White 0rchid for CSM 18

Hi, I’m running again for CSM this year for the 4th time. I’m in my mid 30s, from the UK and I’ve been playing since 2008 on and off (through moving houses, kids and general RL) but always seem to find my way back again…

Where have I been?

  • Brutally Clever Empire
  • EVE Uni
  • Waffles [Independent, Pandemic Legion, Horde, Shadow Cartel]
  • We Form V0LTA

What have I been doing? (in order of experience)

  • Null small/mid/large scale pvp
  • Lowsec small/mid scale pvp
  • AT Team (Waffles in 2018 & V0LTA 3 years running)
  • Station trading
  • Hauling
  • 3rd party tooling (ESI)
  • Low class wormhole living
  • Incursions
  • Missions

Who am I?

I have 5 accounts and typically tend to multibox when I can. Most characters, with exception of JFs and some prod/cap builders, are PvP focused. I’ve done a bit of FCing, specifically with eve uni. I have run their fittings team for a few years now, implementing doctrine and fitting changes for them and have a good feel for ship balance. Previously, I ran their FC team, helping budding FCs to learn the ropes and giving advice on doctrines and so on. I no longer run the team but still give advice as one of their external resources.

I’m currently on the V0LTA AT team for the third year running and really enjoy the tournament experience. It’s very unique in comparison to what you find on TQ, with in depth tactics in both banning, comp selection and piloting.

My day job is a platform lead/solution architect. I am familiar with listening to and giving product feedback within development teams, which will undoubtedly help as that would be a major part of the CSM. I also have some experience in interacting with the ESI API to create various out of game tools (some personal, some for groups).

Why should you vote for me?

  • With a diverse background in various EVE activities and areas of space, I’m well-positioned to offer input across a wide variety of topics

  • Familiar with offering feedback to CCP, I actively participated in the strategic cruiser panel during their redesign process. Going into CSM with a specific rehearsed agenda, while being overly emotive will most likely not get you anywhere

  • I’ll push for a balanced game approach, aiming for an active and lively universe for everyone. To ensure that while doing so, existing playstyles remain viable – for example, even though I might not personally enjoy big bloc warfare, I have taken part in it and I recognize its place in the game’s ecosystem. It doesn’t mean it can’t have an improved experience/take though

In Summary

I would be a valuable addition to the CSM. I know several current members and think I would work well alongside them. I would also like to bring a fresh perspective to the team. With a few of the existing CSM unable to run and two more spots opening up down to CCP selection, it allows for a slightly wider group to serve.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions

Thanks for your consideration

Discord: white0rchid
Main zkillboard: White 0rchid | Character | zKillboard
In game: White 0rchid


Good luck, White. You’ve been a massive help to EVE Uni over the years, anyone looking to prioritise new player experience should have you on their list.


0rchid’s continued dedication and expertise towards the uni speak volumes - i believe they’d make a truly important addition to the csm


Appreciate the comments thanks. Hopefully I can bring that to the CSM

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Hope you got some more time for campaigning and make it on this year!


Even though we fight on opposite sides of the war, there’s no one I’d rather endorse. White is an absolute unit when it comes to game knowledge, dedication to the game (and not only his gamestyle) and most importantly, his unmatched commitment to helping newer folks find a footing in EVE and thus ensuring EVE is around for another 20 years.

I seriously hope you will make it on the CSM this year! Despite not being the flashiest character, there’s no one more solid to vote on the CSM. Crossing fingers, toes and whatever else! Good luck my dude.

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Thanks my man. Much appreciated

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@White_0rchid would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures
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Hi sorry I’ve been busy

  1. I’m not sure how this is any different financially to just buying skins from NES for example. What you touch on is effectively “paid development”, and companies either tend to take on a stance of doing that type of work, or simply not. With game companies I’d wager it’s 99% the latter. I would suspect this is not worth pursuing.

  2. I mean, sure, from a mechanics perspective it fits. I’m just not sure what it would materially change.

  3. I don’t really know enough about PI or the consequences of this change to comment on this.

  4. This just links to a search but going by the wording and reading some of the posts, being able to split a stack of say 20k ammo into 10 stacks of 2k ammo quickly, might be really useful.

  5. If there are free shortcut keys that aren’t too obscure and it’s a good change, then sure why not


Poggy Woggy vote for White Orchid!

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  1. What do CCP do correctly?
  2. What do CCP do incorrectly?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?
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No support :-1: despite having some connection to HighSec, In my opinion, you are wayyyy too friendly to the nullsec block and would lockstop to whatever their leadership decides what is best for them.

Best candidate for CSM 18 and Mister EVE-RU 2023 :merman:.

I’ve known White 0rchid for a while long time, he’s a great guy, always looking for a way to help out those around him. No doubt he will put in the effort to do what he can to represent a wide variety of player’s interests. I’ve got him at the top of my list for this CSM, and so should you.

Thanks for your support. Currently having issues with data connection where I am (on holiday right now) but will try and respond if anyone has any last questions before voting starts.

EVE is also kind of a social platform where people meet new people and make new friends. I think an important feature would be to have private chats and EVE mails end-to-end encrypted.

You can see my ccp interview here

Voting is now open so please do so!

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