to give those to others outside my corporation too (with an option to refuse by someone), but its impossible.

CCP, why I cant? :weary:

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Yeah would be a great opportunity if we could give decorations outside our own corps. As the player can decide if they want to showcase the decoration on their profile or not AND the ISK fee to award the decoration would have to be paid anyway, I see no harm if this was allowed.

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I’d implement it in a way making it possible only for players who mutually added each other as buddies or at least mutually having positive standing towards each other. Or else it’d be used for trolling with “Pwnd” medals given to victims of gankings or to defeated enemies to humiliate them more and put salt into their wounds and such. If it can be abused, it will be.
On the other hand, between friends it’d be awesome and could be used to express respect and honor, to acknowledge heroic deeds, which is usually the purpose of medals irl.

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Even if that was happening it is not much different than what already happens in local or through EVEmail or direct convo. As I wrote in that very post you can choose if you want to showcase a decoration on your profile or not and you can always alter this any time you want to.

Besides if someone hands out harassing medals the person can be reported just as people who harass in local, in EVEmail, in private chat or whatever other means, as griefing is against the rules such behaviour can be reported through support.

But that is not even necessary as you can just ignore the medals you don’t care for, if anything it just show the desperate trolling attempt which should just prove you the guy is inferior in every possible way and make you smile. In general this is just a game so no loss should make you angry and a bit of smack talk is part of any PvP game anyway, as long as it is in good taste it should not be a problem and if it is over the line of actual harassment it can be reported as it is griefing and support will deal with it accordingly.