Current character selection wallpaper [solved]

I really like the current character selection wallpaper. Is it available as a download?


Could ask that question on Eve’s FB or Twitter pages.

Could also ask Customer Support…

Maybe @ISD_Traindriver or another ISD member could find out…

Other than that, I have no idea on how to find an answer for your question…

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Bold of you to assume that I would waste my time on FB or TwitterX… :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact, I already found a way: Hoboleaks: Tranquility_Previous (Build: 2594953) to Tranquility_Next (Build: 2597343)


I didn’t assume anything, just posted a few suggestions that would hopefully answer your question.


better described with: wasting bandwith & time by saying nothing
and anoying a unpaid ISD in the process about it?

you not have to tell eveyone that you don’t know somethings, just don’t hit reply, its easy :wink:

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Which is exactly what you just did…

And more importantly…

Which is what you should have done…