Custom skins

let us use elements of the skins we own to create new skins. let us position elements of various owned skin how we want

this would make junky skins worth a lot more, since you would be able to use the colors or stripes etc from them, to recombine them in various ways

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The very first thing someone would do if this were allowed is find a way to make a phallic symbol…

CCP might consider this in a hypernet-style way. You pay CCP ##### Hypercores to buy #### of skins. CCP reviews the skin to make sure it is not offensive, then they issue you the Skins. They add your skin in the next patch and bloat up the client a little for everybody.

a pink thorax fleet!

Instead of recombining existing skins why not create a whole new industry of colorful paints? Like using various combination of gasses (underused stuff!) will give you a bucket of paint with color and effect (metallic/matte, leave the neon to remain CCP-SKIN-exlusive) depending on the mix. Larger ships will require more buckets to paint them. No decals but simple-ish colors for ship regions!

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They wouldnt need to review anything, and it wouldnt require any additional resources in the client… It would use existing elements from existing skins. You simply choose how they are applied to your ship (what angle they’re positioned in, Where on the ship they are placed)

It wouldnt require any approval either, since it would only use existing skin elements. You would simply be “remixing” the existing skins. You can take the Skull from the Headhunters skin and combine it with the Glacial Drift Pattern, provided you own both of these skins, for example.

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@Terminal_Insanity, check this out friend:
Light Industry / Textile Manufacturing / Spaceship Custom Body Shop
@QuakeGod, You criticize- You suggest!
Whenever you comment on this forum, in majority of cases it appears to be the first part of a sentence mentioned above!

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I like this, or something similar. I’d like to see this implemented with some restrictions maybe on certain color combos. Personally, I’d like black amarr ships with the default gold trim… imagine cold iron, but with the standard trim… would be nice…

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What do you mean by a "phallic symbol’?

I think the idea would be to take say Exo planets layout and use snowblind colors. or Tash-merkon grey and Caille neon on another skin layout.

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