[DAEV4] Thebeka III Freeport Aid Stations

(Deitra Vess) #201

I don’t think you realize what empathy is implying here. No, I don’t think that’s the right way to say it.

Sometimes empathy is not to rationalize out the problems, not to probe, ect. Some people simply want to be heard. I don’t think it’d be much of a surprise to say simply put, our people have known nothing but defense. Even our allies at this point are a scourge upon what it is to be Matari. Is it hard to understand that aside from the Caldari there isn’t another people who doesn’t want to shape us in their image? The Amarr and their gods image, the Gallante and their political beliefs and their assimilation of our culture into their melting pot. Adding too much spice ruins any stew as they say.

Its understandable to want to understand the world around you, the exotic and the humdrum. Just understand that sometimes asking why gets a negative reaction. Personally your affiliations mean nothing to me in this regard, I don’t view it as an attack since I don’t view questions as statements. I’m one person. I believe I’m not the only one who feels this way, I’ll leave you to be the judge on that. Personally I understand my kins’ responses here. I don’t share it necessarily but I can understand their passion on it. My path was different than theirs, as was yours. Hear them. Don’t question when its out of place, since obviously it must mean something to be spoken of as passionately as it is.

At one time you went on a sojourn to understand the other people of the cluster. You stopped before you went to the Republic. Consider this that chapter as since conflict is what we’ve always known, it actually would in some ways be an example for you to learn from. Not the actions but why. To be clear, if all you can decipher from these events is the hostility you’ve faced from my kin you haven’t been paying attention. That is what we’ve dealt with. Unless you haven’t heard the tired “savage tribal” dribble and such since forever.

To be clear, the world can burn for all I care if that’s what its destined to do. I can’t stop it, you can’t stop it, no one here can stop it. We can only simply follow what path we carve and surmount what obstacles we come across. Hopefully that will amount to something in the grand scheme. There is only so much we can do. Saving the world is not exactly something in our wheelhouse…

(Melisma Ramijozana) #202

Speaking to the progression of this topic in general, I think it’s important we don’t lose sight of why we’re here.

The space version of this conflict began as a reaction to what was happening on Thebeka III: Pro-Matari organizations got involved to support the rebellion, and pro-slavery organizations got involved to quell it and to stop the pro-Matari groups. That’s the heart of it, and it should be the only reason why any of us are in that theatre.

Others may come in with their own unclear motivations and their own purposes, but they’re just distractions. Pay them no mind, and keep working toward the real prize.

(Diana Kim) #203

That sounds like incredibly skewed point of view which is as far from reality as Fedo from becoming a Minmatar Emperor.

I really doubt any of Amarr pilots who fight in Thebeka would say that they have came there to “protect slavery” and should be considered as “pro-slavery” groups.

They are protecting not the slavery, they are protecting law, order and people lives from both rebels and foreign invaders. Always keep that in mind.

As for the others’ motivations, they’re pretty much clear (even if they’re not in plain sight): money. Every conflict attracts all sort of privateers, who try to milk money from there one way or another. Usually they don’t state it openly, making up all sort of unrelated explanations.

(Anabella Rella) #204

As usual Kim totally misses the point.

(Graelyn) #205

She’s technically correct, though. And you know what they say about that…

(Arrendis) #206

No, she’s not. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourselves, or what your intent is, Cardinal, you are still protecting slavery. There are paths toward ‘law and order’ that don’t include tolerating orbital bombardments on civilian populations (and please, don’t give me trite nonsense about ‘how long ago’ an incident two months old was) and forcing innocent people into bondage so a hereditary aristocratic theocracy can cling to power.

In the long run, ‘law and order’ can only be guaranteed with laws that are Just, and order achieved by not building on a foundation of shifting sand.

(Graelyn) #207

Yes, I know, I’ve heard plenty of Constantine Logic before. It ensures we debate the definitions, instead of the practicalities.

The Law is still The Law.

(Arrendis) #208

Never said it wasn’t. Only that she’s wrong when she says you’re not protecting slavery.

(Kithrus) #209

Do you want to cut down every law to get at evil? Where will you hide when evil turns round on you? This Empire is planted thick with laws and if you cut them down and you are just the person to do it, do you really think you can stand upright in the winds that would blow then?

(Arrendis) #210

Just the evil ones.

Why would I hide?

I think that your Empire is built on abuse, great and small. But even so, I have not advocated for the destruction of all law and order, only the abolition of evil laws, and the pillars of ‘order’ being built upon a foundation that is stable, and just, rather than one that relies upon the willful destruction of other peoples.

(Diana Kim) #211

Hundreds if not thousands of people are working to make the laws, to refine them. Wise, intelligent, educated people. But nooo, here comes ARRENDIS HERSELF, who ALONE knows which law is EVIL, and the rest are “idiots”.

Do you have at least a basic legal education, honey? I am afraid to ask about a degree in law…

(Kalaratiri) #212

And so all good things come to an end.

DAEV4 has now officially withdrawn from Thebeka, and ended all of our wars.

(Valerie Valate) #213

Or maybe that’s what you want us to think ! :thinking: