DarKdeZ Ever for CSM 16

I run for CSM this year for one reason: I want to a better in-game experience for as many people as possible in EVE, because the current focus of the game often ignore the little guys or less populate play styles.

My Story in EVE

I love every part of this game and always eager to try new things. In my over five years of game time I have tried a wide variety of things in this game: I’m a tournament player who will be captaining team D-Line Force in Anger Games this year while I run for CSM; I do small-gang PVP, currently playing with the best small-gang team in Chinese community (My private small gang corp: D-Line Force | Corporation | zKillboard and my teammates: Esports Petopia | Alliance | zKillboard ); I am one of the few bilingual alliance FCs of Fraternity. Beyond that I do not just enjoy PVP content, I do heavy PVE as well. I have been trying out casual anomaly ratting in null, running DED escalations, incursions, abyssal filaments, high/low wormhole ratting, mission running… I have tried almost every way to make money just to get the gist of them.

My Area of Expertise

Since I never focus on a single area of gameplay while still try to get as deep as I can in everything, I know balance between different playstyles better. We have candidates from different areas, namely High-sec, Null-sec or Pochven, and so on. Usually they are expertise of their own area, but don’t have much experience of how other area works. I know either the feeling of dropping supers on small-gangs or being the receive end as a small-gang player; I experienced both the high-risk, high-end wormhole capital ratting and low-end but safe High-sec Mission running. When CCP tries any balance, I know not only how it might directly affect the issue, but also how the patch will passively impact other areas of the game.

What can You Expect from Me?

There is still a decent amount of people who are at least less considered, out of the main spotlight in this game. There are different aspects people use to analyze or remember this game. The biggest war in online video games history; Enormous alliance organizations, fleets with thousands of people; The huge loss number and butcher bills, etc.

We do care about the big grand things. But when people hear about the epic war stories, they should easily relate to their own contributions/roles in the sandbox. When people see the patch notes, they should be able to feel that their voice is heard. That’s what I want to help with: I want to help the game changes to be stereo but not, sometimes, tunnel-visioned.

Other Things I like to Share with You:

My native language is Chinese, but I have been in US studying for the last 4 years. I have three years of learning experience in German, and I can read some basic Spanish. I am also a Chinese-English paid translator, and some of my biggest projects are Dota2 and Escape from Tarkov.

My TIS Interview – Thanks to TIS for having me!!

Here you can see some of my gameplays :stuck_out_tongue:

3v3 Destroyers with Auraus Porcaleus and GM Paragon, lost first 3 games but had 10 winstreaks after!

Open practice for Anger Games with my teammates, won all 3 practice matches luckily:

Anything Else?

Feel free to leave a comment below, and I will try my best to answer questions!


Love you,DarKdeZ Ever!

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Dark is without a doubt the nicest and most knowledgeable person I’ve met in EVE.

I first met her when I was a newbie who PLEXed into a dread, tried to rat with capital guns, and got tackled by a rat in an anomaly. She burned 20+ jumps to save me from that little frig rat after I hopelessly asked for help in the Corp channel with only two people in it. Since then, she “mentored” me, taught me a lot of things in different aspects of the game, and helped me to find my own path and play style in New Eden. I’ll always be grateful and she’s getting my vote.

Good luck on your campaign Dark! :slight_smile:


One of the best person in FRT.
She have a perfect knowledge about this game. Have run to increment content in every part of New eden.
I’m really proud to be part of your adventure Madame o7.

Count on me !

Come on FRT, make ur voice count !

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Hi DarKdeZ. Are you still in the candidate list for CSM 16?
I cannot find your candidate card in https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/csm-16-meet-your-candidates

Guess not, him & @Xtra_Squishy_lol are both missing

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