[.CVD.] Interventions in Empire Space

(Gaven Lok'ri) #61

Garion, our stance was made quite clear here and doesn’t involve supporting Chakaid: [PIE inc] Statement on Kahah

(Ascentior) #62

There are real people on these planets. Has your new master made you forget about them? We don’t fight to protect the clones that bicker and plot from afar. We fight to protect these Imperial subjects.

Whether they are whipped into a frenzy by chemicals, by useless rhetoric of those who want others to put their lives on the line to rise up, or those that are doing their duty to defend against the same. These are all real lives that the faithless peanut gallery forgets.

You knew better. You knew that turning the slave masses upon their masters could only result in mass scale loss of lives. You knew that starting acts of terrorism can only cause hatred and division. You knew that to affect the right change requires sacrifice. REAL sacrifice.
Now you’ve given up on making a real difference through long-term hardship, and instead turned to the short-term gratification of seeing results in a day.
Such a waste. We’ll continue to clean up your mess.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #63

Thus spake he who sacrifice nothing, and will continue watching countless suffer and die in torment rather than lift a finger to stop it.

(Samira Kernher) #64

My master is God, as it always has been. And the real people, those Imperial subjects, are who I am fighting to protect.

That it might require a war, and violence, to do God’s work is terrible indeed. But when has Amarr ever let that get in our way?

Nauplius proved that it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re completely innocent to see scores butchered. The Theology Council proved it doesn’t matter when it ignored Rinmumi and Agmarn’s crimes, and when they refused to ban TCMCs. All the Holders running breeding facilities proved it doesn’t matter. Idonis Ardishapur proved it doesn’t matter. Kahah proved it.

Despite what you think, I am looking at the long picture. Short-term gratification is ensuring peace and safety now, while nothing ever changes. Pushing the problem off to the next hill, and the next, and the next, because we’re all afraid of the cost. Things are wrong now. Slaves have been suffering regardless of any rebellions. Holders and emperors have been abusing their positions regardless of any rebellions.

I made a choice to do something about it, instead of just quelling brush fires while our society keeps letting the weeds grow.

(Garion Avarr) #65

I am well aware of the official statement.

(Ascentior) #66

Your master is the blood-lust of one who makes you feel justified in your limited vision.

You should recall that the Praetoria has trained forces numerous enough to crush this rebellion outright with minimal losses on our side. Instead, we kept them from a warzone in which we wouldn’t have operational control. Instead, the Chapter Masters have commanded the commitment of only the forces that would cause the minimal loss of life on BOTH sides. Forces specifically trained and armed for minimising casualties.

Remember that due to the scale of forces that The Empire can commit to this tragedy, there are only two plausible outcomes.
The uprising is put down and some slaves survive.
Or the uprising is absolutely crushed through the destruction of all slaves.
If the first could not possibly happen, you can be assured the second would. History shows it so.

Either way, do you believe the lives of those in servitude are made better or worse by your actions? Would holders give their slaves more freedom and a better quality of life or would they lock them down tighter than they have known in generations?

There are only two groups that will benefit from these actions. Those that want fewer freedoms for slaves, harsher penalties for crimes, and less cooperation with other empires. And those that profit from war.
And you have played directly into their hand.

I’m sure those who are now left with the “give up and be punished or keep fighting and die” choice are truly greatful for your effort.

(Samira Kernher) #67

Worse. And indeed, the lockdowns and punishments and discrimination are going to be harder than they have been in generations.

For now. Things will be worse before they get better. Hearts will harden. We have joined a battle of wills, in which one side or the other must be made to break.

As are all the civilizations we have done the very same to. That any Amarr would give this argument with our history is ridiculous. We built our Empire on a sea of blood, but now we’d talk about peace and the terrible costs of war when we’re made to wade in it?

(Ascentior) #68

Of what cost of war do you speak?
The cost to me is merely ISK and time.
The cost to The Empire is profit and public opinion.
The cost to Holders is stock, income and property.
The cost to the frenzied is their lives and families.
The cost to The Faith and God is the undoing of generations of effort and the loss of millions who would otherwise have found His grace.
The cost to the heretic will be their place in His kingdom.

For these reasons I choose NOT to speak of the cost of war, it simply isn’t my cost to bear.

(Anabella Rella) #69

It’s so ironic to hear all you hypocritical slavers talking about war costs and how much you abhor bloodshed when your entire history is literally written in blood and war.

A gentle reminder that the ones we’re fighting for are indeed our people, ethnically and racially Minmatar, who were kidnapped and forcefully transplanted to your space. From then they were forcibly bred to create more slaves for your antiquated economy. In short, had you minded your owned damned business and left us alone you wouldn’t be in this situation now. One would have thought that your humiliating defeat at the hands of the Jovians and the Minmatar Rebellion would have taught you something but, no.

So, let the warmongers, the slavery death cultists and all of their apologists go straight to hell. I won’t be lectured about morality by your ilk.

(Deitra Vess) #70

To be fair, generations of teaching, guiding and such and they still rebel. Is that all that effective in this case?

(Diana Kim) #71

Rella talks about morality? :rofl:
That’s like fish blaming someone in being wet.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #72

I blew up your thing. Your frozen dinners are now enslaved.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #73

My frozen dinners would rather die than be enslaved by you!

… so eat them, maybe? Don’t be wasteful.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #74

The hell do you think I am, a barbarian?!

(Melisma Ramijozana) #75

I think you no less!!! And possibly a purveyor of…

checks Shorai’s receipts

… “Salsa Verde Mushrooms and Corn.”

(Akali Sharisa) #76

That actually sounds delicious

(Melisma Ramijozana) #77

Well then, you know where to go for dinner tonight.

(Arrendis) #78

Yes. Aldrith the Barbarian.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #79

Why am I imagining him now in a loincloth?

This night just keeps getting weirder.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #80

In unrelated news:

Corovid’s team has spent the last few days going through data. We are in receipt of further details on the conflict thanks to the small number of agents we have on the ground. They were able to reach one pocket of rebels, where they distributed supplies and set up communications. Some interesting conversations were had regarding their misconceptions of us and our misconceptions of Amarr slavery; their thoughts on us were quite enlightening.

We did note the pervasiveness of propaganda and misinformation among our brothers and sisters. Especially notable was the spread of the news of the quashed rebellion on Alkabsi. While not incorrect, the way the news is being presented and spread has been very effective in discouraging many groups from rebelling. That being said, it isn’t the only propaganda in town. Some pro-Matari material has made it to the ground, and the recent EM video has proven especially popular.

Our main focus on Thebeka has been supporting the passage of information. (Sorry to disappoint those of you who thought we were going to instigate a whole new frenzy of violent rebellions. Clearly, that hasn’t happened.) As earlier noted by Captain Rhiannon, the disruptions of pro-rebellion communications in space have been brutally effective. But we think we have developed a way around that. Speaking very broadly, it involves encrypting and anonymizing the data packets. It isn’t a perfect solution, but it has seen some success, and maybe it’s a step on the way to something more permanent. A communications system that can last among the rebelling and dissident groups long after we space people are gone.

Our similar operations at the sister comms center were more successful, due to there being far less attention paid to that region than in Thebeka. We are developing plans for expansion. The future of these operations rests largely on the fates of the Freedom’s Gate and Mojemi Jaira stations, since there isn’t much point to improving ground-to-space communications if there aren’t any friendly parties in space.

As always, said friendly parties can reach out to us for more details than I provided in this report.

Melisma Ramijozana and Shorai Aikyoraan
Co-Chairs, Corovid Industries