CVA has launched attacks to other regions

Pirate alliance known as Curatores Veritatis Alliance has launched an attack against other alliance citadels. Claiming to be loyal to the Amarr Empire, CVA has proven to be just the opposite. They have not only insulted Her Imperial Majesty, broken the NRDS-values, but now thye are on open attack against citadels in Great Wildlands which is Thukker Tribe sovereign territory.

I must say that attack against our truly owned citadels is heresy alone if came from loyalist alliance, or one who claims to be one, but such trespassing into minmatar territory is not only foolish movement, but possible dangerous too.

In spirit of meeting between Her Imperial Majesty and San Matar during Her Imperial Majesty’s coronation, I condemn these unprovoked attacks upon minmatar soil against Imperial property.

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CVA, the core tenants of NRDS, are under attack. Under the guise of ‘Friendship’ many reds were allowed in, and slowly corrupted many others. Many in power within the game and with access/ownership of CVAs infrastructure (IT) have not only demanded but black-mailed.

If you are ever black-mailed and you submit to demands, you will for ever be a puppet, only to be discarded when you are of no further use.

Be Free…

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A)Citadels being in Thukker territory does not make them Thukker citadels. The Thukker Tribe has never claimed any capsuleer structures in their space are in any way under their aegis.

B)In exactly what universe are you living in where attacking capsuleer-owned structures in Thukker space is particularly ‘disloyal’ to the Empress of Amarr? Your citadels outside of Amarr-held space are not in any way protected by the Throne or your claims of loyalty thereto. They are not Imperial property. They are your property. Until such time as you transfer ownership of them to some organization that is actually recognized as part of the Amarr Empire’s org chart, rather than ‘Independent capsuleers’, that will remain the case.


A: True, but citadels in question are part of the defense grid of the GW, which is part of the galactic NRDS-movement.

B: Said citadels are owned by the amarrian loyalist alliance and to further pinpoint, corporation. Unquestioned loyalty towards Her Imperial Majesty was under attack by CVA who claims to be amarrian loyalist. That is called treason.

A) The Thukker Tribe is not in any way party to the NRDS ‘movement’. Why are you citing GW being their sovereign territory as in any way meaningful to these events in your original post?

B) Pandemic Legion is likewise an ‘Amarrian loyalist alliance’, and were when they attacked CVA. The Amarr Empire has never taken any position against Amarr loyalist capsuleer organizations fighting amongst one another. Conflicts between capsuleer organizations are CONCORD’s province, and all four of the ‘Great Empires’ take the position that these conflicts do not indicate disloyalty outside of certain narrow venues.

Those venues are:

  1. Specific acts (like podding) taking place within the borders of those nations (which again, does NOT include Thukker space), or
  2. Acts of aggression against corporations and alliances that are active-duty members of national Militias.

Absent either of these, no, it doesn’t matter who you claim loyalty to, someone shooting you isn’t being disloyal. If you want it to have weight… join a militia.


You are making fuss of little details. Important is that CVA is heretic.

I’m pointing out that the foundation of your claims is nonsense. As a result, your claims fall apart into ‘CVA are heretics because WAAAAAAAAAAAH I HAVE NO FRIENDS AND CAN’T PROTECT MAH STUFF!’


Your ridiculous defending of CVA only strengthens any an all true and hones friend of Amarr suspicion towards them.

I’m not defending CVA. They’re NRDS. That makes them idiots who invite threats and enemies into their space to lay the groundwork for invasion. If they’d given up on that stupidity years ago, they could’ve built ProviBloc into a more cohesive coalition that might have actually stood a chance against an enemy willing to live in that crappy space.

Make no mistake: I’m not defending CVA. I’m ridiculing you.


Rarely we see goon defending CVA

And yer not seeing it now, either. I’m just calling you out on your fallacious logic, errors, and foolishness.

Promise me you and Val will never have kids, hey? I don’t think the cluster could survive the sheer force of implosion that’d result from that kid’s brain cavity.


One who does not follow the path of faith shall not give orders to thine legions. So say I the God.

So then you’re planning to have kids with Val? Good to know.


For all of CVA’s failings, this is not one of them. Them choosing to go NRDS is not only bold, but one of the few reasons people actually wanted to head out into that “crappy space” to begin with. It was one of the very few relatively civilized areas of the outer regions in that regard, and their willingness to take that extra work of managing that kind of red list in order to create a place for people to go with peaceful intent and find it reciprocated is not something to mock.

That everyone else went the easy route does not make it the right route. On this matter, CVA were one of the few out there with actual courage and strength, compared to the rest of the outer region sociopaths.


They might have had noble goals, but that strength began fraying years ago. Just from talking with Jin, it’s pretty clear most of ProviBloc hasn’t actually been at all invested for a long time now. Part and parcel of the implicit social contract there is that if they’re going to lay claim to stretches of space, they’ll provide functioning leadership in that space.

If that’s not there, then no, offering false promises of civilization and security isn’t courageous, it’s foolish.


Outside of highsec, all promises of civilization and security is a lie. This is about them having the courage to make the attempt, rather than give up on the idea before it was even attempted, like the rest of the lot.


Again, without the wherewithal to make it not be a lie… it’s not courage, it’s foolishness, and irresponsibly endangering lives. Until recently, the number of baseliners endangered was minimized, restricted to ship crews and the minimal crews of starbases. With the Upwells…

… being stupid isn’t brave. It’s just dumb.


I’m sure being NRDS would have helped immensely during these times.

… you know, because reasons, or something.

You shitting on their choices in this matter doesn’t help lift those of your own chosen outer region sociopathy club out of the quagmire of craven paranoia, you know.

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Well, they were NRDS, so… I’m guessing it didn’t?

Nor am I trying to lift my ‘chosen outer region sociopathy club’ out of anything. But you know, if I’d tried a pivot like that, this’d be where you’d be smugly muttering something about goal posts on warp drives.


Hey now ! Less of that.

I already have 3, which is enough. And I am certainly not interested in such a colossal oaf as Vaari.