White 0rchid for CSM 17

Hi, I’m White 0rchid, 32, from the UK and currently a member of WE FORM V0LTA. I have a total of 5 accounts comprising of several subcap, cap and JF pilots, and regularly multibox as typically groups I have flown with are smaller ones where every pilot counts. I am a primarily PvP focused player but with experience in many other areas. This is my third run for CSM.

I have played EVE since 2008, spending time in corps and alliances from all parts of space. A timeline of my movements in EVE along with experience I gained along the way, to show those who don’t know me where my proficiencies lie and at what point in time that was:

I started the game by jumping right into the deep end into sovnull in fountain and was setting up a passive moon mining POS within a few months of playing (horrendous). For a while after I played on and off, spent time running missions in highsec along with a little exploring.

Upon returning I felt that I still had a lot to learn so joined EVE University. Spending time in low, null and wormholes doing PvP. Later on lived mostly out of their low class wormhole, alongside doing some highclass sites. I supported the corp by helping induct new players into corp and show them the ropes, both as a recruiter and a mentor. Also ended up sitting on one of the first iterations of the current FC team.

Following that I joined Waffles and was on the director team after a year. Again spending time in lowsec, nullsec, and wormholes flying everything from T1 cruisers to machs/rattles with caps. Taking part in the first WWB was my first foray into large scale prolonged campaigns. Also took part in some EVE NT tournaments. During this period I also took over the EVE Uni FC and fittings teams, following from Sabre A (of Mercenary Coalition fame).

Around 14 months ago I decided to change things up and joined WE FORM V0LTA which are primarily a nullsec group, with some wh use for travel and the odd Thera fleet. Most of my time in V0LTA has been spent on medium scale null fleets, in a range of ships. I spent some time in Pochven, one area in which I did not have any experience last year. I was also on the V0LTA Alliance Tournament team and competed in 3 matches.

Groups I’ve flown with over those years include: BRUCE, EVE Uni, Waffles (lowsec voltron with Project Mayhem and Snuff, Rekking Crew, Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion and Shadow Cartel), Bombers Bar, and now V0LTA, so I have a fairly good grasp of how different groups operate along with their main aims.

I was on the CCP strategic cruiser panel in 2017, and put forward the suggestion that CCP merge the warp speed and interdiction nullification systems to remain a choice for covert hunters. This was in part due to my time spent in the Bomber’s Bar community, having flown with them and setting up and supporting their out of game Slack chat. I also run the EVE Uni fittings team, designing doctrines that are suitable for the current meta, and for new players at the same time. I thoroughly enjoy, and am competent at ship fittings and would happily contribute to balance discussions.

A part of my day job (dev lead) involves providing constructive feedback on sets of requirements, how to implement them, where they should be at a priority level, and what problems could arise from doing so. These are to a degree the same tasks a CSM member has to carry out with CCP and as such, combined with my well rounded game knowledge, I feel I can bring a calm, collected, knowledgeable and methodical approach to the CSM.

At its core, the reason I’m applying is because I want a living breathing EVE back again. I am not in this to lobby for one particular style of gameplay or group, or to push a very specific agenda, but to ensure the game as a whole moves in a more healthy direction. Several of the comments I made last year have either already been implemented, or are being worked on now. The promised FW changes may help give lowsec a fresh breath of life, but it’s not enough in isolation. There are very few (to almost no) other games out there like EVE and I truly believe we can regain some of what I feel has been lost, not necessarily by reverting changes, but by iterating forwards and improving on them.

I hope you will consider voting for me for as an independent candidate on CSM 17

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, either here, via dm in game or on discord

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zKillboard - White 0rchid | Character | zKillboard
In game - White 0rchid (note it is a zero, not a letter ‘o’ in 0rchid)
Discord - White 0rchid#9781
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