[DAEV4] Thebeka III Freeport Aid Stations

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #181

You have no idea.

Off-Topic Thread
(Aria Jenneth) #182

Maybe. Or, equally likely, you’re awash in it and have trouble imagining why I don’t care to come swimming in it with you.

I’m not of you, Elsebeth Rhiannon. I am literally not-of-your-tribe, or your people, construed however broadly unless maybe you want to say all of humanity is or should be “of you,” like the Amarr and Gallente do. Your pain’s not mine, and I’m not bound by any principle of this world whatever to respect yours above anybody else’s.

I empathize most readily with those who have been closest to me. I empathize the least with those who’ve tried to harm those closest to me. This is natural.

What’s more, I think your sea of pain has made you a force for destruction, Ms. “Burn the World.” So of course I’m going to get in your way.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #183

You misunderstand me.

I don’t want your compassion. I want you to stop flaunting it, when it does not lead to any real principled action.

(Aria Jenneth) #184

I don’t recognize your definitions for principled action as authoritative. Imperialist.

Off-Topic Thread
(Mizhara Del'thul) #185

So when did Aria turn into Diana Kim? This is getting ridiculous. Is this her refuge as more and more people call out her choices, making it harder and harder for her to just dismiss it?

Your edges were always… fuzzy, but now they’re downright fraying. It’s time to start taking stock of yourself, because even if you’re pretty deadlocked to nothing but ugly paths… some are uglier than others and you’re beelining for them.

(Hevaima Gesakaarin) #186

Is it so difficult to just say: I picked a side for my own reasons, and am willing to live with the consequences of that decision?

(Aria Jenneth) #187

Uh … think I kind of have been saying that for years. It doesn’t reliably end the conversation, though.

(Anabella Rella) #188

Just ignore the slaver apologists and lackeys, shoot them and move on. It makes life so much simpler.

(Hevaima Gesakaarin) #189

The thing is, explaining yourself can often make you look like you are trying to either justify your decisions or apologize for them.

When you do so, when there is no need to do so, then it entices other people to try and draw concessions from you and further admissions of your own fallibility.

All in all, it just reduces your position.

(Aria Jenneth) #190

Well … and if I were really following the Path of the Sword, maybe that’s just what I’d do: be secure and confident in my own resolve.

But I’m not trying to be an ancient sword-saint or warrior monk. Turns out that’s a pretty bloody path for me; I’m not sure I’m that strong. I might have, though, if …


I wonder if maybe that’s kind of what Kala’s doing. I mean, seen in a certain light, she’s kind of throwing down the gauntlet to Thebeka in general: challenging all comers. It’s admirable. Of course she comes from a different culture … but there might be some related ideas.

I’ll have to ask her about it. But, it might not be apparent except in hindsight, even to her.

I kind of hope it does take such a form. It’s maybe a fine line between someone seeking insight on that path and someone who’s really just in it for the fun of it. But, there is a line.

(Hevaima Gesakaarin) #191

What Storm Wind teaches in blood, she demands in guilt.

(Fifinella) #192

She weaves a quilt of guilt?

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #193

Hope that includes the Angels, too.

(Talon Fair) #194

Sure it does. Means undocking though. I know you seem to struggle with that one.

(Jev North) #195

Give me a heads-up if you need a random structure in a wormhole somewhere.

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #196

Sure does! I went on shore leave for a while, but I’m glad to start being active again. I hope we get nice and acquainted.

(Kithrus) #197

So because she has the introspection to acknowledge her path after weighing all sides you claim she, therefore, hasn’t because she disagrees with you?

Maybe because that doesn’t give justice to the late hours some of us lay awake mulling over with the ceiling.

(Hevaima Gesakaarin) #198

Then go grab a beer and get over it.

(Kithrus) #199

Self-examination doesn’t mean not being at peace as much as holding one self to the mark.

(Hevaima Gesakaarin) #200

In that case, happy journey on your voyage of self-discovery.