Dacen Windayack - CSM 14

While the official candidacy has not begun, I feel that I have some name recognition building, to do before the next CSM voting cycle. So here is me officially starting my campaign for CSM and letting people know who I am.

Even when I quit playing Eve, early 2014, I wasn’t known by many other than the 200 or so people in my alliance. But at the time, the idea of us putting together a CSM candidate appealed to us and they thought I was the most diplomatic. If it weren’t for my ex-wife abruptly leaving and me scrambling to figure out how to raise two children alone, perhaps I would’ve run for a previous CSM. But here’s my first.

Dacen is a new character, yes, when I returned a short while ago, there was so much to do that was new, that I played around with my characters a lot. Skill injecting/extracting, wasting isk, it was a fun time. But as I decided that this was something I may want to do, I figured I wanted one, central character to interact with the universe. As most of my skillpoints was in injectors, I decided to make a new character. Mostly out of corp history OCD. And Dacen was created.

Intayazz was my main back when I played before. Dacen’s first choice of name was actually Intayazz Windayack, but I used that as my DUST514 name, so apparently it’s not available here, even though no one came up with using it in search. That and lately people seem to think it means In-the-arse, which was never my intent. The name is something I came up with while watching Roughnecks, Starship Troopers Chronicles as a ten year old. Wanting to be one of Razak’s Roughnecks. Dacen was a name I used for fantasy characters. Well, perhaps me becoming CSM is just a fantasy!

So who am I as a person?
Well, my name’s Kevin. I live outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Twenty-nine years old and as mentioned, I have two kids. They are currently 10 and 8, so yes, I had them young. They recently started alpha characters, wanting to play with me. They hate mining, so daughter does distribution missions and son does security.

I work from home with a disabled boy who is 6. So half the week it’s like having three kids all to myself. I also do some volunteer work. Both in a church, but recently with men’s mental health. This summer, we’re hoping to kick it up a lot and become well known in our province. Fingers crossed.

Manitoba is not what you see in pictures of Canada. It’s flat, few trees, and right now, cold and white. People think it should be serene and peaceful, but when you’re bigger than most European countries but really only have population in one city, it’s boring. Especially when you’re not from said city. The vastness escapes a lot of people. Telling me I should go visit Toronto (30 hours away) or Vancouver (20 hours). So living here has taught me to tough out the mundane and given me ample time to theorize what Eve needs right now. Among other things.

Now here’s the important part. Let’s face it, the big alliances each will get their own candidate in. So the spots I am going for are the couple of more independent likelihoods. And there will likely be a few candidates for those and some with bigger reputation than I.

Well as the saying goes, if you’re sick of being screwed over by politicians, stop picking the same politicians! I don’t know about the others as people, and what their goals are, but I know I hope to make new/casual player retention to be priority. Because they’re important to get another 15 years out of our beloved game. And let’s face it, it isn’t people sitting on a trillion isk buying things from CCP and thus funding the game. It’s people wanting a boost to “catch up” or get a new shiny to fly in. I also will take a stance of “does it make sense in the lore?” I love roleplaying and have started working myself more into Eve’s. But there’s more to it than that. There are things in Eve that don’t make much sense. Whether it has to do with balance, high-sec PvP, NPC corporations, I think there’s a bit that needs to change because it’s just head scratching. Lore adds a certain depth to the game. Even for those who don’t necessarily care.

Also, my brother is moving to Iceland next year, so being voted in as CSM would give me a double reason to go visit him (well, mostly my baby niece) when he does.

Here’s a list of things I see as something to focus on. I will do brief bullet points here, and then post a topic thread slowly of each, as I think them out more and get feedback. Many are interrelated, especially dealing with system security rating, pilot security status and bounties

  1. The reworking of system security ratings in high, low and NPC null sec

  2. Altering structures, making destroying them more accessible, encouraging them to be spread out and/or built in lower security systems

  3. Expand faction warfare to be a legitimate training grounds for PvP as well as a long term play style with relevant rewards

  4. Completely overhaul the bounty system. Not just altering it, but tearing it down completely and introduce something new that encourages victims of non-consensual PvP to fight back

  5. Re-rework corporation warfare. Including making NPC corps not a “safe” space for pilots. Likely limiting the amount of time in the rookie NPC corp to help new players.

  6. More “endgame” goals for players from all play types. Including sites for post level 4 missions that increase to BS-sized burner, distribution, mining as well as non-consensual PvP (likely within the new bounty system)

Feel free to ask questions here. Message/mail me in game. Rant if you don’t think I have a clue. Whatever you wish! I know I don’t know everything about the game. Which makes me more eager to listen to people from every one of its aspects. So until then, Fly Safe


That’s some serious wife-aggro there, sorry man.

I like the structure/FW idea…but rather see to your kids instead of csm.

Luckily in five years time, I am no longer scrambling. Kids and I are good. They’re trying out EvE now. Gotta do my part to make it challenging, so they develop, fun so they want to stick to it and last long enough for them to enjoy it until I can kick them out of my house at 20 and have a proper midlife crisis

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Well, this one’s really easy to respond to!

Not at all.
No chance in hell.
Yes, I’ve read that thread.

Lost me at rework warfare. Sorry only thing that needs to change is the ally mechanic. Otherwise wars are fine under the new system.