Current state of the game is unplayable for some - Reimbursment due to simply not working

The current state of EvE is not playable for many. What Id like to suggest is that CCP gives out an equal amount of free skill points for the last few days and any additional days until the game errors with chats and Industry search issues are returned to the state we had when we paid for the game time. The game is currently so full of bugs and errors that I think it merits some sort of reimbursement.

(… patiently standing by while playing D2R)


Chat may be a little borked, but that just adds to the fun. What makes it unplayable for you?


Ah so it’s a massive issue… but it’d be fine if they give you extra sp. Yeah sounds totally legit, not at all self serving.


Hello space-friend,

Sorry to hear about your technical troubles with EVE Online. Rest assured that CCP’s technicians are working around the clock to fix these issues and ensure that your gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. In the meantime, perhaps you should take a look inside the in-game New Eden Store and the EVE Online Store on the main website. There are many items and packages available at various pricing tiers, ensuring that every player is able to purchase something that’s perfect for their needs. For example, if you act fast, you can pick up a Bluestar Defenders Bundle full of skins for all of your favorite EDENCOM ships, which is heavily discounted for a limited time!

Take care, and hope to see you in space soon!


Expectations is very low…

I don’t Require any comp, But I do Understand at least from my gameplay that undocking to the unknown could kill a person that has a weak heart for surprises.

It’s not just the chat. Ever since Photon was made mandatory and especially since the last 2 updates, the general performance of the game has gone down the drain. Buttons lag, dragging items lags, opening windows lags, loading contents in windows lags, rubber-banding is back, just to name a few things.


while I dont mind extra sp, I dont really think its CCPs fault here. I may be wrong and its just a belly feeling, but certain ESI endpoints have similar issues and thus I believe its an external influence causing this. Just my hunch, so nothing worth to be quoted.

But honestly I think OP is just mad because he cant krab

Certainly can’t be good for business.

Am I too late to have free stuff too?

Last month my expectations of eve were even lower. Yall remember when the scroll functions were broken and you had to manually fight to see the bottom of menus? We have lost more features than we have gained in the last 15 years. The graphics are much better and the sound but outside of that, eve is an absolute dumpster fire. What happened to you ccp?


If it cries about local not working, it’s probably a nullbear


I mean I want local back too but I’m not coming up with hyperbolic hypotheticals where people are dying IRL because local is broken.

why can’t he crab ? there’s plenty of things to crab and crabs to catch

nullsec’ers know how to dscan, and usually have some intel on gates

from laughter, most likely

So what you are all basically saying is that it is ok to pay for multiple accounts in what form ever and not getting what you paid for and if you complain or even say it is so your (forum) complains are simply declared ‘solved’ ? What does this say about the care of customer support? Well…decide for yourself…

When you press undock you consent to ship loss.

And you accepted that this can happen when you agreed to the ToS and EULA

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What might rise expectations for you?

The belief that any of them cared about highsec and wanted to speak for me and all the people like me.

Remove war HQs, forced peace periods, and structure requirements. Make corps war eligible at 20 members. Create competition and eliminate monopolies. Be a neutral third party. End the prohibition in highsec pvp. Highsec is its own endgame. Let eve be a player driven emergent experience and stop turning into a scripted and focused game with one power structure designed only for the purpose of plex sales and pushing nullsec fight numbers higher and higher.

Try cleaning the fan out on your machine, dust slows it down.