Cut you're subscription in half or 2/3's with skills

There are many posts about making isk to pay for you’re sub, many do it in different ways and this is ONLY one of them.

  1. Buy $5 or $10 worth of Plex = 400+ to 800+ mill of isk.
  2. If you have toons trained to build caps the sell of 1 ship could pay for 1 month of sub of another account.
  3. Depending on the route (5 or 10), will see you working in game to either by cap parts off the market to cover the short fall or mining them yourself.
  4. 2 toons for 1 account should be making cap ships because cap ships take longer to build so you have 2 caps to sell, this can potentially pay for 2 months worth of Plex for 2 accounts.
  5. Rinse and repeat, eventually you reach a tipping point of having extra Plex laying around for those special buys.

Just an ideal, or build augmented drones, either way you will begin to stockpile Plex every month.

If you mine it yourself it’s free right?


Obviously it’s too much to ask anybody to read anything anymore

Keyword be working, but somehow you have completely pulled something out of thin air and imply that I mean free, if you are just looking to be a forum Warrior then by all means have at it but the least you can do is to at least add something besides trying to be contentious.

If you insist. The cost of fully researched bpo’s needed to make the making of the cap and or parts worthwhile is years of sub alone. The cost of a bpc package takes the profit out of the endeavor. So you are left in a situation where it was both more efficient and more profitable to sell compressed ore to begin with. Now unless you are multi boxing or rorqual mining mining itself is one of the worst activities in the game to turn a profit.

You are far better off blitzing lvl4’s, super ratting, incursions or joining a wh group and krabing with them than ever touching a mining ship. There are of course various. Methods of turning a profit in Indy you just picked one of the worst as your example


+7 implants are in the game or at least listed now, maybe future content.
No they are not on the market don’t bother looking there, but do bother to look at variations tab of a regular implant.

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Yes, these are clearly the only and preferred ways to make isk. Oh wait, no. There’s zillions of other options out there that don’t require maxed out skills and research to make profit, don’t require boring stuff and don’t require you to be part of a clown 0.0 alliance to sell your ships.

Everyone knows ratting or blitzing missions can pay well, gas huffing, etc, this is just an example, although it may not be good for you it is as you say just 1 of the ways.

People ALWAYS look at profit, nothing else is factored in and it should be part of the thought, profit in volume, time spent doing other activities, they should count too, if people want to “sell” the ore that’s great, good luck getting profit too, everything is pretty much status quo as everyone is selling ore, always sell for as much as you think you can get.



I just think you picked one of the worst methods for your example. Turning cap parts into caps requires lowsec ns or wh. Assuming you build in a 0% azbel and can find buyers you could turn a slight profit buying ore and turning it into dreadnoughts. The problems start with transporting the goods and what not. Alternatively you lose isk turning cap parts into caps. Go figure. The market volume for cap parts is terrible anyway assuming you wanna start trying to Plex multiple characters from this.

Now as a solo venture without support I imagine your azbel will attract attention from all this cap production. All in all it seems very hard to get into this market and even harder to reliably turn a profit. My suggestion is to look for another item on the market. I personally have a steak in t2 light and medium drone production. Pays all the fuel bills mat costs and over the first 6 months played off the cost of the setup. High market demand for the end product too. If your just starting do some proper research and find a market that is for you

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Enlighten me on how tf does 100-200mil pay for a Plex? Yeah, that’s the profit margin that you’re looking at. Even if you mined the minerals, you could just sell those for a 10% lower profit and not have to wait a month to build the ship, dont have to try and sell it, and don’t have to spend lots of time training skills.

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Give it up dude. You got dunked badly.


Out of the woodwork the ney sayers come out, in response to one of the above freighters are cap ships, as is bowhead, with no need for low sec as they can be built in high sec.

I never said ‘profits’ beyond beliefs, nor would it be better then everyone else when competing.

For instance a bowhead sells for 1.3 bill in Jita at this time.
500 Plex is ~ 1.5 bill
Most freighters sell for 1.1 bill
If you have the time you can mine materials or just mission or whatever activities you do for isk to pay for the balance left over when you buy a $5 Plex worth 445+ million isk giving you a heads up start to build the cap of choice.
It is not ‘optimal’ it is not for you, or him, or whomever doesn’t want to do it, it is a way to accomplish an uphill battle for some soloist to not turn eve into work, to lessen the burden of trying to raise funds for plexing an account or adding another Omega while you Plex the other, so if you pay for you’re account(s) then obviously you are ok so it doesn’t apply to you, this only applies to people looking for ways to eventually lower their bill because not all of us are living the daddy Warbucks life with our dog Dollar.

I will never get it through any nay sayers heads, they can only see in black and white, I have NEVER claimed great profits, or optimal gains, that there is no better way, if they can understand that then there is no need to try and put this post on blast, reading without reservations or prejudices or expectations you will see it is only a way to a goal, the hopes are that people would share more insights to their Plex raising, how they do it, but the nature of people is that of contentiousness, the want to fight about something instead of working to raise us all, I find it sad.

If you have to explain then you definately got Dunked!

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Getting a little extra ISK out of production is one thing. And that this is possible is hardly a revelation for anyone.

Claiming that you can pay up to 2/3 of the monthly plex costs this way is a complete other story and that is what you do in the title.

AFAIK 100 something mil is not 2/3 of 1.5 Billion.

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Be sure to use it.

I heard stories of capsuleers leaving New Eden to some better world permanently and still having lots of assets that were not used, and nobody had fun. :skull:

With the takeover of CCP that went through today apparently stockpileing anything is not a good idea!


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I try to give another point of view, you look to contend, there’s a difference, no matter it is often this way when people have nothing to offer up that they double down.

You can sit in the audience and heckle that’s easy, to stand up and put something up front in the hopes that there may be a gem amongst the coal, that takes bit more, but not to get off topic anything everyone sells out of high sec will not fetch the profit most look for, selling to buy orders is often the case, the only way to extract more is to contract trade for Plex directly to avoid fees associated with buy and sell orders and should help raise a bit more profit people look for if done correctly it would be bartering for items which is little more work.

Or just get a job, pay the $15 and play the game…


Standing up doesn’t exclude you from making stupid statements.