Daily Rewards......Only For PvE

In yet another example of how devs don’t actually seem to play the game, the old Daily Rewards that everyone got have now been replaced by a system where you only get the rewards for engaging in PvE. For example everyone used to randomly get Evermarks in their rewards, whether they partook in PvE or not. Now it seems you can only get Evermarks if you shoot 25 NPCs a day, or mine 2000 units of ore, or some other such activity.

There appear to be no rewards at all, and thus no chance of Evermarks, for those whose primary activity is PvP. This appears to be either a conscious attempt to force people to do PvE ( hmm…no thanks ) or the last of the devs who actually play the game have left CCP.

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Because it could be cheesed even by non-pvp players. Simply kill your alts for free SP.


I haven’t been watching them that closely, but in the past I’ve seen various dailies to repair another player, or to do X damage to other players. Some of those may have been during various events though, I haven’t been keeping track.


Going to be tough running around wh space repairing a random enemy without him freaking out.


What's that?




Its the 2nd dimension overlayed on-top of K-space that spins around its own black hole at the center, that’s why 2 wormholes a few jumps apart can go to the same wh space as its the closest system to both.

One week all your static k-space wh’s go to 1 area next week the next area and if you plot them on a graph it looks like the whole universe is spinning.

Not sure but my post was an impression (quote) of CCP responding. Unless you meant yours as an impression of a reply to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

CCP remembered wh space existed with the recent nerf thou lol.

But yea I was just messing around with my reply.

Of course, when it comes to nerfs, nobody’s safe. :smiling_imp:

People buying plex with real money are safe, everyone else is slowly getting shoved in that direction.

Also have you setup shop, I always see you online.

Take it from this side.

This system motivates players to undock in combat ship and run some anoms, missions or in a mining ship and mine some rocks. Players who wouldn’t do it normally.

This adds targets in space for you and me to hunt. I just never got to it, because most of them do it very soon after DT and DT despawns CONCORD…

Also the mining task is stupidly designed, is way too trivial in highsec and way too time demanding in other types of space where is no veldspar. This should be m3 not pieces of ore. As it stands one cycle in venture on veldspar completes it in high.

Exploration tasks would need a redesign ass well. Scan 2 wormholes should be 4 because you can just enter inside, launch, pinpoint on self, change to 0.25, scan and you are done.

And scan 2 relic/data should be replaced with Hack 3 (data/relic) containers instead so it actually motivates to do the sites / fit analyzers or undock with exploration ship.

And they need to fix the “exploit” where same signature counts multiple times if you relog.

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I’ve been semi keeping track and you’re 100% correct, Daily Goals do contain some PvP tasks. In my opinion the tasks are maybe like 60% PvE, 30% PvP, and 10% Industry.

Do tell me when “I don’t wanna” has ever been a valid argument in EvE.

Deal Damage to Capsuleer Ships or Repair Capsuleer ships is not PVE. Incidentally, the PVP tasks are easier to complete than most PVE tasks. Just shoot/reprair your alts and you are done within minutes.


OP’s argument is that he’s does PvP, and therefore feels that doing PvE things for reward SP is beneath him. :innocent:

You have to read the post, not react to the title. :rofl:

Isn’t this supposed to be the ultimate fun, why rewards something that is it’s own reward, meanwhile the other activities are literally a grind?


The title says all and my post stands. I have not seen a lot of days when I didn’t have at least one or two annoying repair quests to get dailies. This is frustrating as I don’t have remote reps on my ship in space. That’S too much PVP for me. If PVE is beneath her, fine, but then I should not be required to engage in stupid rep missions either. She also didn’t even mention that there are PVP activities that I described.

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Once you’re done with your 12 days though. There’s no reason to log on (even just to the character select) daily to redeem anything now.

These are the project options given to corps. So the dailies, appear to me, to be testing projects. So let’s add even more options.

Why would I want to pay £12.50 a month to shoot NPCs, when I could just go play Homeworld. The whole purpose of an MMO is to interact with people…not NPCs.

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